They Gotta Wear Shades

June 10th, 2009

They Gotta Wear Shades - Family Portrait

(submitted by Sue)

103 Responses to “They Gotta Wear Shades”

  1. Michael says:

    Did somebody say 4:20??

  2. Richard says:

    The Original Ozzy Osbourn fanclub reunion photo

  3. Litsa says:

    5 blind mice

  4. Lollipop says:

    obviously fans of Sir. …’but it’s the best I could do. i hope you don;t mind that i wrote down the words. how wonderful life is to wear sunglasses.”

  5. Nancy says:

    Judy’s idea of re-enacting the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour was going to take alot more than sunglasses.

  6. Sam says:

    They just walked across abbey road.

  7. Kitty says:

    With the stickers still on them, might I add.

  8. erinn says:


  9. kendall says:

    hey, the sun never sets on a badass.

  10. Miranda says:

    wow, bluesbrothers.

  11. Clint says:

    where’s ozzy?

  12. mandy says:

    the woman next to the end on the right looks like joey ramone hahaha

  13. Frank says:

    Looks like they all had a weekend at Bernies!

  14. Jo says:


  15. Zan says:

    The woman in the front looks likes she’s standing upright in a very crooked position..

  16. Lisa says:

    five blind mice… see how they run…

  17. Birdgirl says:

    It’s the OTHER Osbornes that no one knows about…

  18. Nelle says:

    i would like to know the need to have the entire family to wear sunglasses.

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