Two Ninjas and a Baby

June 30th, 2009

Two Ninjas and a Baby - Family Portrait

Statistics show that children who grow up in a two ninja household are three times less likely to invite a friend over for dinner.

(submitted by Ariston)

146 Responses to “Two Ninjas and a Baby”

  1. KtURMAN says:

    Go9 Naruto!!!!! i LOVE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. IlseFemke says:

    Narutooo headband:D<3333

  3. Raye says:

    XD This is gonna happen to my kids, only not with Naruto, and two women, not two men. Instead of Ninja daddies, they’ll have Sailor Moms!

  4. Sarah says:

    Ten bucks says this was taken at an anime convention XD it had to be.
    Lol this is so cute though! ^-^

  5. bruceleereincarnate says:

    There are actually FOUR ninjas and a baby. The two women pictured are more ninja than men, thus we do not see them 😉

    A woman is always going to be more ninja than a man ninja!

  6. Cailiejan says:

    The two ninjas were pretty bummed they couldn’t find a costume for their baby grasshopper (you can see it in their eyes!) so they got the next best thing for fighting..overalls!

  7. Panda says:

    Is it sad that I can tell what village their from just by looking at their forehead protectors? Naruto fans…. ASSEMBLE!

  8. Spree says:

    I don’t have a problem with two men raising a baby, but I do have a problem with two men who are still in the Teenage Kawaii Otaku Cosplay mindframe raising a baby

  9. Ray says:

    The kid looks like a young mini-me

  10. Oiroke no jutsu says:

    So these are Naruto’s parents …

  11. Elizabeth says:

    when you are wanted by the FBI this is the only way to take a family photo.

  12. stl says:

    I think it’s a sweet picture the overly protective parents took of their baby and his bodyguards.

  13. Mari says:

    When he gets older they will have to read him the book, “I Have Two Ninja Daddies”.

  14. Raye says:

    I like that the baby is wearing overalls… so very fitting for this portrait.

  15. drzoidbong says:

    see ninjas can reproduce

  16. DaDewd says:

    Yeah, I used to watch the show, and I know for sure, that they would be trying to kill eachother. The taller one has a line across his headband, which means he’s Akatsuki. Those are the evil guys. Also, he’s supposed to be wearing this weird cloakish thinky. Anyway, I just though I’d bring my nerdish information to the awkward table -o.o-

  17. Liam says:

    No crossbows??

  18. BroadwayBohemia says:

    Gosh. I’m 15 and I don’t know as much about Naruto as anyone else on here seems to!

  19. Tim says:

    “Bring us the rat and the turtles and the child goes free…”

  20. Angela says:

    C’mon! You can’t really believe that 2 (not just 1! 2!!) self-respecting gay men would be caught in that outfit?

  21. graphicartist2k5 says:

    if this is a ninja family, then why are we even seeing them in this picture?

  22. Maddy says:

    Wow. I love Naruto so much, but now I’m a little frightened.

  23. me says:

    Screams Dragoncon in Atlanta

  24. demJustJokes says:


  25. Lame says:

    Lame – they’re Naruto ninjas. Extra lame.

  26. gordonschumway says:

    This photo makes me happy, Samantha, you’re a lucky woman….

  27. lovedoctormike says:

    Apparently, Grasshopper missed the safe sex lesson……

  28. Hannelina says:

    Great caption!

  29. Leonard Nimoy says:

    This is actually part of the advertising for my latest film, 3 Ninjas and a Baby.

    What, you can’t see the third ninja?

  30. natalie says:

    Why are the ninjas in burqas? Oh, I get it, they’re in the midst of a kidnap operation.

  31. GasMoney says:

    “you will get your baby back as soon as you give us the diamonds!”

  32. Lydel says:

    Oh my god, straight from Naruto anime.

    • fini says:

      You know, not really. Though they are wearing the naruto forehead protectors, they are dressed in pretty stereotypical black, whereas naruto ninja tend to favor bright colors.

      • Notyou says:

        Wow. Debating naruto ninja wardrobe details.


      • quoththeraven929 says:

        An odd fashion choice for ninjas…

        • kakuzu says:

          odder yet that a member of akatsuki would adopt a baby with someone from the hidden leaf

          • satsukidelux says:

            Haha! So true!

          • Konan says:

            It could work…maybe…kind of…only in fanficton…

          • Chanteal says:

            Well you know in that show, every ninja has a problem, it’s b/c they’re orpahns. And a lot of times the bad guys adopt them as side kicks. I have never seen a ninja in Naruto dress that way lol. And I thought that the slash through the head band just meant they were a rogue? So it’s a rogue ninja from the village hidden in the mist and someone from the village hidden in the leaves, hanging out with a rogue. Either way this picture makes no sense.

  33. Samantha says:

    Don’t show this to my husband. I can just see him now, calling costume shops to locate 2 ninja outfits for our next family photo!

  34. MST says:

    More deadly than throwing the Ninja Star is throwing the Ninja Baby.

  35. TQ says:

    It’s Naruto bling, not Harry Potter, and gay ninja have every right to raise a child that a straight ninja couple has.

  36. silva says:

    Is this a gay ninja couple?

  37. jordan says:

    how did someone manage to photograph ninjas? especially two of them.

  38. BravoOrig says:

    Looking at the light reflected on the shiny pieces of their headband, along with the background, pretty much confirms this was taken outside. The reflected light is of a blue tint like that from the horizon.

  39. Chuck says:

    First, 2X Ninjas.
    Next, 2X Chuck Norris.
    Or… is that Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris behind the masks!?

    • Caithris says:

      First, 2X Ninjas.
      Next, 2X Chuck Norris.
      Or… is that Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris behind the masks!?

      I feel like I’m in Barren’s chat! lol
      Chuck Noris FTW!!

  40. Patric says:

    The Ninja Bling has a Harry Potter feel, the only difference is its kinda metallic

  41. Norj says:

    the ninjas are both men

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