Feel The Magic

August 31st, 2009

Feel The Magic - Mom

Finally, something the whole family can agree on.

(submitted by Nancy B)

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  1. tyler says:

    is that the boys family

  2. 80sgirl says:

    That pink Mickey shirt. My best friend who lived down the street from me went to DW and brought me a tank top-same design/color! Yup, back in the late ’80s, age 5.

  3. SeanT says:

    Some days you’re Tinkerbell, some days your the windshield

  4. Barry Makuch says:

    The Walt Disney World park has always been my family’s popular place to go during summer. My children love to go there every year to be on the rides and the water park. This spot is a must go for a family trip at least once in your lifetime. The tickets is often a bit expensive, but it’s well worth the charge!

  5. Gogit says:

    Let me guess, Dad was the one who took the picture and it was HIS idea for the family vacation to be in Disneyland and no one else wanted to go, right?

  6. Laura says:

    I agree with Kayla…. also, some one must have said to them, “smile like Kristen Stewart!”

  7. Kayla says:

    The girl on the left looks like Kristen Stewart

  8. paula litwin says:

    they look almost exactly how I feel when I’ve been to Disney for the 5th year in a row!
    I want to punch,push, shove, and pound the crap out of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing like disney bliss!!!!
    I want a whole new body and 3 weeks vacation by the time I get home!!!
    Nothing like beating yourself up every stinking day to enjoy th pleasures of long, long lines for rides and being stuck in the presence of rotten and stinky people!!!

  9. xandria says:

    Ah, must have been taken on the 5th day of a 7 day trip. Soooooo tired, feet hurt, ready to go home!!

  10. Mary says:

    We had a good time all day. Now we are tired and want to go back to the hotel.

  11. grannypanties says:

    hey, it was really hot that day

  12. Matt says:

    The Sopranos go on vacation….

  13. iLOLd says:

    Guess which three are in handcuffs!!!

  14. Carolyn says:

    If anyone has been to Disney with your family and spent the day in lines, short rides, and walking for miles, this photo is exactly how you feel. This is the real Disney, not what you see on the commercials.

  15. Ed says:

    If you’ve ever gone to Disney World and waited 90 minute to ride a 90 second ride, you’d look like that, too. I have pictures where we have that exact same disgusted look. Wouldn’t go there again for FREE.

  16. Alekx says:

    That family is bada**.
    I love them.

  17. Jewels says:

    Someone’s stayed too long at the zoo……..or the park in this case….

  18. Anonymous says:

    This photo is so damn REAL

  19. Angie says:

    They have been standing in thousands of lines over and over and the one on the far right still hasn’t gotten to do what she’s wanted to do all day, which is ride the tea cups! Pout Pout Pout. And wonder what is up with the one who is actually taking the picture? He’s laughing his butt off!!!

  20. s says:

    dammit dad, did u hafta run over Mickey?

  21. Fred says:

    Look at the “Les Miserables” picture on this site— kindred souls there, I tell ya’

  22. TattingChic says:

    Maybe they were just in need of lunch, LOL!

  23. Laughing says:

    Anyone else think the girl on the right looks like “Blossom?”

  24. Brad says:

    “Take the freaking picture already dad so we can go ride the tee cups!”

  25. Topaz says:

    I would absolutely frame and display this one. Priceless!!

  26. cheryl says:

    I swear every family has a picture of everyone with a sourface in front of this damn Cinderella castle! Classic!

  27. Julie S says:


    Can I have a T-Shirt…………..Yup, I can hear “dad” saying it now “dammit”. Who wouldn’t want a nice pool after a few hours in the heat! Yet, as adults, we go back because it brings the little kid out in us!!! lol

  28. Luv2ski says:

    Airfare… $1500
    Park tickets…..$1200
    Family memories…priceless

  29. Cheri says:

    Disneyland is the happiest place on earth because it sucks the happy right out of ya!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… vacation to disney land… a problem? Can I borrow your problems?

  31. Nick says:

    Truly the happiest place on earth.

  32. Andi says:

    They’re all pissed because Dad only bought Gina “the favorite”, souvenirs..

  33. Deb says:

    “Marching Toward Grim Death at the Happiest Place on Earth.”

  34. dawnut says:

    Ok this was probably taken fifteen minutes before leaving the park finally. Anyone who has spent 17 hours in the MAGIC KINGDOM knows the magic wears off after about 2 hours. Or they just had to spend the money for the trip home at the concessions stand on $5 bottled water. You know they had to have only went because it was the little one’s birthday.

  35. Herb Castro says:

    I guess the mouse at the door told them them it was closed…Wheres Clark Griswold when you need him???

  36. Melody says:

    The Un-Happiest Place on Earth.

  37. stephanie says:

    “a good time was had by all on the Three Blind Mice ride”

  38. Xina says:

    Maybe it’s a French family at Euro-Disney. Their Canadian cousins visited and really wanted to see it.

  39. Retta says:

    Are We Having Fun Yetttttt????

  40. Stephanie says:

    This was totally my family too! Hilarious!

  41. lagrange says:

    Did they find Mickey dead or something???

  42. Bryan B says:

    This is truly a brilliant picture on so many levels. 🙂

  43. Angie says:

    The girl in front is probably thinking “Oh look! A penny!”
    On the other hand, the sunglasses are there to protect the identities of the incredibly bored.

  44. Lainey says:

    I said we’re not going to the tea cups until we take this G-darn picture! Now stand together and say…ah forget it!

  45. Joanne says:

    “How ware you vacation at Disney?”
    “It sucked”

  46. caddblue says:

    Look Gang! There’s Wallyworld and No we’re not going in!

  47. Fred says:

    So much for the happiest place in the world.

  48. Lindsay says:

    It does look staged, not maybe for this website, but they are all trying to look upset for some reason.

    • bced says:

      Nah…I think they are just getting frustrated cause dad can’t figure out the camera

    • Nancy B says:

      this was totally not staged (it’s my pic) It was about 90 degrees, my parents wouldn’t let us leave their side, we were tired of the “kiddy rides” we kept having to stand in line for my youngest sister’s sake, and all we wanted to do was go back to the hotel to swim in the pool when my Dad decided it was time for a family photo – “just stand there and act like you actually like each other, dammit!!”

      • Julie S says:

        I replied below……………………………..

      • greenjelly says:

        Sounds like a familiar scenario. Its much funnier now you told us what was going on!

      • Tom says:

        If I were Dad, it would be your last trip anywhere on my dime…..

        • Waterhead says:

          Thank goodness you’re not Dad cuz you’re just rude. And you’re fulll of it too. Just because you’re theoretical family had a bad moment you’d pull the plug on future vacations? Issues!!!!!!

        • Dee says:

          No, I totally understand your point, Tom. My parents drove my brother (who was 8 at the time) and me (17 then) all the way to Disney World from Arlington, VA. My brother saw the hotel pool and decided he didn’t want to go to Epcot, Disney, or Sea World. He wanted to go swimming in the hotel pool. My dad CAME TOTALLY UNHINGED – he’d invested THOUSANDS in a FAMILY VACATION when all he had to do was pay eighty-nine cents so my brother could swim in our local municipal pool? OH H*LL NO. We were going to do the Magic Kingdom, and we were going to LIKE it. For Waterhead’s sake I’ll stop there, but the rest of my dad’s lecture was quite, uh, “colorful”. And suffice it to say that we ALL had the MOST WONDERFUL vacation of our LIVES. My brother and I have even managed to discuss it without hyperventilating or having to go back on our anti-anxiety medications. 🙂

      • Marie says:

        I feel your pain, Nancy B. When we went to Disneyland in California, I was 16 and my little sis was 10. I had to ride with her through “It’s A Small World” exactly TEN TIMES. I thought I’d never get that horrible song out of my head.

  49. Prada says:

    There needs to be a new category: `Families Looking Glum At Amusement Parks’.

  50. emm says:

    the little girl in the front looks like she just earned her black-belt, and she’s about to show the rest of them how…

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