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June 24th, 2009

Awkward Band Photo - Co-Workers & Teams

Feeling inspired by the movie Anvil, we decided to post this photo of another form of a family… the band. Although Area 57 and their music are no longer with us, their awkwardness will rock on forever.

(submitted by James)

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  1. chacha says:

    Anybody else notice how little dude is a “ringer” for Danny Bonaduce…..

  2. Chachi says:

    One of these things is not like the other. I guess it’s because he just returned from Iraq and hasn’t had time to grow facial hair yet.

  3. Graham says:

    Dude, I used to work with the guy in the Skull jacket. Hilarious guy.

  4. iggy says:

    Before Ronny Jame Dio was in Rainbow, Black Sabbath or a solo artist the band he rarely talks about was…. area 57. After the photo shoot, Ronny felt the rest of the band was looking down on him. Soon he left and became a huge star while the rest went on to obscurity.

  5. Rose says:

    The guy in the skull jacket works in my building – Harrisburg, PA

  6. Cody says:

    Oh wow. What absolutely awesome band photos. It saddens me so much that I don’t have them on my ipod right now.

  7. ryan says:

    “dont worry guys these photos are gonna be in black and white so you’ll look totally bad ass…and is there any way we can get some more thumb-in pockets…yep there it is”

  8. graphicartist2k5 says:

    this looks like such a mismatched rock band. you’ve got the doobie brother with the 70’s hair and mustache, the hair band guy with the skull jacket and big hair, the muscular german looking guy that looks like he’s a member of right said fred, the guy with the round sunglasses that looks like he’s from an 80’s band and the short guy that looks like he should be a member of ac/dc. too bad we won’t ever know what kind of music they do. could be a combination of the doobie brothers meets white snake meets ac/dc meets electronica.

  9. cynthia says:

    ahh uncle franks peg leg

  10. JerseyPam says:

    Although Area 57 and their music are no longer with us, their awkwardness will rock on forever

    Good Lord, AFP, what happened to them? Please don’t say plane crash.

  11. Damon says:

    The other guys are still exploring themselves and trying to find their own awesomeness. The skull jacket guy, however, already has it down. He has already perfected hesher fashion, so why bother changing the outfit?

  12. Hucksgirl13 says:

    Here’s what I’m thinkin… Members Only decided – for a very short time – to create a line of “Rock ‘N Roll” themed jackets in the 80’s. They went to different rock bands to ask them if they would wear their jackets in their group photos and the only guy who said yes was Skull Jacket guy. Making him the first and ONLY Member of the Members Only Rock Jacket line…

  13. Lydia says:

    Not sure what to do with your hands? I hear it’s very rock and roll to hang your thumbs in your pockets.

  14. Neko-chan says:

    I feel like this band’s name should be ” Limozeen” or something like that.

  15. Marney says:

    No, see Skull jacket is wearing a snakeskin vest in pic 1 & removed it for pic 2. Does layering constitute wardrobe change?

  16. Marbacca says:

    While there are so many awkward things about skull jacket, chick hair with bangs guy…did anyone notice the knee length jean shorts in picture number 2? This guy is nothing short of awesome.

  17. yesman says:

    I thought they were called Big Boi and the Bouncers

  18. TJ says:

    No–Vinnie’s saying, “Change? Are you kidding? I MADE an effort. The jacket, my hair, the gloves… this IS the band. Actually, I think Vinnie was pissed no one else tried, and he ordered everyone else to go home and change. Obviously, the Doobee Brother couldn’t care less.

  19. Sue Radmyer says:

    “When the guys decided to forgo their allegiance to the Kiss Army and follow the early influences of Backstreet boys, T.J. knew there wasn’t any place for him and his snazzy jacket”

  20. TH says:

    Please tell me these pics were taken in the 80s

  21. Dmummey says:

    there is not enough time in the day to say what all is awkward about the skull jacket guy.

  22. Sassy McSasserton says:

    Starring Chewbacca!

  23. Mike says:

    So thaaaat’s what Cousin It did for his second career!

  24. Stevie B. says:

    When someone asks “Which one of these guys is most likely to kill someone and dismember the body?”, what could the answer POSSIBLY be? I mean, it’s an absolute toss-up, isn’t it?

  25. just wondering says:

    I think it IS a different (but similar) skull jacket….notice the lack of skulls near the zipper on the first picture!!!! REVELATION….It’s a REVERSIBLE skull jacket….and you thought he wasn’t prepared for the wardrobe change!!

  26. Oh man….do I have some awkward band photos for you…

  27. Blucat says:

    Notice the corner of the bottom photo appears to be damaged. Maybe they tried to burn the evidence of skull jackets, chick hair and KISS t-shirts?

  28. eric says:

    guess they’re quite popular in Middle Earth?

  29. N. says:

    Skull jacket guy has the most awesome chick hair!!!!!

  30. Kimberly says:

    Maybe you should consider changing the name of your band to “They Might Be Giants”.

  31. Kimberly says:

    That skull jacket rocks!!!

  32. MB says:

    Skull jacket guy: “No one told me about the wardrobe change!” “Why am I always the last one to know anything?”

  33. milly says:

    Looks like they’re finally letting migits join hard punk…

  34. David says:

    ~ Not being told about the second sitting at the shoot for the new album liner was the straw of proverb for Vini. While the album was a critical success and seemed to cinch the bands spot in the vanguard of 21st century rock the following tour couldn’t shake the odor of discontent and disillusionment that Vini was exuding and the fans have voted with their feet. Vini’s resurfacing Grape Nehi problem was certainly no help…

  35. Kenzz says:

    ok. most of these are not awkard.
    they are all just from a really long tme ago and a long time ago they weren’t awkard.
    lay off these people’s backs.

    and i really don’t understand whats awkard with this picture.

  36. T-Money says:

    Photographer: OK guys, great stuff. Now let’s do a wardrobe change and be back in 15…

    Vini: Wardrobe change? Aww, come on guys… nobody said nothin’ about a wardrobe change! You guys suck.

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