Beautiful Mind

July 17th, 2009

Beautiful Mind - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Ever wondered what the kid with the clarinet is really thinking?

(submitted by Scott)

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  1. Jay Acker says:

    What would have made this photo actually work is if he was in regular clothes for the main photo and in his geeky glory for the mind photo, having them both in uniform just confuses me.

  2. Captmatt says:

    This is up there with the portrait in a sherry wine glass.

  3. girlgeek says:

    Awkward-yes, but extremely awesome at the same time.

  4. Heather says:

    This is a masterpiece.

  5. Jolynn says:

    Sorry, guys. But I think this was photoshopped.

  6. Foxinsocks says:

    The focus, the determination, epaulets and gold braiding? Doug was going places, and he knew it!


    That’s not a clarinet; that’s a compound bow.

    I’m sorry. It had to be said.

  7. MariekaNeigh says:

    I am truly jealous! I would give anything to have a photo of me wearing my marching band uniform posing with my clarinet like that. It would have been smokin’ with my pink glasses, perm, and pink rubber bands around my braces. I’m almost tempted to recreate something like this – although all I have remaining is my clarinet…

  8. binkymae says:

    Wouldn’t it have been really awkward if they had switched pictures and had him standing up in uniform with that serious face inserted into his temple.

  9. c says:

    this is awesome

  10. joyce says:

    Thanks, TheBedlam, for the Napoleon Dynamite reference. So this must be from Idaho, because not only has he gone to Rex Kwon Do’s school, but he’s also had an awesome photo by Deb!

  11. bornieo says:

    It’s like Maniac Cop but with a flute…

  12. Baron says:

    Introspect at its best

  13. Ellalee says:

    This is an excellent photo!!! Mike, if this is you, that is the best!

  14. Blucat says:

    This is so classic. Let me guess: Olan Mills?

  15. Keke says:

    Coolest band kid picture ever.

  16. jennie says:

    wishing he was in fleetwood macs “tusk” playing the jazz clarinet

  17. milla says:

    Business in the front, party in the back!

  18. Lauren says:

    My four year old just asked “Do you know that kiddo’s name?” lol

  19. JerseyPam says:

    Good thing he didn’t play the tuba or bass drum.

  20. Sam says:

    I played clarinet in Jr. High until I saw myself in the mirror one day.

  21. Mateo says:

    I think he’s just thinking about how much he kicks a**

  22. mummy needs champagne says:

    Cue the the Hal Leonard arrangement of the Television Theme Medley: A-Team, M*A*S*H, and something else in the middle that I forget. Maybe Pink Panther?

  23. CatMilker-n-Motown says:

    i didn’t think it was possible to make a band photo more awkward. and then ya went and ya did it. thanks Sears.

  24. Tim says:

    “Ok now be really serious and stare off into the distance, we’re going to superimpose that picture of you smiling with your clarinet that we took earlier into the middle of your head… it sounds weird but it will look great.”

  25. graphicartist2k5 says:

    he is always on his mind…..

  26. Long Gone John says:

    The caption should say “Ever wondered what the kid on the piccolo is really thinking?” Because everyone knows the clarinet’s a total chick magnet. Yes.

  27. JC says:

    The Few, the Proud, the High School Band Reed Section.

  28. Tim says:

    All he could hear was the voice in his head telling him, “do it…do it…do it…”

  29. ArachNerd says:

    Let’s tear the roof of this gymnasium!!!
    1 – 2- 3…

  30. Mary says:

    Lovely. He has the marching band pose and the concert band pose. This year it’s all about the band.

  31. SusieQ says:

    Ick. That’s all I can say about this.

  32. Joanne says:

    There’s this little person inside my head that says “I can do it! I can be the best clarinet player this school has ever seen”

  33. Evan says:

    This is what you refer to as recursive awesomeness

  34. Samael says:

    well thanks
    i didn’t have to sleep tonight

  35. renee says:

    All band photos are awkward! I can’t think of much in high school that is less awkward than band. This one is adorably so though!

  36. Tocsnai says:

    Solemn on the outside, bustin’ with pride within!

  37. Some chick says:

    All this needs to be more unsettling is a “Good Kid Award” pinned to his shirt. (See link.)

  38. MamaMc says:

    this is sooo oooogey! Why oh why did the parents approve this arrangement?? I mean you know they sit down with the photographer afterwards and try out different layouts, what about this one made them say…Oh my goodness, yes, I want to hang THAT pose on my wall.

  39. Ryan says:

    Serious on the outside; fun on the inside

  40. madkathy says:

    Shouldn’t there be two of them? One wearing wings and a halo, the other with horns and a pitchfork?

  41. Gravy-Locks says:

    …my, GOD!

  42. Bea says:

    Someday, when I grow up – I’m going to wear this unfiorm and march in the BAND! Yeah Baby!

  43. Kimi says:


  44. The Bedlam says:

    After one week with me at band camp, you’ll be prepared to march with the STRENGTH of a grizzly, the reflexes of a PUMA, and the wisdom of a man.

  45. Little Buddy says:

    One time, at band camp…..

  46. Jenn says:

    This one time, at band camp…

    • Stu says:


      What happens at band camp…. STAYS at band camp! Do not tell them THAT tail!!! 😉

      • Jazz Man says:

        I used to be offended by that idiotic cliche on behalf of all flute players, especially the one that is my fiance. Now, I just understand how stupid it sounds. It’s old and overstated. Worn out. Redundant. Dead. Annoying at best. Picture was funny, comment was overboard.

  47. Jenany says:

    that’s what I call CRUEL photography! poor kid ~

  48. BB says:

    The angel on Duncan’s left shoulder is telling him to lead a straight path through adolescence and to continue marching with the band.
    This pic is cute, he’s so happy!

  49. meeshcake says:

    ahhhhhhh memories of my own band-geek-dom. Bravo clarinet player, bravo.

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