Here I Go Again

June 16th, 2009

Here I Go Again - Kids

Some people just have “it.”

(submitted by Jasmine)

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  1. Alexa says:

    Wow…lmao. Yeah, he’s McLovin’ alright!

  2. Barbie says:

    “Anybody can look sexy on top of a sports car. ” .. that may be true, but we’ll never know with him.. he’s on the hood of the family station wagon.. Is this Bobby Brady??

  3. Lori says:

    What in the WORLD was he holding? You can tell his left arm is photoshopped — perhaps a compound bow?

  4. D says:

    Nothin’ is sexier than curb feelers.

  5. Jill says:

    Hmm…. at first glance, I thought this was an awkwardly dressed 54-year-old woman…

  6. Tim says:

    “yeah, babe – it’s a ’72…AND a Chevy! So what if it’s my Mom’s wagon and I’m really 24 and still living at home? We don’t need no Camaro, right? Now c’mere and let me get to second base with your fine self!!”

  7. jenn says:

    i don’t think he was ever holding anything. he probably just asked “Do I make you horny baby”?

  8. Jennifer Windholz Weiner says:

    Ok, this goes perfect with the song lyrics that someone didn’t realize were incorrect for a long time…”Like a drifter I was BORN TO WEAR COLOGNE!”

  9. Dan says:


  10. TinTX says:

    Hey………when you got it…you got it

  11. haleysmomma says:

    Me-ow!!! I’m in love!!

  12. Judge_Knot says:

    You all missed it. He’s trying to open the hood so he can change the oil…

  13. MMB says:

    hey yous, forget about it

  14. Vicky says:

    If the station wagon had wood paneling this picture would be even sexier!

  15. MST says:

    “Sure I’ve been struck by a station wagon, but hey, it’s all good”.

  16. marty chamberlain says:

    It’s McLovin

  17. Seano says:

    I like how he’s made some room for one of the ladies to climb on up next to him… what a gentleman!

  18. Liam McDonald says:

    I prefer the subtler hood ornaments.

  19. terri c says:

    This photo reminds me of some of my sweet geeky high school friends, all of whom would have TOTALLY gotten the irony of the pose. Very good one!!

  20. cruelncute says:


  21. FunNanc says:

    “Hey baby – me ‘n’ my chick-magnet, kickin’ it live — how CAN you resist?”

  22. Denise says:

    I made a perfectly nice comment about this handsome young man but I suspect it was overlooked by the site owner because it didn’t contain a compound bow reference.

  23. Alan says:

    Could somebody enlighten us what’s up with the reoccurring compound bow jokes? I don’t get it. Please explain so that we can all laugh.

    • El Kev says:

      Look back through the archives and find the picture of the “Van Helsings.” I believe they were the inspiration behind the compound bow jokes.

  24. Kafkaesque says:

    This photo makes me feel cheap and tawdry.

  25. drt says:

    McLovin knows what he’s doing! My parents had a station wagon like that… we went on some lengthy family trip (the days before seat belts) and they put a twin mattress in back for us to crash on. It was still in there for months after we got back from our family trip. My girlfriend and I took advantage of the the situation… vehicle with a bed in back… of course that is going to be used.

  26. SeΓ±or_Citizen says:

    People, people…everyone’s referencing Eric Foreman…Wisconsin…etc.
    That’s a NY license plate.

    • Seano says:

      New York eh?

      So is this Amityville’s second horror?

      Whatever *possessed* him to dress like that???

      • Foghatdw says:

        Oh yeah! Now I get it! A friend or relative from New York was visiting Wisconsin. I always overlook the obvious.
        Now, if he was wearing black socks and sandals we could deduce he was from Rhode Island. And that the photo was taken last week……..

      • Mary says:

        The devil made him do it.

      • Tim says:

        I dunno, but that kind of fashion is a real “horror” to me!

  27. RobynS8971 says:

    And no one can look sexy on top of this sedan!

  28. kiki says:

    Ahh…sprawling out on the hood of a car in the 70’s. You could really get comfy on those babies!

  29. Lil J says:

    Whatever happened to curb feelers anyway?

  30. Jessy says:

    I wonder what he was holding before it was erased from the picture…

  31. Brad says:

    The real life Eric Foreman.

  32. Kyatto says:

    Yeah….but that’s not a sports car and that’s not sexy πŸ™‚

  33. Amy says:

    he’s bringin’ sexy back

    (someone had to do it)

  34. hustler says:

    How does one climb up on the hood of a car and become so laid back and relaxed like they’re actually just kicked back on the couch?

  35. TREEMAN says:

    …GREAT (car). πŸ˜‰

  36. Nicola says:

    Wow… this is… just… wow. I love it. Absolutely love it. He is super cool!

  37. Vanessa says:

    I happen to think station wagons are extremely sexy…

  38. lololola says:

    okay, if anyone can stand just one more compound bow joke, it would have to be “invisible compound bow”

  39. El Kev says:

    1) I have the feeling this would have been uncool when it was taken.

    2) He looks shocked that someone would have the gall to steal his compound bow.

  40. m says:

    The terrible truth is that this picture was taken last week… Hello, Wisconsin!

  41. B Dub says:

    This isn’t awkward, it’s “period correct!”

  42. KMO says:

    this picture is full of WIN. i love it

  43. M C says:

    Sports car? Try station wagon.

    Anyone can look unsexy on top of a station wagon.

  44. sir jorge says:

    “i Am McLovin”

  45. Kim says:


  46. Jim says:

    Adidas sneakers…check!
    Knee high tube socks…check!
    Gym shorts two sizes too small…check!
    Keys to mom’s stationwagon complete with curb feelers and oil leak…check!
    Ladies, what more could you ask for!!!

  47. Lori says:

    i think he just fell from the sky and that nice car caught him

  48. Mallory says:

    Wow…he puts Tawny Kitaen to shame. HAWT!

  49. monjakavala says:

    IT’S McLOVIN!!!!!!!!

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