Burn Baby Burn 2

July 24th, 2009

Burn Baby Burn 2 - Vacation

Well, at least he was wearing a seatbelt.

(submitted by Sismouse)

84 Responses to “Burn Baby Burn 2”

  1. TerryLee says:

    OMG!! That’s worse than a farmer’s tan!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Gosh, I was kind of hoping for a disco inferno when the page opened…

  3. Diedrick says:

    or maybe he was awearin’ his safety patrolin’ belt

  4. Kimberly says:

    Roy was constantly raving about the UFO’s hovering over his double-wide. Now he had the radiation burns to prove it.

  5. Ry says:

    remember, click it or ticket!

  6. Lisa says:

    wow that guy can apply sunscreen in the shape of a seat belt! such talent…

  7. ViJayUK says:

    Sadly, this was the most formally attired man at the Nascar race

  8. Hero Hog says:

    He could be British as other countries DO drive on the “wrong” side of the road, no?

  9. binkymae says:

    Oh man, if Dad would have let me drive the boat some I would only be dealing with a white diamond shape on my chest.

  10. Georgie says:

    And he was in the passenger side of the vehicle!!!!

  11. dddoofus says:

    I feel it my duty to point this fact out to all those suggesting that “he may be a paper boy”.
    newspapers are delivered by paper boys in the very early morning hours. before the sun has risen, therefore making it impossible to get sunburned while employed at this task.
    To imply otherwise displays a wanton disregard in utilizing every day logic before pressing the post button. bringing not just shame to dullards like yourself but also incurring the scorn of all those who have ever delivered or even purchased and read a newspaper. This disapproval is surely shared and likely magnified in the hearts of all those who read and enjoy awkwardfamilyphotos.com

    • Miss HLT says:

      There are towns that have both a morning and afternoon route. My grandma’s paper came every day at 3pm. She got her local paper in the morning and the big city paper in the afternoon.

      So your statement is inaccurate. Instead of disapproving of people, why not expand your mind and consider the fact that different places have different ways of doing things?

    • pcbuff says:


      Not always- I run a bundle route to racks, post offices, carriers, and gas stations in the wee hours, but our carriers have until 5 p.m. on the weekdays and until 8 a.m. on Saturday to get the papers on the porches.

      Or, were you trying to be funny? Missed it…

    • John D says:

      Maybe the route takes him a little longer to complete these days 🙂

  12. MacBean says:

    Jeff Foxworthy dreams about this kind of stuff.

  13. catherine says:

    Holy crap, that’s gonna sting in the morning…

  14. Baron's Life says:

    Ouch that’s gonna hurt

  15. grimey says:

    Well, that’s what he gets for cross-guarding with no shirt!

  16. DonKeyHoTay says:

    Chagrined, David realizes he took the farmer’s tan thing just a little TOO far….

  17. MMB says:

    He must have been passed out in the passenger seat based on the pattern of the burn.

  18. Amice says:

    If he was indeed riding that midlife crisis-mobile, topless, the direction of the seatbelt white suggests he was the passenger. Not cool, Ray; not cool.

  19. MST says:

    Too bad a safety belt doesn’t restrain you from driving topless.

  20. CRU says:

    Wonder if the shades come off, we would see Ricky Racoon??

  21. CRU says:

    Sometimes a photo needs no caption to be funny

  22. Elle_Woods says:

    I wonder if he’s single?

  23. Nancy says:

    He looks like a diver’s flag

  24. seano says:

    not a beauty pageant sash.

    This looks like the strap of his *compound bow*, strung over his back

  25. LilyBear says:

    and he looks so proud…………….

  26. BJMallory says:

    This is what happens when you go shirtless with your compound bow slung jauntialy across your midsection.

  27. Tocsnai says:

    The hat’s kept his head nicely fair. Good thinkin’.

    The background here is so evocative of that ‘burban life that produced his burn and the belly it’s adorning. The interlocking chain link fences across two yards, the in-ground pool with the hose that maybe filled it for the summer…. This is utopia somewhere in Nebraska.

  28. D says:

    I thought it was his beauty pagent sash.

  29. karn mulva says:

    “Stick a fork in me…I’m done.”

  30. gamergf says:

    Is he the shirtless crossing guard?

  31. DB says:

    He won’t be smiling tomorrow….or next week when it all peels off!

  32. Kurtacus says:

    I didn’t know you could outgrow a tan.

  33. neverfirst says:

    Thinking a manpurse is all the protection you need, instead of sunscreen lotion.

  34. Don says:

    That bears a remarkable resemblance to a map of I-65 through downtown Indianapolis…ok, ok. Sorry. (Your better than that Don)

  35. Heather says:

    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty…….

  36. Edson says:

    Or, maybe, a miss America belt.

  37. Maya B says:

    I’m guessing he drove a mid-life crisis convertable.

  38. foggenstein says:

    maybe he’s a paper boy

  39. Insanewiches says:

    Right, no crash, but all burn!

  40. tillman says:

    Too sexy for his shirt.

  41. Travis says:

    Gotta love the Colt .45 hat!!!

  42. Maria says:

    Safety first! 😀

  43. Andrew says:

    Either that or he’s a paper boy.

  44. Kelly says:

    That’s what you get driving topless and top down through Death Valley.

  45. Jennifer says:

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today

  46. rdwhynot says:

    Perhaps he was working as a school crossing guard sans shirt.

  47. Penny D. says:

    Aw, son, that’s a pain I know all too well. I also have pictures to prove it. I’m… I’m also shirtless in mine.

    It was a hell of a honeymoon.

  48. TREEMAN says:

    …ohh, my gosh…

  49. Tim says:

    Steve shows the additional benefits of having a paper route.

  50. laurie says:

    Him, the axe man, and handprints guy should all form a support group. SPF Optional.

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