Awkward Family Album Cover

June 2nd, 2009

Awkward Family Album Cover - Siblings

We’ve got doubts.

(submitted by Anthony)

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  1. Automne says:

    Actually, the younger one would be vintage hip today, with the glasses and the pink knit dress that actually is kind of cute if you make the front ribbon a little less ostentatious.

  2. Rebecca says:

    It’s easier to get your gangsta rap under the PMRC radar when you’ve got a stealth album cover like this…

  3. Julie says:

    Even confidence will not help you in this case.

  4. Tim says:

    …so I’m thinking this album ISN’T available on iTunes.

  5. Indy Dave says:

    “I’ve got confidence!”, but noooooooooooo stylist!

  6. Indy Dave says:

    Looks like they just fell through the stairs up to their deck.

  7. wreck says:

    I think I saw these cats open up for Black Sabbath.

  8. Stacey says:

    This is scary as hell!

  9. CrypticHill says:


  10. Ellen says:

    hey, who said you could release this picture of me and my sister in out early 70’s get-up?????

  11. Ksue says:

    Oh my. I REMEMBER wearing those horrid barrettes! Too bad I don’t have a picture. Who was the fool who invented THOSE things?

  12. Jan Brady says:

    This album is dreeeaaammy!

  13. big_pimping88 says:

    Is that you Kari?

  14. Scooby butt says:

    One of these two is related to The Lenscrafters. Can you guess which one?

  15. Vanessa says:

    I am definately going to start sending you some Portuguese Family Album Covers. They are Awkward AND Disturbing, all of them!

  16. Rachalrg says:

    LOVE the subtitle! LMAO!

    enough with the stupid cross/compound bows….it’s ridiculous..geez

  17. dusty says:

    i have confidence in this confidence, without a doubt.

  18. SamP says:

    I collect bad album covers and have to say this is one of the best i’ve seen is ages! Pleeeeease let me have it!!! I’ll pay!!!! 😀

  19. Brock says:

    Best concept album of it’s time.

  20. Maya B. says:

    Those dresses look familiar…Simplicity pattern #VO185?

  21. El Kev says:

    Anybody remember the picture a week or so back that had the girl holding the birthday cake, only to have another girl staring (very upset looking) out the window? Well, this kind of reminds me of that.

  22. itsme88 says:

    Gotta love the 60’s and 70’s.

  23. Señor_Citizen says:

    The one on the right…
    Karen Carpenter?
    I could be wrong.

  24. tracy says:

    i wonder if “i’ve got confidence” was the standard title for the magazine choice? why couldn’t they pick, “i’ve got style” ??

  25. Ray says:

    The hair, the dresses, the colors…welcome back to the 70’s!

  26. Shannon says:

    This looks about the late 1960s, early 70s. “I’ve got confidence.” Was that some kind of thing for women’s lib?

    • CarrieM says:

      It reminds me of the films they showed the girls in 5th grade….. “So you’re becoming a woman. Have confidence!” And it showed girls riding bikes and shopping and baking cakes and smiling.

  27. auximenes says:

    Isn’t this a music album cover? Look at the ‘Stereo’ insignia at the bottom left. Does this really qualify as an Awkward Family Photo?

  28. David says:

    ***Any comments that are offensive to the point of being viciously personal, racist, homophobic, exceedingly profane, violent or too graphic in nature won’t be posted. We want to keep this site a friendly place to be awkward. Thanks!*** afp
    should someone be taking their own advice here AFP?

  29. Oo yeah says:

    In the words of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith:

    Pink – it’s the color of passion
    `Cause today it just goes with the fashion

  30. Egor Kloos says:

    The Glasses okay, but the pink knitwear is never coming back!

  31. Cat says:

    This also belongs in the unnecessary quotes blog.

  32. slowboy81 says:

    I like turtles

  33. Glenn says:

    Hott Thats!!!

  34. Glenn S says:

    That’s hott!

  35. RaleighRob says:

    Let me guess….Gospel?

  36. Jenny says:

    Oh dear Lord… and the strategically placed buttons. It’s all just too much…

  37. Amice says:

    Matching double-knit? Always awkward!

  38. Tim says:

    …and who said The Shaggs were the only original girl band out there?

  39. magnifying says:

    The girl with the glasses and the button on her… dress. “I´ve got confidence AND an attitude”. We´ve got no doubts.

  40. Joey says:

    I have no words…

  41. heather says:

    You shouldn’t.

  42. Glenn says:

    That Hot!!!

  43. Joe Roach says:

    The girl on the left should have a crossbow and the girl on the right would look hot with a compound bow

  44. Lucas says:

    They will need….

  45. Dave says:

    The gal on the left looks like the actress who played Jan Brady in the Brady Bunch movies. Marcia Marcia Marcia!

  46. SLC says:

    and i’ve got compound bows. everyone’s a winner.

  47. steve says:

    looks like photoshop to me

  48. Jessica says:

    to funny love it!!!!!

  49. SLC says:

    i’ve got compound bows but you don’t hear me going on about it…

    • hillbilly85 says:

      yea for compounds bow!

    • big_pimping88 says:

      I dont have a compount bow, can I have you’rs?

    • Selena says:

      Please inform me the originatiion of the compound bow comments. I feel out of the loop. I want to play with the cool kids. : ) Oh, and this picture, they are rockin’ the pink double knit.

      • Weelki says:

        Look at all the comments for the post ‘The Van Helsings’ and all shall be revealed 😉 Look under the section ‘Most Popular Posts’ for a quick link to this thread.

        NOTE TO SITE ADMIN: That’s a good point, you should create a link on the main page paying homage to the humble compound bow and why it is often quoted in different threads.

  50. Annie says:

    actually, I do like the younger girl’s glasses.

    • Whott says:

      They looked exactly that dorky on me, too. I thought they were a big improvement over the pale blue cat-eye glasses I got when I was about 6.

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