Flight of the Bumblebee

September 14th, 2009

Flight of the Bumblebee - Family Portrait

“Apparently this is what happens when a rogue bee chases your younger sister into frame.”

(submitted by Aric)

129 Responses to “Flight of the Bumblebee”

  1. El Kev says:

    The mom is gorgeous.

  2. Spooky says:

    I can’t believe that no one has mentioned yet how the boy in this picture looks like he could be Miley Cyrus’s twin brother. Anyone?

  3. Crying says:

    Laughing so hard I’m crying. I can not stop laughing. Showed it to my husband and in all seriousness he asked ” What is she doing, eating a hotdog?” That makes me laugh even harder. He just doesn’t get it.

  4. KC says:

    That is the perfect Christmas card photo! Blackmail sis for years!

  5. LindsayLu says:

    This is such an awkward mother/son pose! Ug!

  6. Peter says:

    This is kinda like that squirrel photo… but not.

  7. aimee says:

    It’s clear she’s been photoshopped in.

  8. Rebecca says:

    i would like to think that the photographer had the shot on the boy and his mom but then shifted the camera to get the girl in the backround

  9. magillicuddy says:

    I swear I’m starting to think people are faking these shots… I just laugh too much checking this site out…

    • Aric says:

      Seriously…I took it..its real. As stated above: Yes he sat on her lap to be cute…and yes…bees chased her into frame…and yes…she is a hot mom! 😉

  10. Maya B says:

    Who says his sister is a complete spazz?!

  11. amanda says:

    dont make fun…she is obviously having a seizure

  12. E says:

    I think the Sears Portrait studio is testing out new backdrops. I’m not sure that one will make the cut.

  13. jennifer says:

    all these posts and no one has realized that this is obviously photoshopped? Amazing!

  14. Gerlord says:

    uh hello photoshop….not even a great photoshop job…sheesh.

    • Sstephens says:

      You sir fail, lol. This was 100% accidental and not shopped in the least.

    • Aric says:

      I took it and….hello….no photoshop. really happened. Yes he sat on her lap to be cute…and yes…bees chased her into frame…and yes…she is a hot mom! 😀

      • Jules says:

        “bees chased her into frame” … but how odd that the frame so perfectly includes her. Unless there was more background to the left in the original shot, which got cropped.
        Poor girl LOL!

        • Aric says:

          Hey I was composing the shot to have a little extra back ground to the right…shes a tiny girl and easily fits into the remainder of the frame

  15. grimey says:

    So she said “no way” and I said like “oh yeah” and she said like “get outta here” and I said…

  16. lagrange says:

    I think she is vomiting

  17. nite owl says:

    Sister also looks like she’s doing that dance made famous by the Peanuts gang.

  18. cowgirl says:

    Girl in the back is trying out for the new “Thriller” video….

  19. Grae says:

    I’m thinking it looks more like Mom is sitting down even though her son is too big to sit on her lap, and the adopted sister is off her meds.

  20. Jesse says:

    Who says that you have to be in a band to have back up dancers?

    Now, they’re not in very high demand, hence the horrible dancing moves.

  21. jessica says:

    i like the zombie theory…i personally think she’s gettin’ down…

  22. Charmy says:

    OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!

  23. Bonita Applebum says:

    LO FRIGGIN L!!!!!! Oh, I feel for the sister in the background. Her face and posture is priceless!

  24. Angie says:

    Looks like she’s practicing “Thriller”

  25. Paul says:

    I think she’s just popped a HUGE zit.

  26. Daisy says:

    I hate reading the comments on here. I vow never to again.

  27. Julie says:

    Looks to me like she’s dancing “The Elaine”

  28. Lisa says:

    She looks like your everyday average BlueTooth user. (Crazy.)

  29. Whosthat says:

    The girl in the back looks like she’s doing the latest dance move.

  30. Deb says:

    Either fleeing a bee attack, or rockin’ out to Foghat. (See the imaginary microphone? Dead giveaway.)

  31. jh says:

    I think she is tapping into her inner diva and is serenading the ‘lovebirds’

  32. Tim says:


  33. karen27 says:

    kinda looks like she is singing into her imaginary mic and dancing to the song in her head.

  34. Jenn N says:

    Is he sitting on her lap?
    thats just a really weird pose for a kid and his mom, especially considering the age of the boy!

  35. mel says:

    I actually thought she was busting a move back there.

  36. Missing Vince says:

    Listen, wouldn’t you be jealous if your mom was holding up your legless brother for the thirty-second “warm and fuzzy” news story? That kid gets all the attention and sister has the right to be a bit pissed.

  37. seano says:

    I think this is Jodie Foster in the sequel to “Nell”

  38. Chris says:

    I like his hair. Sort of like Emperor Nero. Or did his mother INSIST he take the baseball cap off?

  39. KatieMB says:

    Photobomber WIN!

  40. NKP says:

    This is definitely a mom & son. The chick in the background looks like she’s doing kareoke.

  41. patkerash says:

    LM*O looks like a classice dance move from the 60’s “do the Bee” you go girl..

  42. Nigel says:

    She (girl in back) has just got to one of the many wonderful key changes of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and ran out into the street in rapture. Those two got off light, the Granny who was standing by her door when she got to ” turn around bright eyes…” had to get a new hip!

  43. MQ says:

    You can almost see that imaginary knife

  44. hrmmm says:

    Are we sure this isn’t a mom and her son who’s a lot taller than she is? He looks 12, and she looks much older.. and the girl in the background looks like she accidentally busted into the shot because of the bee and is of no relation to the two in the picture….

  45. Shelley says:

    What is she even doing? Talking on the cell? Anyone know?

  46. Mick says:

    I’m glad they started shooting the new Dawn of the Dead movie….

  47. akprincess72 says:

    Too awesome!!!

  48. Angel says:

    Is that his mom?

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