June 23rd, 2009

Grandfeeder - Grandpa

This proud grandfather is just a little confused about his role in the family.

(submitted by Alia)

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  1. Cierra says:

    What the hell is with that hat?

  2. Greetings from Lapland says:

    It’s very awkward that ppl don’t know where that hat is from. U probably don’t even know that Santa is from Finland.

    Nice pic though. Nothing awkward about that.

  3. Miranda says:

    who says men can’t breastfeed?

  4. LeeLee says:

    Ok guys… To spell it out, he looks like he’s breast-feeding the child. Awkward, yes. But it’s still cute.

  5. Alia says:

    It’s a boy, with long-er hair
    Child wasn’t hurt, just cuddling
    He’s only about 40 pounds, 4 years old, not that huge!
    Not hiding from old man breath, just snuggling with his “blankie”
    Not the twin of a math teacher
    Yes, it is a North Sami hat, but I won’t argue the tourist part.
    Not a walmart geezer actually!

    I’m the daughter of the boy and that’s my dad (he loves his hats!) I’m also a lactation counselor so when I snapped the photo of my dad cuddling with my son Christmas morning I took another look and immediately realized that it DID look like he was trying to breastfeed! We all had a good laugh!

  6. ivelostmyself says:

    the picture in itself? not so awkward. but when you add the captioning to it, it makes the picture appear in a whole new way. ewww…. and that my friends, makes it awkward.

  7. Hailo says:

    it actually looks like the grandpa is holding the child who has been hurt and wanted to be held

  8. Silk says:

    How big is that child? His/her hand is HUGE!

  9. Fey says:

    I think the thing that makes this the most awkward–for me, at least–is it seems the child is eating the blanket to hide from ‘old man breath’.

  10. Kat says:

    I swear, this guy is an exact doppelgänger to my math teacher…and he has a twin. So. Hmmm. Curious.
    But like most people, I don’t think this is a very awkward picture. Kind of sweet, really.

  11. John Kimbrough says:

    “In Lapland male breastfeeding is the norm”

  12. MST says:

    I think folks are taking the term “Awkward” too literally. A lot of the photos are just fun enough to evoke a silly caption is all. The website could change its name or we could all get over it.

  13. North Sami says:

    Well, it is not exactly a traditional North Sami hat, it is the tourist version of it.
    It is the equivalent to a…er…green sombrero with the text MEXICAN printed on it.

  14. JC says:

    FYi, that hat is a traditional Norwegian Sami hat, there’s nothing funny about that.

  15. ferfer says:

    How could this NOT be awkward? What the hell is on this otherwise normal looking guy’s head?

  16. k says:

    I don’t think the hat is Icelandic. I think it is Sami (Lapp). And this photo isn’t particularly awkward, there have been much better (worse?!) ones recently.

    • DonKeyHoTay says:

      You know you’re close to the Finnish line when you’ve passed the last Lapp…and you see this hat!

      • Susan in Texas says:


      • Noora says:

        Or Norwegian line… :p Or Swedish line… We don’t use the word “lapp” anymore, it’s considered derogatory. When my mom was young they would talk about “lappskolen” (the lapp school), but that’s more than 50 years ago.

  17. m says:


  18. wreck says:

    Would that be a Festivus hat??

  19. Amice says:

    Only thing awkward is Grampa never held his own child, so doesn’t really know how….

  20. Exile says:

    Don’t knock it. Grandpa tastes like bourbon.

  21. Ingrid says:

    This picture is sweet. Sorry, no awkwardness here. I agree that a rating system would be nice.

  22. Neon Leon says:

    I think our host intended to imply that Grandpa is breastfeeding the kid. 😮

  23. Melba says:

    This would be awkwarder(?) if he was bare chested with suspenders. oh, and the hat.

  24. Lloyd says:

    Not the best hat.

    But the rest of the photo? Not awkward.

  25. Jazzy says:

    I don’t see at all how tis is awkward. There should be a ratings system (i.e. thumbs up vs down) so that we can vote on awkwardness. Too many thumbs down removes the pic

  26. Kitten says:

    The hat… THE HAT!!!

  27. Señor_Citizen says:

    “Every year, Grandpa pulled out his Icelandic Winter Festival Hat, and every year he put it away without washing it. Sure enough, every year, little Billy and the rest of the family had the same reaction to the smell.”

  28. Amy says:

    i dig his hat

  29. blucat says:

    First comment! Woot woot! This kid’s expression says, “What the he** is grandaddy wearing on his head?! Grandpa looks like he’s thinking “Wow, I wish I could breastfeed.” Eww

  30. Cassie says:

    Honestly, I don’t see this picture as awkward, it’s just a sweet picture of a grandfather with his grandchild. The only weird thing is the hat.

  31. Nicola says:

    Oh that’s just too much. LMAO

  32. Laura says:

    I give up – none of these photos are awkward!

    • Hello Sary says:

      This comment is awkward!!!!

      • Vanessa says:

        You’re right, Hello Sary! Your comment IS awkward.

        I think the poster of this pic was trying too hard. waaaaay too hard. It’s a normal picture at a bad angle and contains absolutely NOTHING inappropriate.

  33. Wombatgirl says:

    Personally I am more afraid of the hat than the awkward struggling to escape child in Grandpa’s arms

    • Nancy says:

      thank goodness someone has finally noticed THAT HAT!

      • Arachne says:

        I think the hat is awesome. It’s one of those traditional Four Winds hats from Lapland. I saw them when I was in Finland, but I couldn’t afford to buy one. I think it’s mostly the pose that’s awkward.

  34. Mike says:

    Hey, it is a WalMart Greeter.

  35. Denise says:

    Grandpappies like this keep therapists in business.

  36. missturtle says:

    I am most concerned with the amount of funk in the window sill.

  37. J says:

    I actually think that it is a nice pic of a grandfather holding his grandchild with it’s blankie. I don’t find anything “awkward” about…..I sure am puzzled why you think it is…….

    • jules says:

      Agreed. What appears to be happening with a few of these photos is that someone puts a witty caption on them to make the picture appear to be awkward, when in fact it is not.

      The Eeyore/Winnie-the-Pooh family and the balloon pants family were definitely awkward. This one, not so much.

  38. Amy says:

    This is actually a really sweet picture!

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