Awkward Pose of the Week: The Thigh Chair

June 23rd, 2009

Awkward Pose of the Week: The Thigh Chair - Dad

For those youngsters ages 7 and below who aren’t quite ready to attempt an armshelf.

(submitted by Beckie)

47 Responses to “Awkward Pose of the Week: The Thigh Chair”

  1. Kenny Mckune says:

    I just love her last song and her cute face

  2. Sybil says:

    Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus

    The early years!

  3. Poodle says:

    She may not be ready to show she’s playful and laid back with the arm shelf, but she is willing to say she’s fun and adventurous with the shin shelf.

  4. dave says:

    that poor girl is about to get launched

  5. Cowgirl84 says:

    No joke, I think this is me! Who posted this and where is it from? Yes, I was a gymnast and knew to point my toes!

  6. E says:

    by that I don’t mean that they are dancing in the photo – but it was taken to commemorate a father-daughter dance

  7. Lisa says:

    Are they trying to spell something with their legs?

  8. IAmNoOne says:

    Line dancing is no fun with two people.

  9. gmcfly says:

    Top that! *guitar solo*

  10. Karen says:

    How old is this picture?????

  11. Nicoleslaw says:

    She does have a nice semi-casual knee shelf going there though.

  12. J in Ky says:

    do it again, dad…do it again!

  13. Jaci says:

    looks like she may have had too much spiked lemonade at the barn raising… looks like Pa will have to drag her home.

  14. Mark says:

    The two are actually professional wrestlers and the move above is called the “Atomic Knee”

  15. Annie says:

    My eight-year-old said was just walking by and he said: Um, that’s just weird.

  16. J says:


  17. nikki says:

    I swear to go that looks EXACTLY like my old English teacher, he was awkward all on his own!

  18. Do you think they positioned themselves just right so that the electric socket could still be seen? This is now one of my all-time favs.

  19. wk says:

    Usually I agree that these pictures are awkward, but this one’s actually kind of cute!

  20. Tim says:

    New exhibition for the 2012 Olympics: Competitive Interpretive Line Dancing.

  21. Barbie says:

    super tall daddy legs + little daughter + awkward pose = awkward picture

    and yes, nice form on the girl.. must be in dance of some sort

    new wranglers.. LOL

  22. eric bizzle says:

    looks like a full on Texas style game of ” Trust “…..yeeeehaaaawww !!!!

  23. Donszi says:

    How do you work off the gas pains after a spicy chili dinner?

  24. Cloud says:

    Someone to, leeeeaaaan on. LEAN ON ME!!!

  25. Mark says:

    I think they’re just trying to break in a fresh pair of Wranglers.

  26. Susan says:

    Cute! But stil awkward.

  27. Thighmaster says:

    This appears to be some sort of interperative line dance.

  28. Melba says:

    Some one forgot to plug them in.

  29. lucy says:

    I love this picture!

  30. Denise says:

    I like how she really committed to keeping her right leg absolutely straight. Nice form!

  31. LizzieB says:

    Awww…I thought it was cute.

  32. Winry says:

    I see a compound bow!!

  33. Amy says:

    her skimmers rock

  34. Foghatdw says:

    “Yipee-ki-yay, daughter holder!”

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