Venus de Mom

June 2nd, 2009

Venus de Mom - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

As always, it’s all about Mom.

(submitted by Meryl)

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  1. Tom Kelly says:

    This is obviously not digg because there’s not nearly enough comments about how hot the daughter is.

  2. Jim A says:

    Gotta love Mom’s sunburn line from yesterday’s less risque bathing suit.

  3. EvilSatsuma says:

    Okay. No one appears to have noticed this. But the daughter is fit

  4. maybee says:

    Helllloooooo brother! *swoon* You make the awkwardness all worthwhile.

  5. chaneldeschanel says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *that’s all i have to say, seriously*

  6. Indy Dave says:

    And now to show just how embarassing parents can be in front of their daughter’s boyfriend….TA DAAAAAAA!!! BIG FINISH!! WTG Mom and Dad! As a father of two girls, your work here is inspiring.

  7. KR says:

    hilarious, best website ever

  8. penguin says:

    Okay, really awkward family photo, but the young guy on the right is HOT!! REAL HOT=)

  9. Joanne says:

    And two seconds later, without warning-they dropped Mom into the water!

  10. Amy says:

    Celine, it’s not photoshopped, Dad’s finger is too integrated into Mom’s armpit for it to be photoshopped…and I’m thinking the young guy might be a boyfriend, he’s holding Mom with cupped hands “don’t let the palms touch!”

  11. centavo71 says:

    I’m loving that Dad is looking off into the distance, thinking to himself, “Maybe, just maybe this photo will make it into that awesome awkward website…”

  12. The Great Heidini says:

    Does anyone else think it is pretty awkward how daughter has her left hand on her brother’s back? What if he isn’t her brother, but a boyfriend who got roped in to the awkwardness?

    • Amy says:

      I agree! When I saw the look on the girls face I was totally thinking she was the guys girlfriend and she was completely mortified that they chose to take this strange photo!! hahaha!

  13. Celine says:

    To bad its so badly photoshoped…

  14. Swine Flu says:

    mid air armshelf

  15. grimey says:

    Did anyone notice that Mom is shaped just like a compound bow….ZING!

  16. lucky says:

    does mom know her picture is here? i think not

  17. CRU says:

    When Mom got her finger stuck in her ear, all we could do is carry her to the Med Center.

  18. Señor_Citizen says:

    The father…
    “Weekend at Bernie’s” guy?
    Just wonderin’. Looks like ’em.

  19. omawarisan says:

    Besides catching her, they caught two tuna and a marlin.

  20. s says:

    looks like they’re about to throw momma overboard

  21. Hooper says:

    Well, this was not a boat accident!!

  22. case says:

    Immediately after this pic, mom was dropped into the water because her family is holding her apathetically

  23. Rain Likely says:

    Dad’s wondering why he got stuck with the armpit.

  24. auximenes says:

    The daughter is helping. Her right hand is under mom just above her waist.

  25. Steve says:

    Is it just me? or does dad look like he’s showing off the 85lb Marlin he caught on vacation?
    He’s got that “yeah check this one out” look.
    But the speedo’s comment wins so far…..yes……instantaneously EPIC if that were in the picture

  26. sir jorge says:

    i don’t see the big deal, and NO i’m not going to stare at it longer

  27. kelcut says:

    “I’m bringing sexy back.”

  28. Bald Outing says:

    if i were taking this picture it would be blurry because i’d be laughing so hard i wouldn’t be able to hold the camera straight!

    • MN Nice says:

      imagine being a fellow tourist and this family approaches you to take their picture. You agree, take their camera and then they do this. The next time I am on vacation, I am so going ask someone to take my picture and then do something awkward- just to see the look on their face.

  29. Tim says:

    The daughter’s not even holding her! the “eww” factor is all ove her face!

  30. trademark says:

    “I´ve got confidence, a new bathing suit and tan marks to prove both”

  31. Melissa says:

    Mom’s tan lines look awkward!
    A white bathingsuit is awkwardness waiting to happen!

  32. notallovertan says:

    SHE´s got confidence.

  33. heather says:

    Captain Ron…The reunion.

  34. Dennis says:

    The daughter is not holding up her “end” of the bargin.

  35. Valerie says:

    perhaps it was a rescue?

  36. Bob Wharton says:

    Is this the famous longbow pose I keep reading about?

  37. Scott says:

    You could be saving more money on your vacation with Geico.

  38. Edamame says:

    Wow, I can feel the awkward vibes radiating from this photograph. I am sure that Mrs. Venus´hubby is enjoying himself!

  39. Julia says:

    She ain’t heavy, she’s my mother!

  40. Jeneva says:

    i love mom’s awkward tanlines!!

  41. Shannon says:

    I agree-half the humor value comes from the title of the picture.

  42. Susan in Texas says:

    Notice Captain Ahab in the background.

  43. Scooby butt says:

    I really wish they would’ve taken this photo to the next level…. like putting dad and son in speedos and mom in a g-string. Now that would’ve taken this photo from an average awkward photo to awkward hall of fame.

  44. Iheartmycupcake says:

    I am liking Dad’s hat

  45. Scooby butt says:

    Ummmmm…. I guess the one piece beats a two-piece. This is very awkward.

  46. Demetri says:

    The daughter is making no effort to hold that poor woman up.

    • JD says:

      Actually, I think daughter is balancing mom on here knee. daughter should be the one in the front! Dad looks like “what am I doing?!”

  47. Micstew says:

    “MOM! NO! I’m not holding.. oh… whatever…”

  48. michael says:

    it seems most my comments are too…. suggestive and so…. not posted. I understand this, but they are funny. maybe one or 2 gigdy would be ok?

  49. me says:

    Go Dad! Also, I want to go to that beach.

  50. mandy says:

    The daughter looks sooo uncomfortable.

    The title of this one is hilarious!

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