May 14th, 2009

Grrrr - Kids


We think Amanda said it best: “This is me. And a tiger. In a shopping mall.”

(submitted by Amanda)

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  1. Hannah says:

    urdumb…totally agree, minus the foul language.

    Iheartfilm – awesome!

    Thirdly, all well and good the complaints about the tiger. Am in total agreement. Considering this photo was probably taken at least ten, if not more years ago…wouldn’t you also agree our level of care for animals has improved? I doubt you’d find this [in the Western world] happening now. Chillax!

  2. Shannon says:

    If that tiger wasn’t chained it could rip that girl’s face off. I would never get hear an animal like that that is not caged!

  3. mark says:

    I love how she isnt even the focus of the picture!

  4. cultandpaste says:

    c’mon… out of all those people in line? this one?! it’s not awkward unless there’s a baby, some sequins and some teeth gnashing.

    is that a horse bit in his mouth? how bout some frosted flakes for the feline.

  5. Eva Kroeker says:

    My second impression was—- her legs are gone! just below the knee.The first?Does he belong to her?He’s chained! in a mall_–Of course!What if he’s hungry?

  6. nina says:

    yea this is not funny, people who feel the need to take pic’s with wild animals in malls or anywhere else are selfish and are blind to how wrong that is in so many ways!

  7. anonymous says:

    This is just dumb

  8. Jack says:

    Putting a tiger in chains is not amusing. How sad so many people find it so. I would be boycotting the mall.

  9. iheartfilm says:

    I heard tiger tastes like coffee cake.

  10. ezlnwv says:

    No this is definately not funny.

    Do you not think it is cruel to chain up this majestic beast and use him or her as a sideshow?

  11. Alexander says:


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  12. tammy says:

    We need to leave the tigers in the jungle where they belong. We tie them up and try to make them adapt to us, and then we are suprised when they act like animals. Leave them alone.

  13. annhandley says:

    I love this site, but there is something pathetic about this photo. And not pathetic-funny like most of these, which feature people who (you assume) opted into these situations entirely on their own. The shot of a tiger in a mall is rather pathetic-sad, shameful, and ultimately very, very depressing.

  14. abc says:

    Animal slavery is NOT funny.

  15. fifimustika says:

    amazing, i don’t know how to explain

  16. asdf says:

    Animal slavery is NOT funny.

  17. MeridianSage says:

    I think it fits. You are part of a family and this shows a part of you. I took it as something to add to the general understanding of how you work within your family. Just me though.

  18. dhack says:

    The real courageous one is wearing hot pants with black shoes & socks at the mall!

  19. TheTiger says:

    It’s me the tiger from the photo. stop worring the Drugs were good, the chains weren’t that tight and the meal was excellant!!!!

  20. urdumb says:

    BTW, I didn’t mean you stu. I agree, this is not how tigers (or any other wild animal) should be treated.

  21. urdumb says:

    Seriously? You guys are critiquing the site for inconsistencies. It’s a comedy site! So f’ing what that there are no other people in the photo. It’s most likely in someone’s FAMILY album! Lighten up you bunch of wads!

  22. Stu says:

    Wow. I just love the comedy of animal abuse.

  23. Annie says:

    “I’m gonna eat you.”

  24. leroy says:

    poor tiger, chained up like that.

  25. irene says:

    looks to me like Amanda was sedated not the tiger

  26. ibmformat2001 says:

    Mowgli, are you in there, Mowgli….???

  27. Katie says:

    Am I the only one feeling really bad for the tiger stuck in the shopping mall, probably sedated, with chains attached to both sides of his neck?? SAD solo photo!!

  28. Micah says:

    I wish I could iron this picture onto a t-shirt.

    That said, the tiger sure does seem to like the taste of those chains. They’re grrrreat!

  29. matt says:

    soon after this picture was taken, she ate the tiger…

  30. Laura says:

    Amanda was the only smart on in her family sitting BEHIND the tiger the others were in front.

  31. tiff says:

    Karen, that’s why it’s called “Awkward SOLO Photo.”Chill.

  32. karen says:

    The girl who was raised by tigers/…

  33. Tim says:

    AMANDA: “This is me…and a tiger…in a shopping mall…after the tiger ate my mom, dad and little brother…I’m so scared.”

    TIGER: “Shut up, dessert!”

  34. Owen says:

    They don’t put floors like that in shopping centres any more!

  35. rick says:

    The tiger was over heard telling his handler, “you eat her”

  36. Jewelsgrl says:

    Are those people waiting in line for the opportunity to be eaten as well?

  37. Heather says:

    A Get Well card for Roy Horn. A little distastful if you ask me..

  38. kate says:

    well the hell is there a tigar chained up in a shopping mall anyway its a wild animal if people want to see tigars let them go to a zoo where at least they have room to roam around or nature reserve in africa, not to a bloody shopping mall where its chained up and being used for tourism.

  39. Amanda says:

    This is the Amanda of the picture, and: Wow. I can’t believe you posted this. (I doubted a “solo” photo would make the cut.) To clarify and to defend this photo’s family chops, however, I need to point out that my mom is actually in this photo. She’s the first person pictured at left in the background.

  40. Lynn says:

    I looked at the photo, I read the caption, and this one (as well as a couple of others) doesn’t really belong on this site. Even though these photos may be amusing, they don’t really seem to fit the purpose of the site.

  41. chakanolike says:

    Did someone airbrush Rick James out of the picture? Cuz I’m confused.

  42. swimmaaa says:

    Its SOLO because that tiger’s about to be solo. She’s lunch…

  43. E says:

    Poor tiger, its not right.

  44. TheQ47 says:

    Amanda says “Aaagh! He’s eaten my legs!”

  45. Penn says:

    Hey Awkward…it was fun going through all the photographs and captions – maybe some were not that in sync but WTF – it was like trying to read what was in their heads with those awkward poses and props.Good fun!!!

  46. Karen says:

    I don’t see a family in this photo. WTF???

  47. ChristinaL says:

    Amanda was too timid to mention she is an orphaned zookeeper.

  48. virtualspaniel says:

    I will reflect on this image throughout today.

  49. Spiffy says:

    Well it wasn’t originally a solo pic, but the tiger ate the other person, and as you can see, it’s savouring the taste.

  50. Roto13 says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. Has this suddenly because AWESOME Non-Family Photos? ‘Cause that’s an Awesome Non-Family Photo right there.

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