Boyz II Men

August 24th, 2009

Boyz II Men - Family Portrait

Don’t judge them just because they’re judging you.

(submitted by John)

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  1. Wombatgirl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks blue shirt looks like Harry Connick Jr?

  2. Badass says:

    Straight from Sompton

  3. Awkward Turtle says:

    This is the summer stock cast of The Outsiders in Aurora, Illinois, circa 1997.

  4. BeccaGiggles says:

    Am I the only one that thinks they’re all cute? 🙂

  5. mel says:


  6. Nancy says:

    I would guess that this is three sibling groups, and they are all cousins. Gram and Gramps still have this hanging in the den.

  7. Andy says:

    LOL I look at this picture and think what a gigantic grocery bill the Mom must have!

  8. Suki says:

    They could all be male models or rocket scientists. It’s close.

  9. suze says:

    ah! truly an example of awkwardness.

  10. Jeff M says:

    From the mean streets of Boise, Idaho…..

  11. Jyyyyyyyl says:

    Maybe I just like my men tough, but I find that there are quite a few attractive guys in this shot…Whew, they could stare me down anytime.

  12. DonKeyHoTay says:

    “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – The Early Years.”

  13. funnanc says:

    The McLovin’ Family

  14. Patty says:

    I’m quite sure I dated one of these fellows in a more awkward phase of my life. I’ll let you guess how it turned out..

  15. Marissa says:

    the last guy with the nice arm shelf is giving me bedroom eyes!!!

  16. Angie says:

    I like how the guy on the far left looks like he’s doing a back shelf on the guy in orange.

  17. Luke says:

    World of Warcraft guild picture day.

  18. Elle says:

    This picture was a total blast from my middle school years in the early 90’s, when ALL of the boys rocked that floppy hair and loose shirts and thought that dressing like BoysIIMen was the the ultimate cool without any irony at all.

  19. Insanewiches says:

    They can’t all be from one family.

  20. Pinky says:

    Your company’s IT department – kickin’ it old school.

  21. dsto says:

    They just won’t quit with the TV series spin-offs will they? It’s the new cast of “CSI:High School”

  22. SweetPetunia says:

    OK, I want to know….which one is John, the guy who submitted it? 🙂

  23. Michelle says:

    awww…I guess one of my comments was too graphic….how do I say it again? Yes I’m looking at you boy in orange!

  24. Laura says:

    Love how rebellious is “orange” dude!

  25. MB says:

    These guys have to be from France. No other culture is so pouty in photographs.

    • marie says:

      Ouch!!! Why???
      I could get you tons of pictures of me smiling, and laughing, welle, sometimes!
      I wouldn’t refer it as a french attitude, but rather as a teenager attitude, kinda like “everything sucks anyway”. You known the rebel behaviour you’re supposed to fake at this age!

  26. KatieMB says:

    First I love the pic – it’s awkwardly composed – more than half of them are squished together in the left side of the pic while one takes over mid to right side. But…. the boys are so cool that they overcome the awkwardness and dammit, you just can’t deny their coolness.

    • john says:

      you’re right. if you sort of mentally divide the picture in half, their are 5 guys on the left side and 2 on the right.

  27. john in co says:

    I think tiniest Tiny McJudgerson is my fav. He doesn’t like something he says. Or maybe he’s in ‘street’ mood.

  28. Maya B. says:

    Whatever makes them feel cool, but I think smiles are much more attractive.

  29. Retrodini says:

    Looks like a casting call for the role of Harry Potter!

  30. Rosa says:

    It’s the new CW teen drama.

  31. Jolae says:

    Twins must run in the family!

  32. mrsmarvel says:

    I love the rebel in orange.

  33. Trina says:

    Hello, I’m Dieter. Welcome to Sprockets!

  34. Shawna says:

    dude in the orange looks like he is trying to escape!

  35. Shannon says:

    It’s the new “Brat Pack”.

  36. Giggity says:

    apples anyone?

  37. Cee says:

    As a mom, I sure wouldn’t be impressed with a photo like this. The boys’ expressions make them look like a bunch of thugs. The photographer should have seen that and waved a cabbage patch doll at them or something to make them laugh or smile.

  38. Steph says:

    The brother in the green t-shirt is self-conscious because his adam’s apple has not yet protruded. Hence, the ponderous chin caress/ armshelf.

  39. GW says:

    Why so serious, little men?

  40. Jak says:

    Wow, blue shirt guy with his pointy elbows gets a third of the frame to himself. Guess that much fabulous takes a lot of space…

  41. Chidiya says:

    The guy in blue keeps staring me down…

  42. NanaFem says:

    And Charles in a pique of cheerfulness decided to wear blue.

  43. Go Ninja Go says:

    The guy doing “the thinker” with the invisible armshelf is killing me….easy now, it’s just a picture…we’re not saving the world here.

  44. Etraking says:

    I find the little one quite cute… the uncool influence from the brothers is already quite evident!

  45. Tim says:

    OK, out of all of them, l’il’ man in the front’s got it goin’ ON!!

    Who’s with me on this one!?

    • Annie says:

      Me!! Haha, so far, he’s my favorite. I’m just waiting to go meet them, go into their house, and see this hanging up on the front wall. That would be funny!

  46. Deb says:

    Even the little one is rocking the Blue Steel…

  47. Michelle says:

    HAHAHAHAH I could look at this picture all day, and I just might!

  48. Holland says:

    The genes in this family are really strong.

  49. jules says:

    The littlest guy has the biggest attitude!

    • Chestna says:

      Very. Two of these guys reduced me to a pile of ashes with a single glare when I asked them a simple computer troubleshooting question. Once I confessed their mighty awesomeness, they provided the “obvious solution” to my computer problem and sent me merrily on my way, all the while reminding me of my vast inferiority to their technical prowess.

    • Annie says:

      I was about to say that! Haha! Wow. They are SO COOL! Maybe after they finish taking badass photos, they can teach me how to play pokemon!

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