Here’s Looking at You, Kid

June 9th, 2009

Here’s Looking at You, Kid - Family Portrait

“Photo c.1962. Note that there are actually 4 people in this photo, count the shoes. The kid in the back with the single eye visible, is my father.”

(submitted by Andrew in Norway)

118 Responses to “Here’s Looking at You, Kid”

  1. IAmNoOne says:

    Wow now we know why Henry Rollins became so angry.

  2. Stu E says:


  3. abby says:

    that, my friends, is a damn fine creeper photo if i have ever seen one before. Well done little dude. Well done.

  4. Magpie says:

    It looks like they’re preparing for a shot gun wedding…

  5. Joe says:

    I can totally see why this photo was taken – not everyone gets to have Moby at their wedding. I wonder if he DJed at the reception afterwards?

  6. Scott says:

    “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!”

  7. CRU says:

    Billy’s Prom Date Came With A Chaperon.

  8. Heino says:

    This photo looks like it was used in an indictment.

  9. WHAT?? It’s my husband’s Baptist-style “confirmation”! However, I agree I never knew that Dad had two revolvers behind their backs to make sure all went according to god’s plan…

  10. El Kev says:

    I can’t believe, especially with a picture like this, that nobody has done it yet. Sooooooo, let me be the first:

    I think the father and the young son (we’re assuming) in the back are holding compound bows and forcing the other two to walk.

  11. Martin says:

    This is what happens when your family has lived in a narrow fjord for 200 years. Makes me proud to be a Norwegian!!

  12. Kimberly says:

    Is it just me, or does this one have a Norman Bates-ian feel?

  13. Henry says:

    “…you’d better go to church or you’re GOING TO HELL!!”

  14. Mr. Jones says:

    This has “ghost picture” written all over it. The man standing in the back was killed in a car accident a week before this photo was taken.

    • Brian says:

      No, you can see the “ghost” feet behind mom. The feet were amputated a month before the picture was taken.

  15. jenn says:

    it must not be their turn yet. the guys are in line to get their pic taken next…? that’s the only explanation for this pic…. but i’m laughing still, and hard

  16. lagrange says:

    “come into the light, all are welcome, all are welcome”.

  17. C Riley says:

    This actually DOES make sense. They’re all at a wedding. The older boy (in front) is an usher, and he’s prepared to escort the mother to her seat. As is customary, the other males in the family follow behind them. Since she’s wearing a corsage, she’s probably closely related to the bride or groom. That’s why a photo was taken.

    This one isn’t near as bad as most of the others!

  18. Beth says:

    Isn’t that the next-door-neighbor dad from American Beauty?

  19. Beth says:

    That’s not the 70’s. It’s the 60’s. That dress is totally mid- to late-60’s.

  20. Susie says:

    That is HIS foot. Shook me up there for a second.

  21. Susie says:

    Holy, cow, I just saw that little creeper lurking behind Mom. See him foot, and his eyeball peering out between their shoulders?

  22. Bongo Boy says:

    I saw the little feet, missed the little eye until now. Thanks! Love all the comments!

  23. johnny says:


  24. mobius42 says:

    You can always tell a Milford man.

  25. Swede says:

    Freakishly scary eye between the mom’s and son’s arms…

  26. Annie says:

    I think I’m more disturbed by the fact that lady looks like my Aunt Ceil. I even showed it to my mom and she went, “Is that … no, that’s not Mikey but my goodness she looks like my sister!” I asked about the hiding child and she just said, “He probably had bad teeth” My mother is interesting.

  27. Amy says:

    I’m wondering if this is actually from a wedding where they are waiting to walk down the aisle? That would explain why the mom is holding the son’s arm and the other two are behind them…

    • DogsArePawsome says:

      duh, but it’s more fun if you pretend otherwise!

    • djspleen says:

      Yep, he’s ushering her to the seat, and the other two are following.

      That’d be my guess too.

    • melanie says:

      weird, lol. i was kinda thinking the same thing too. they were probably going to attend some sort of ceremony and the mom walked in first with big son and following behind were dad and small son and that when someone took their picture. And i think the big son looks like a young Tom Cruise.

  28. Domesticated says:

    Their eyes look photoshopped.

    • Isawforever says:

      I’m betting the guy’s eye’s were seriously red based on the flash power and it looks like someone tried to fill them in with a black marker…

  29. notpicperfect says:

    Gotta love them floods.

  30. neverfirst says:

    The Dad’s steely-set jaw, the older son’s clenched fists, the younger son cut off from view and the mother’s Stepford wife smile…..CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON!

  31. Hum says:

    The caption is a 10

  32. Booger says:

    What you can’t see is:
    The knife pressed firmly in his back and Dad whipering under his breath, ‘Stand up straight!’.

  33. Ray says:

    “Not all the Manchurian Candidates were considered to be equal”

  34. Booger says:

    The older kid is,’waiting for a flood’!

  35. Tiffany says:

    I don’t know if it’s awkward or just bizarre!

  36. Tim says:

    ….take the picture or the kid in the back gets it!

  37. chipmunk! says:

    The MIB (Men in Black) shadow a young UFO experiencer. . .

  38. Elle says:

    “Because you were naughty today, young man, you just don’t make the photograph (entirely). Your brother has done us proud, and I am his proud mother! Step back, I say…”

  39. Crystal says:

    The kid in the back is hiding the compound bow!

  40. sal says:

    Turtles, you´re scaring me in this picture.

  41. owenlift says:

    I guess I can skip over the “Life in the 70’s” exhibit at the wax museum…

  42. Shawn says:

    Who needs a bounce flash?

    • Vickie says:

      LOL …. that’s how my Dad used to take pictures .. with flood lights attached to a 2×4 … it’s no wonder we’re not all blind !

  43. Jacob says:

    A classic 70s color scheme: deep red, dark brown, light brown, light blue, and steely gray hair.

    Cute guy, though.

    • Bob says:

      Yeah, he is cute. And he looks surprisingly modern considering what he’s wearing/where he’s standing/who he’s escorting.

  44. Bradley says:

    Somehow, the kid peeking like that reminded me of Asian horror films..

  45. Lamech says:

    Oedipus takes the hand of Queen Jocasta.

  46. SoCalJeff says:

    I like the little kid peeking from behind the old lady. He’s probably hiding from the extremely bright light used to create that awesome shadow-effect.

    Love the faux wood paneling too.

  47. Kitten says:

    It took me a minute to notice the mom has and extra leg! Awkward!

  48. Scrotus says:

    Isn’t that lady a little too old to be her son’s prom date?

  49. Ackward says:

    The family that wins a staring contest together stays together.

  50. Denise says:

    I have no words.

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