4th of July: The Kids Are Alright

July 4th, 2009

4th of July: The Kids Are Alright - Siblings

And apparently enjoying a glass of red wine.

(submitted by Carrie)

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  1. 911 once more, can be by now 9 many years I will nevertheless remember everthing, quite Say day, Wish every little thing can easily grow to be previous tense with me.

  2. colt says:

    Yes, I guess many Americans with their irrational obsessions with age and alcohol could think a wine glass is “awkward.” *rolls eyes*

  3. Jason says:

    It’s an interesting photo composition. And I don’t see when the kid with a drink in the background is awkward. It could be anything.

  4. Kelly says:

    By the age of eleven, my wine palette hadn’t quite developed to red. I was still somewhere in my sauvignon blanc phase.

    Très chic

  5. Janell says:

    All the checked shirts look alike! LOL

  6. Captmatt says:

    The one kid is VERY patriotic to have a flag stuck in his head.

  7. Rachel says:

    We know who’s going to be the “cool” uncle in a few years…

  8. inoges says:

    and as for red wine, they are my brothers, well mostly, well at least half, actually I know the names of most of them.

  9. Christian says:

    ahahaha the kid in the back with the wine glass is one of my best friends from high school / college. his sister submitted this. hilarious.

  10. rebelle says:

    children of the corn?

  11. joe says:

    i actually like this pic. looks like a poster for a movie or a book cover

  12. renee says:

    The 4 kids in back are leaning on the railing of a very narrow porch

  13. emm says:

    what i find most awkward is that the whole lot of them looks like they are perched on a second story window ledge!

  14. Tim says:

    Ah, there’s nothing like a little “Jesus Juice” to celebrate your patriotism!

  15. VBuff says:

    Check your spoons… I think the kid with the evil eyebrow thing going on just bent them all using the power of his mind….

  16. bombshell says:

    I actually LOVE this picture exactly as it is. As for the kid with the glass and the eyebrow kid, keep an eye on them. We’ll probably all work for them one day. 😀

  17. Missy says:

    I soooo want to buy this as postcards to send. Link me to CafePress please!

    It’s the best photo EVER! Is it in Britain?

    Absolutely priceless!

  18. Marge says:

    3 by 5 American flag $ 4.00
    Flag pole and mounting brackets $6.00
    Nicer shirts for the occasion $10.00 each
    realising you don’t have that perfect American family you always envisioned yourself having…priceless

  19. Rubysarms says:

    I’m coming to get you Barbara….

  20. magillicuddy says:

    I actually snorted at work looking at this one… and did you know you can buy beer at McDonald’s here in France? Even if you’re 12 !

  21. mebinger says:

    The kid in the front scares me a little.

  22. photoshopped? please... says:

    Photoshopped? Whatever. Why on earth would anyone photoshop this? And the “evidence” folks are listing is weak, at best. This photo is real. But not very awkward, if you ask me.

    But I have to point out that in some states it is perfectly legal for minors to consume alcohol with their parents. I had good friends years ago who always served their kids a small amount of wine with the Sunday meal. And I myself was known to share a beer with my grandfather from time to time. It’s not always illicit.

  23. Bel x says:

    What a bunch of deviants… :O

    • Shepard Pie says:

      Yeah, I’d have totally hung out with these guys when I was that age. Can’t even choose a favorite! Funny kids.

  24. Denny says:

    Wonder when and where this was taken….the second kid from the front looks exactly like my cousin although about 10 years ago.

  25. Domesticated says:

    seriously guys- not every picture is photoshopped, talk about a buzz kill. It’s not all a conspiracy!

  26. BroadwayBohemia says:

    My cousins. Dear jeezus, it’s my cousins.

  27. Kristin says:

    Honestly, I’m more concerned about the kid with a flag growing out of his head than the kid drinking alcohol.

  28. bigdog says:

    maybe because…..this was photoshopped.

    the kid in the green polo gives it away, look at the arms next to him. the light also is wayyy different on each of them. oh well.

  29. karn mulva says:

    cheers boys, cheers…

  30. Danielle says:

    this has to be photoshopped… the guy with the wine is blurry, the edges of everyone else are too crisp, and everyone’s poses are too unnatural, even to be “awkward”.

  31. Family Man says:

    The kid in front is a bookie. He’s got their bets on the holiday games on that slip of paper and was just about to slip off when the photographer came around the corner.

  32. And today on Maury – One of you is revealed to NOT be the father….

  33. Steph says:

    Am I the only one who’s noticed that green polo shirt boy appears to have been speared in the head with the flagpole and to have a shortened third arm growing out of his left sleeve?

  34. Bobby says:

    red headed kid…not related.

  35. KatieMB says:

    Hey that was MY grape koolaid, kid!

  36. Winnie says:

    Oh, so you have a red headed stepchild.

  37. Lori The Lori says:

    That just shows what kind of family I came from. My first thought wasn’t that the kid was drinking something alcoholic, it was that everyone in the family was passive-aggresively avoiding doing the dishes and this is the only thing left from which to drink a Coke. If you’ve ever eaten a snack with a relish fork or sipped Kool-Aid from a champagne flute, you know what I’m talking about.

  38. J says:

    Maybe he just wanted to look cool, let’s hope because he sure as he!! doesn’t look drinking age!

  39. Rachel says:

    well dressed smiling kids (obviously not aunt Marneys house) nice neghborhood, well tended lawns, and an American flag, NO creey clowns, naked people, grandma heads or crossbows…why is this awkward ?

  40. Lady Callahan says:

    There’s Prince Harry second from the top!

  41. Denise says:

    Awkward Rule #363: Leaning up against, peeking around, or pretending to support any wall, cliff or stationary structure. Oh yes, and underage drinking.

  42. Mike says:

    The whole national day celebrations went tiXX-up when the they decided to invite the french nephew!

  43. lovedoctormike says:

    Let’s start clockwise from l-r: the jock, the brain, the alcoholic, the law-breaker, the player, and the stoner. Are they the new Brat-Pack?

  44. yzh says:

    Good Lord! Tell us that just juice or not what it says it looks like!! Lol

  45. grimey says:

    where are they now? (foreground to background)

    1. Owns computer company, 7th richest man in the world
    2. Construction worker, happily married with 10 kids
    3. Congressman, acquitted on 8 charges of bribery and extortion
    4. Lead singer, rock band
    5. Guitarist, same band
    6. Agent, same band

  46. PosterBoy says:

    This is another one of those pictures (like the one with the kid directly behind the mom) where I didn’t immediately spot the awkward element of the picture. These type of pictures pay dividends in laughs when compared to the obviously weird pictures. Love the subtle element that makes what would be a pretty normal picture into . . . well . . . this kind of picture.

  47. TREEMAN says:

    …can someone help me, PLEASE??!! – which “Kids Are Alright” ??! i don´t get it… …they all look not very alright/happy.
    the main point is, that you can see “the … american flag”. typical. always the same…
    with a shake of the head “no no no…”


    …and awkward wine-o looks like he might fall off the balcony. party foul!

    Other than wine-o and the underdressed evil eyebrow, this picture is pretty cute.

  49. NuttyMom says:

    Umm, Sibling photo??

  50. NuttyMom says:

    Those kids are so bad@$$.

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