August 7th, 2009

Supersized - Family Portrait

The whole family gathered around the man who started it all.

(submitted by JB)

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  1. April says:

    it’s almost as if the whole family is separated and had individual group pictures taken, then attempted (poorly) to blend them all together.

  2. Rockwell says:

    This looks like two photos, put together you can see a leg that doesn’t belong to anyone on the middle far right hand side.

  3. meri says:

    I like how everyone had to take off their shoes – no kicking with shoes on!

  4. patkerash says:

    ARGHHHH ! This is not a contest site for “is it or is it not PHOTOSHOPPED” Can’t you just enjoy the picture in it’s awkward beauty. Or is that all you can see in all these pictures. Sad

  5. Eeekamouse says:

    The family appears to form the shape of a mushroom cloud.

  6. Enrique & Angelina Contreras says:

    This is a wondeful picture how family can kep tide and happy after the years and many more to come

  7. Tocsnai says:

    Unseen, and thankfully unsmelled: The colossal pile of shoes off camera.

    That’s a lot of bare feet.

  8. Denise says:

    I think it’s great that, despite time and distance, they were all coordinated enough to wear red, white, and blue. Except the rebel family in the front in the khakis. You can’t tell me those kids don’t own a pair of jeans. You know they will hear from Marney about this.

  9. CRU says:

    Sometimes I think you should just fall asleep.

  10. springjack says:

    Up next on TruTV: Bob And Kate Plus The Entire Population Of Maroa, Illinois.

  11. Jana says:

    The uterus is NOT a clown car

  12. John says:

    Has anyone commented that a lot of people in this photo look ‘shopped?

    Just checking.

  13. KatieMB says:

    It’s cool to get a pic of the whole family and it’s close to being chaotic but for a large family, it’s a decent pic. Not sure why they squished the little kid in the middle though, hope he wasn’t stuck there as punishment! 😉

  14. Addy says:

    Dang! Doesn’t anybody read the previous comments before putting their own in? Of course it’s photoshopped! It’s rad anyways! AND the people with feet showing are barefoot!

    • KatieMB says:

      It’s not always (or even usually) an issue of people not reading other comments. Due to the comment moderation, often times there are no comments at all til the site folks come back to post those comments they choose to post. So redundant comments are usually due to the delay in the posting of moderated comments.

  15. Boo says:

    I think that he is an immortal. He’s older, yet looks younger than his children. There can be only one….

  16. killer kate says:

    The peeps in the back look like paper dolls.

  17. Wendy says:

    why does this site continue to accept obvious photoshopping?

  18. GuardMama says:

    Photoshop or not. I don’t care. I love it. I WISH we could get the whole fam dam in ONE photo, at one time. Must. work. on. it.

  19. Levis says:

    It was the Amy Misto Family that didn’t read the “white shirt only” e-mail.

  20. matt says:

    clearly Modine, you know nothing about photography… the focus of the portrait should be the parents… not the 14yo in the middle of the shot… though i will give props to the photographer for getting (almost) everyone to smile and look his way… the little kid on the left looks like he’s been crying his eyes out, but at least he’s looking the right direction!

  21. me says:

    does anyone else find it weird that nobody looks alike?

  22. BroadwayBohemia says:

    Is it just me, or does it look like the people in the back row were photoshopped in?

  23. hcw says:

    I come from a large extended family and find this quite normal. Yes, we even have the Weasley red hair running through several branches of the family. This would have been my family if we had money for a photographer.

    • Blucat says:

      nice HP ref! my fiancee’s family has red hair too. his cousin has 2 carrot-topped sons. true redheads seem to be a dying breed

  24. Queen B says:

    I’d say at least everyone wearing white was originally in one photo…….

  25. Maya B says:

    That’s like my new brother-in-law’s family at my sister’s wedding. We come from a relatively small family and then THEY showed up…AAAHHH!!!!!

  26. Happy says:

    Wow, 30 people. That’s huge!

  27. Lucinda says:

    It looks like the original photo only included the middle group who are all in white shirts.

  28. Olson says:

    Okay….the little girl on her knees on the right side……has a random leg/foot growing out of her back. The placement of the leg doesn’t match ANYONE behind her!

    • Melody says:

      I was starting to worry that I was the only one who noticed that.

      • Peanut says:

        The random leg is from the guy sitting behind her in the striped shirt. His leg does look weird but he’s sitting so it’s part of his leg.

        • emm says:

          i think youre right. but hes not kneeling, nor sitting on the floor; i think he is sitting on some type of chair, or cube or something. his heights too close to the others to be kneeling or sitting on the floor.

    • Julie says:

      It belongs to the guy in the blur & white striped shirt, he’s kneeling on one knee, with the other foot flat on the floor in front of him

      • Brandon says:

        I’m not buying the guy kneeling story. Mathematically, if that were his leg, it would make him about seven feet tall… from the floor to his waist. Not to mention, the angle is completely wrong unless his leg juts out of his hip at a right angle in a frog-like way. I think it is a trace element of Photoshop.

  29. J-la says:

    I think everybody NOT in white were photoshopped in! Pretty funny for the kid in the middle! AWKWARD!! I am from a large family and trust me…. the group photos are ALWAYS awkward!

  30. Maxx says:

    Man. Photoshop usually makes the photos better. Masking makes for awkwardness!

  31. Millie says:

    The captions are absolutely the best part of this entire site. This one is great!!

  32. StrictTime says:

    Some of those people in the back are totally photoshopped into the picture. Look at the lighting…

  33. Aoife says:


  34. matt says:

    Benjamin Button!

  35. boo boo says:

    photoshopped awkwardness

  36. MLC says:

    Is it just me, or is there a very photoshopped quality to some of the people in the back row??

  37. Lefty says:

    Looks like a good candidate for Photoshop Disasters, too. Light source is everywhere. Yow!

  38. Meghan says:

    Can anyone else smell the group photoshopping on this one?

  39. TR says:

    Have to give kudos to the photog for catching that many people with decent expressions (eyes open, looking in right direction, etc.)…. that being said…it’s chaos. I think what bothers me most (besides the random lighting pattern) is the trio in the center. Center dude looks squashed and the guy to the right is a little too happy to be straddling up that close. Looks like a big happy awkward family.

  40. Alesita says:

    photoshopped may I say…

  41. Jak says:

    He’s awfully prolific, for a 14 yr. old…

    • Crotch Cricket says:

      Good Eye ! Bad arrangment .

    • Sheila A says:

      I think the photog just forgot the photoshop the “man who started it all”. I mean there is room for him there. Unless the 14 yr old is actually a time traveler who when back in time in order to produce offspring older than himself….

    • Doc says:

      I was thinking the same, but only because of the caption. Actually, I was looking for the kid in the middle to be holding an urn.

  42. marie says:

    some of those people in the back look photoshopped in…

  43. Sam says:

    Not awkward in my opinion.

  44. HappyCamper says:

    ugh, SOOOOOO photoshopped. the shadows aren’t even consistent. Also, look at the lack of physical contact beyond all the people in white. This is sad. Come on guys, you can do better than this!

  45. WVBOBW says:

    As the eldest of twelve children, I don’t find this picture awkward at all. Kudos to the man!

    • hcw says:

      Yup! I was on the other end of the birth order and had the hand-me-down clothes to prove it. Sort of like the Awkardian Era photo.

  46. Modine says:

    This isn’t awkward, it’s amazing. There is not one person looking the wrong way, or shutting their eyes, or making a geeky face. I think this is an awesome picture.

  47. emm says:

    i think they (dare i say it) photoshopped uncle brad and uncle ted in there in the back…

  48. angierose says:

    I feel really sorry for the kid in the very middle!

    I can’t imagine what it took to get everyone together for this picture, it wouldbe imposible in my family.

  49. YouKnow says:

    And with a few of them airbrushed in.

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