Two Ninjas and a Baby

June 30th, 2009

Two Ninjas and a Baby - Family Portrait

Statistics show that children who grow up in a two ninja household are three times less likely to invite a friend over for dinner.

(submitted by Ariston)

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  1. Gourd says:

    Oh sure, I see what’s happening here – the parents are going to a costume party and they decide to take a picture with their baby before going to the p…HOLY CR*P, ARE THOSE REAL NINJAS!?

  2. drt says:

    Minutes after photo, ninja master performs circumcision on boy using samurai.

  3. I LOVE it in ALL its geeky glory!

  4. NotADisneyPrincess says:

    Maybe it’s some weird hostage situation. Taking the picture to show ‘we have your baby’ and then they fall in love and decide to start a family. Awwwwww.

  5. IAmNoOne says:

    The sequel to Beverly Hills Ninja just couldn’t compete with the original.

  6. MCR says:

    Awkward Family Photography 101: “Dress your family in matching colors to create visual consistency.”

  7. unknown says:

    this is right before they threw the baby out of the ninja village.

  8. ox says:

    Where Teenage Mutant Ninjas come from

  9. Hazel says:

    80s sitcom–“My Two Ninjas”…

  10. eric bizzle says:

    hummmm…..all I see is a floating baby…….there are Ninja’s in this photo…??!?

  11. deschanel says:


  12. neverfirst says:

    Heather has two ninjas.

  13. Mark says:

    What’s on their foreheads? Ninja bling? Bling-ja?

  14. Rocquel says:

    naruto dadz.

  15. JJoker says:

    Is it bad that I recognize the headbands are from Naruto and that was the first thing I noticed after the baby?

    Also… who says one of these ninjas isn’t a girl??

    I’ve seen plenty of girls that should be masked as such. 😉

  16. Sunny says:

    Can it be? Has a fully Ninja couple finally given birth to a non-Ninja?! The poor child has a long road ahead.

  17. Penny says:

    Ok, hmm. At first I had myself a little giggle b/c when I looked into their eyes it really looked like they were very sincere in thinking this would be a like totally awesome picture of their family. And the baby not being ninja-fied…awkward.

    Then someone pointed out that they appear to be standing on a sidewalk outside somewhere and that puts a completely different spin on things. That made me take a closer look at the eyebrows of the one on the right…that would also be a man. So, parents see ninjas on street, doing what they do…and think ‘perfect photo op!’ End of story.

  18. Midge says:

    Maybe they stole that baby =/

  19. Carlos says:

    Where are the two ninjas? All I see is a floating baby.

  20. irritablevowel says:

    Sorry to bust up the party but this photo is awkward in a way different way than you think: they are actually costumes from the Naruto anime. NERD ALERT! XD

    • Doc says:

      Someone who recognizes the origin of the costumes is calling those wearing them on Nerddom? IRONY ALERT!

  21. StrictTime says:

    These must be adults who are into anime, since those headbands are from the cartoon, “Naruto”. My 10-year-old used to like that series, but he grew up.

  22. Lulu says:

    I have nothing to say..but WOW……wow….

  23. Jay says:

    The lack of Ninja outfit on the baby would be forgivable if he weren’t dressed in farmer overalls.

    Or maybe this is a ransom photo?

  24. Gareth Mizon says:

    real Ninja’s eat babies

  25. Steve says:

    If they were really good ninjas, we wouldn’t be able to see them, the baby should apppear to be floating in the air. Amateur Ninjas, bah!

  26. Casey says:

    The ninja on the right is a Leaf ninja, so the baby should be ok.

  27. Don says:

    I see something in the baby’s eyes that tells me he has these two ninjas right where he wants him…look at his right leg.Maybe a roundhouse kick to the head?

  28. lily says:

    It’s cosplay at a convention.. 😛

    Those are ‘naruto’ ninjas.

    So yeah, those are some cool parents..

  29. Tata says:

    Wow! Naruto! \o/

  30. Bil says:

    Those aren’t just any ninja, those are Naruto ninjas! Believe it!

  31. NekoMari says:

    lol. Naruto Cosplayers.

  32. Yacko says:

    I believe those ninjas may be hiding a compound bow behind them.

  33. ashleyG says:

    Which one is the mother?

  34. Dan says:

    What I find funny about this picture is that the two of them are dressed as traditional ninjas, but they’re wearing Naruto headbands. None of the myriad ninjas in Naruto ever actually dress like ninjas.

    • Mark says:

      I couldn’t conceive of what might possibly funny about a picture of a couple of ninjas posing with baby in Oshkosh until you pointed this out. Hilarious!

  35. Cammie says:

    One has to wonder why they didn’t bother to dress the baby as a ninja too. What’s up with that? No skills yet?

    • laurie says:

      If the baby had skills yet, I’d imagine he’d have ninja’d his way on out of this photo opportunity.

  36. Brent says:

    My two dads have an alternative lifestyle…but they can kick your a**

  37. Matthew says:

    The really amusing thing is that they appear to be out in public on a sidewalk. So perhaps Falcone is correct in that they saw these two ninjas and wanted their baby to take a picture with them.

  38. Anna says:

    Why is the baby so… uncovered?

  39. Juno and Pancakes says:

    A Haiku for the eyes…

  40. Margaret says:

    My two (Ninja) Dads.

  41. scott says:

    Two and a Half Men- Kabul

  42. Falconae says:

    How much you wanna bet the parent(s) saw the two ninjas and said “Here! hold our kid!”
    Not necessarily a brightest of maneuvers…

  43. maczter says:

    All parents should do this.

    If the kid ends up being a screw-up when he’s older, pull out the photo and threaten to send it to his school’s yearbook committee if he doesn’t straighten up.

    If he ends up being one of those kids who’s always questioning why he’s so different from his parents, just pull out the photo and explain to him that he was actually born to two ninjas, but, given their dangerous occupation, they gave him up for adoption so that he would have a safe and normal life. He gets a self-confidence boost knowing that he comes not from you and your oddball spouse, but from the pairing of two ninjas, yet doesn’t feel bad about being adopted knowing that he could have ended up homeless and living on the street had his ninja birthparents kept him, then later died in battle. Win/win.

  44. The Betwixt says:

    That’s not awkward, that’s just COOL!! (Albeit, would be slightly cooler if the baby was a ninja too.)

  45. MacBastard says:

    Now we need a picture of two pirates and a baby….

  46. lorac says:

    Just freakin’ creepy.

  47. diane says:

    great caption….

  48. Rachel says:

    This is ridiculous!! In a priceless sort of way……
    That poor kid.

  49. Cheryce says:


  50. Sommer C. says:


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