Tunnel of Love

July 18th, 2009

Tunnel of Love - Dad

Who says fathers and sons have trouble showing affection?

(submitted by Alexandra)

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  1. Moeppse says:

    the picture says awesome… The guys know what’s fun and aren’t afraid to show it. 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    I hoped they played something nice on the jukebox at least!!

  3. emm says:

    i see this and i hear, “theres got to be a morning after”….

  4. molly says:

    oh my goddddd!
    that’s the bubble room in Captiva, Florida.
    aka my favourite place in the world.

  5. eeyore19 says:

    There’s no earthly way of knowing
    Which direction we are going
    There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
    Or which way the river’s flowing

  6. CarrieM says:

    None of these things go together: bakery, Tunnel of Love, jukebox, shelf of knick-knacks, and two men in a boat called S.S. Bubble. I love the contrast of all the forced cheeriness and the grim smile on the old guy’s face.

  7. Jim says:

    To those of you calling this photo, and the place it was taken tacky… All i can say is you have never been there. This is the most unique place EVER. Yo have to go at least once!! Great experience, great food, and it is set in paradise.

  8. modcenturygal says:

    I don’t think Bruce Springsteen has this visual in mind when he wrote the song “Tunnel of Love”.

  9. galilea says:

    I love the Bubble Room!

  10. Taura says:

    I am rather proud to say that I have rather awkward photos from the Bubble Room in Captiva Island, Florida as well! So do many of my family members since at least one person in my family goes there every year. Bubble Scouts are amazing and the Christmas room is the best, although I’m upset I’ve never gotten to eat in the room with the fish tanks. This is one restaurant worth visiting at least once in your life!

  11. GavEli says:


  12. frizzle says:

    I think my head is exploding from so many tacking things in one picture….. ss bubble, the black concrete wall, bugs bunny statues, badly replicated jukebox… need I go on?

  13. menlondayz says:

    Bizarre prop for a restaurant. What nutcase would dream this up for his restaurant?

    • Susan says:

      I agree… it looks like the MOST kitschy place in the world and the Tunnel of Love looks vaguely gynecological in it’s colour scheme….eeek

  14. Kurtacus says:

    Whoever is censoring comments is a bit awkward, himself. I made a totally benign comment that wasn’t published, and it’s not the first time. Can that person please outline his/her rationale for blocking commentary?

  15. patkerash says:

    hope they get a pre nup

  16. NAW says:

    I recognized that boat right away..I too have lots of pictures of family in it and in the gorilla cage!

  17. dani says:

    the place is called ‘the bubble room’. it’s a kitschy restaurant on Captiva Island in florida. they also have a circus gorilla cage outside, with bent bars, where you cn take pics. i’ve embarrassed my kids plenty of times taking yearly photos in the cage.

  18. grimey says:

    That’s weird…the sign said “sports hall of fame” on the other side

  19. . . .and the beautiful couple couldn’t be happier!

  20. triotriotrio says:

    Is this Casa Bonita?

  21. emm says:

    i can imagine that mom is taking the picture, saying “come on stanley, just put your arm around tommy and smile!” made even worse if a crowd has gathered…

  22. cynthia says:

    The old man is thinking “I wish this boat would sink already”

  23. Shelley says:

    What bet did they loose???

  24. MB says:

    Aw! Looks like father and son. “Who loves you, babe?”

  25. Sara says:

    Oh my God. I had my picture taken in the very same ‘boat’ in the Bubble Room in Florida, when I was an awkward preteen. I think I burned it though.

  26. ian says:


  27. Bernardo says:

    That’s one awkward convenience store…

  28. Kathy says:

    Happy times on the SS Bubble.

  29. MST says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

  30. Cincoflex says:

    Looks to me like Ernie and his Grandpa are pushing the world’s largest supersize shake out the door. And what’s up with the bookcase? Do you win a prize for going through the tunnel?

  31. Terry says:

    “Come with me…to the sea…”

  32. I like how the tunnel of love is in front of a bakery.

  33. jitterbug says:

    Where are they? a toy museum? very odd.

  34. Dave says:

    “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started from this tropic port
    Aboard this tiny ship.”

    They looked like they just saw the dark underbelly of love inside the the tunnel!

  35. rebelle says:

    Wow, May Dec bromance is awesome!!

  36. Susie says:

    Feel the love and passion!!! Woo!

  37. laughing_hard says:

    I like how the tunnel of love is outside a bakery

  38. Family Man says:

    Mark was beginning to feel that getting Dad back into the dating scene was a lost cause.

  39. Brett Mary says:

    Nothing says ” I love you” like a ride on the S.S Bubble.

  40. IAmNoOne says:

    Wow the pilot episode for the Love Boat was so different from the actual show.

  41. Ninja_Girl says:

    This is a really cute picture. It looks like a house filled with someone’s private collection of amusement park stuff. And I like guys who have a sense of humor.

  42. Kim says:

    Awww NOT awkward.. Looks like a man treating grandpa to a ride.. (and he isn’t using his fancy knee shelf either!)

  43. bluenosedwowser says:

    Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with this…:)

  44. Matthew says:

    That looks like a gift shop… fail.

  45. Travis says:

    Is this a truckstop?

  46. Wicki says:

    Awwww, they’re a sweet little couple. Restores my faith in romance.

  47. laurie says:

    Where…where are they? It’s like a photo spot in some sort of diner…?

    • Eric says:

      That picture has GOT to be from the Bubble Room (restaurant) in Winter Park, Florida. The decor was ‘Christmas from the ’40’s and 50’s I believe, and you can see some Christmas lights in the upper right corner. I’m pretty sure I recall that ‘Tunnel of Love’ display, too. Sadly, the restaurant closed some years back, but was a great place with an interesting and nostalgic decor…. and HUGE servings!

      • Katie says:

        It’s probably from the Bubble Room on Captiva Island. Still open and awesome!!!

        • Other brother with another mother says:

          You both are saying the tunnel isn’t real?I thought they might have taken the ride as a joke but if it’s a display that’s scary.

          • Dave says:

            Yes! This is the Captiva Island Bubble Room… it is the original, and you can find pictures of it on the internet

  48. Chrysti says:

    OMG – awesome.

    This guy on the right is like, “This guy married my little girl?”

  49. jennie says:

    even the stuffed rabbit on the left is pointing and laughing.

  50. Foxinsocks says:

    Nothin’ says romance like a runaway grandpa and a tunnel of love that spits you out into a knick-knack shop.

    Ah, l’amour!

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