Here I Go Again

June 16th, 2009

Here I Go Again - Kids

Some people just have “it.”

(submitted by Jasmine)

142 Responses to “Here I Go Again”

  1. Delox says:

    Ha, this is me!!!!!! I am him… immortalized on, the 1st book and the calendar…. I turned out OK I guess…. I did alright back then….. I did alright…..

  2. Najsueyt says:

    This picture is a time machine to the past…. Take me with you kid, the future sucks….

  3. Alex says:

    There’s something so American about this picture,captures the innocence perfectly.

  4. YoKid says:

    I do love a boy in a gym uniform circa 1980’s, yummy.

  5. MizBizz says:

    This is every guy I should have dated in high school, but didn’t. He has “future rich, computer geek” written ALL over him!

  6. Synamyn says:

    I love how the stripes on his socks match the color of the car….wonder if that was planned??

  7. Sanz says:

    I can’t believe that look was in style…we have come a long way guys!

  8. j_bryon says:

    The most awkward thing about this pic is it was taken this SUMMER!

  9. Drew says:

    OMG its McLovin!!!

  10. Harry Banana says:

    Oh my god! It’s not even a sportscar! It’s a hearse for his humility once he realized that picture got on the internet.

  11. Amanda says:

    This kid is my hero.

  12. Jujee says:

    shot of him before getting his daily beating from the class bully…

  13. lagrange says:

    Is he unconscious on the car?

  14. Shawn says:

    I love the WHADDABOUTIT gesture with the hands. ;D

  15. old fart says:

    That’s not gum……those are curb feelers….something us old farts know about.

  16. Blue Betty says:

    Did anyone notice the gum under the tire?

  17. j_w says:

    if his shorts were any shorter, you’d be able to tell if his legs were the only pasty, white shaved things in this picture. this is what dreams are made of.

  18. Thomas says:

    This is by far the best photo I have seen on this!!! CLASSIC!!!

  19. kristenpeva says:

    “what can i say? im just too cool for school”

  20. MarcsNymph says:

    Okay I love, love, love this picture. This kid is AWESOME. I love how confident he is. And the comments on this one almost made me pee.

  21. Magdalene says:

    I want this picture on my wall, and I want it at ten times the normal size. Minimum.

  22. Rebecca says:


  23. kmb52 says:

    Such a hottie with a naughty body!!!

  24. catherine says:

    Got to be circa 1982 with those shorts and shoes.

  25. Sara says:

    Is this a still shot from the Steven King movie “Christine”

  26. allie says:

    ummm eric forman and the vista cruiser maybe?

  27. kymee says:

    That’s a sports car? No wonder your confused about what looks sexy…LOL


  28. Tam says:

    A young Steven Colbert?
    All he needs is a three wolf moon t-shirt.

    • Kimberly says:

      Bwahahahahaha! I’m not sure the awesomeness of this photo and the power of the three wolf moon can coexist in one image without severe damage to the space-time continuum.

  29. nmm says:

    anyone can look sexy on a sports car, but it takes a real stud to pull off a station wagon!

  30. mapod says:

    The original “Mc Lovin”

  31. Lacie says:

    Really? Is that what you call a sports car???

  32. @janejax says:

    I love this pic! If I were this guy this would be my facebook pic; no apologies.

  33. Cloud says:

    I LOVE the Whitesnake reference. Makes the photo XD

  34. Megan says:

    This must be McLovin’s dad in his glory days.

  35. ChasBrat says:

    ROTFL! My fav. pic as of yet! This is priceless. The booty shorts, striped green knee high tube socks with a pair of chicken legs. Best thing is this kid had confidence. He knew his poo didn’t stink.

  36. Jak says:

    Awsome: Every detail is just to telling, so perfect– bet he’s even wearing one of those LED watches where you have to push the button to light up the numbers.

    Where ever he is today, hope he’s having a happy life.

  37. sandy says:

    The socks AND the shorts are just too much! Maybe he’s been watching too many episodes of Dukes of Hazzard?

  38. hana says:

    anyone can look sexy on top of a sports car… too bad it’s a vista cruiser…

  39. Tyler says:

    I wish I had a picture of ME when I was twelve on the hood or OUR green Rambler… Oh, how my wife would swoon!

  40. Pamela says:

    Too cool for school…lol!

  41. Cam says:

    Man, that care is cool! It has curb feelers!!!

    • Eri says:

      OMG lol I just noticed those!! My very first car (I LOOVEED that car) first belonged to an old lady and it had curb feelers haha

  42. Jason Scott says:

    Brings up a lot of fine memories of trying to do the best with what you have. Kudos to the kid, way back when, living as large as life let him.

  43. Del-V says:

    I can’t tell where his knee-high tube socks end and his pasty white knees start.

  44. blucat says:

    Oh my God, the shorts, the shorts! I’m being blinded by the sheer pasty-white, cottage-cheesiness of those awesome gams!

  45. holly says:

    im to sexy for my car, to sexy for my car, to sexy it hurts!!!! yea, right!

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