Bon Family Blowout

May 16th, 2009

Bon Family Blowout - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

They’re back… and this time, they’re relaxed.

(submitted by anonymous)

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  1. kathleen says:

    i bet it is 1981 and they live in new jersey. We all wore our hair like that and listened to bon jovi. great times thanks for the memories

  2. Bobby Five says:

    At least they dont fight over the make up any more, now its just Aqua Net and stretch pants.

  3. hélio says:

    They`re………… Metal 80`s………. huahauauhaaa

  4. Chris Smith says:

    What do you know, Joe Dirt finally found his parents….

  5. Cherita says:

    This family rawks and that little boy is adorable! I can only hope more of these make their way to the Internet.

  6. drewzy says:

    Shot through the heart, and you’re…..

  7. Tiffany says:

    I love this!!! The boy is sooo cute!!! have you seen Joe Dirt? LOL

  8. soz says:

    wayne’s world
    wayne’s world,
    it’s party time!

  9. Kliner says:

    Jon Bon Jovi’s lesser known brother Gary… and his family.

  10. Eric says:

    Look ma, wookies!!!!

  11. Tradnam says:

    That’s child-abuse. However, it’s sooo hawt!

  12. john in co says:

    I knew about the first one, but does this mean there’s more?

  13. OldPhotoLover says:

    The other pic of this family looks a bit older, noticed their hair was bigger in it too, and the clothes looked more 80s, anyway this woman looks a bit “old” to have graduated in 1990, she looks mid 20s here.

  14. britta1986 says:

    Love this photo, lol, I had hair like that well into the 90’s!

  15. Arch says:

    … I -must- meet this family some day.

  16. I’m glad I wasn’t living my teenage years in the 80’s!

  17. the used says:

    Look its Chaka from land of the Lost!!!

  18. Hillary Eisner says:

    I believe this girls name is Loni Dunn and went to Brqnham High School in San Jose, California. She was one of my best friends. I have not seen her since graduation in 1990. “Still looking good Loni!”

  19. Thomass says:

    Nice…I wonder if the kid is still kicking that hair style? I know mom and dad are, the 80’s are back!

  20. Xuris says:

    Stone Age? Very cool.

  21. Layla says:

    I love this family….The first “big hair” family photo was awesome, now that there are two “big hair” photos…I have no words to explain the blissful smile on my face

  22. woodchip says:

    Holy crap, I know this dude. His name’s Tommy and he sung in a band I was in. This was in North San Diego County. I remember this photo, as well. This was in the late 80’s.

  23. DD says:

    Ya just gotta love it…

  24. Paulo says:

    Grande foto!! Se fosse do Brasil, diria que são de uma família de cantores sertanejos da década de 80!! É só comparar com o chitão e xoró…..heheheheheheh!!! Nota 9,1!!!!

  25. Halfreck says:

    This makes my poodle perms look positively stylin’ by comparison. Thanks for cheering me up!!

  26. Katie says:

    I didn’t know that Fabio + Heather Locklear = little Joe Dirt!!

  27. Rixxx says:

    thunder… thunder… thundercats… hooooooooooooooooo….

  28. Chris says:

    “Suddenly the phone rang….it was the 1980’s calling”

  29. OldPhotoLover says:

    My bad! lol…early 90s, uhhh the most I can say is 1990 lol.

  30. Wow, when they’re driving aroudn in their Iroc-Z; they could qualify as transporting hazardous waste; the ignitability of their hair alone… they should be linked to a grounding wire.

  31. Paul P. says:

    I’m so relieved that Joe Dirt found his real parents.

  32. Matt says:

    This photo makes me so happy

  33. EduManzano says:

    Wow, looks like the Partridge Family-heavy metal!!!!!!

  34. tanrat says:

    This must be from early 1990’s when pale lipstick and big hair were both in style.

  35. Thamyris says:

    Very fun…
    I am Brazilian … I don’t speak English very well … I found this site by accident. Very nice … Congratulations and good luck with the photos.

  36. Señor_Citizen says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen three Whitesnake fans together in one family photo, much less one photo….period.

  37. Tracey says:


  38. Ilozmwl says:

    Are you from Missouri? No one else uses “hoosier” like that, except maybe people in southern Illinois.

  39. Rodrigo Brazil says:

    lion family


  40. Rodrigo Brazil says:

    It’s rockinroll, baby!

  41. Elaine Paiva says:

    I am from Brazil. I found your blog through a web of journalism. Very original the idea of you.


    Elaine Paiva

  42. Chazlette says:

    Oh how I miss the Regan era.

  43. OldPhotoLover says:

    WHO is this family? and what years were these taken lol, the first pic always makes me laugh…this family sure did love the 80s haha.

  44. Leia says:

    I LOVED the 80’s and think this is a great capture of what was a happy time for many. It belongs in the Smithsonian. What is scary, is I saw a young child (5? 6?) with that same hair and wearing junior sized fatigues at the office just last month. Peeps, it was fun while it lasted….but some things shouldn’t be redone. 🙂

  45. arwen says:

    Baby’s first faux pas…blame the parents for this one! Hahaha

  46. GABY says:

    They give love a bad name y’all!

  47. Elvis says:

    It’s Rock and Roll!!! Hahahaha

  48. Gaby says:

    Let me guess they are from NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Audrina says:

    cutest child ever

  50. Tim says:

    See? SEE!? I TOLD You! Tommy and Gina NEVER backed down!

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