September 24th, 2009

Gatorland - Kids

The children just love the petting zoo there.

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  1. Matt Jeezee says:

    I love this blog, but why are most of the replies so obvious? I mean why would anyone go through the trouble of adding their opinion if it’s the exact sentiment of the picture?

  2. Aliz says:

    “Hello, Child Protective Services…”

  3. Mary says:

    Dad’s pink shorts are pretty terrifying too! Hahaha!

  4. Tim says:

    Am I the only one who sees there is a snake choking the mom? You can see her face turning red from the lack of oxygen, and that’s a grimace, not a smile!

  5. Liss says:

    Look at Mom’s hands. Shes got a death grip on her girls. That look on her face is “OK Girls, 1st sign of movement and we are OUTTA HERE!”

  6. Naw, kid. I’m not dangerous. My mouth is just taped shut because I talk too much.

  7. Christine says:

    Why does the snake looked stretched?

  8. lagrange says:

    I’m sure the psychologist sent his kids through college “working” through the kids trauma, geez!

  9. Nancy Bates says:

    Even Mom looks VERY worried!

  10. Scott says:

    I’m diggin dad’s pink shorts!

  11. Anne Veal says:

    A month before I was born.

  12. Steffy says:

    Is anyone seeing the snake wrapped around the man and woman! lol

  13. Etraking says:

    This was certainly Dad’s idea. The mother is forcing a smile, the eldest child is clearly just putting on a brave face but the smallest one cannot hide the fact that she is absolutely petrified…I’m just trying to figure out where the snake’s head is.

  14. Mimi says:

    I feel so bad for those little girls…

  15. Murph says:

    The look of terror is priceless.

  16. princessluceval says:

    Gator is looking hungrily at the baby. All the picture needs is gator’s tongue making the smacking sound. The kids look positively terrified.

  17. gfp says:

    The kids are in their 20s now. Would love to know their “memory” of this.

  18. Jeanne J says:

    I like the way the gator is looking at the baby like ummmm dinner :)))

  19. rwblake says:

    What makes this funny, is that no one EXCEPT the Father is happy in this photo. The mom with the fake smile. The look of fright on the youngest child. And the older girl’s look of get me out of here fast.
    Why would you put your kids through that?


  20. roulette_dares says:

    It’s nice to know that the only thing keeping your toddler from being lunch is a piece of electrical tape.

    • Sidekick says:

      Never mind the tape on the mouth….look at those claws on that gator. Could easily shred a baby face. Some people have no common sense!

  21. Kari O says:

    I love the stare off between the alligator and the baby….I bet the alligator lost that contest!

  22. Kathy R. says:

    That little girls face says it all. I can’t stop from laughing every time I see the horror in her eyes

  23. Melly says:

    The littlest girl’s face says it all.

  24. dawn says:

    the look on that little girl’s face while she’s nose to nose with a gator peering at her is distubring and hilarious all at once. Yes, I know, not PETA approved gator treatment. But still…

  25. Phoebe says:

    That gator looks like it’s about to make a snack out of the little girl. Om nom nom!

  26. Tim says:

    A guy, his gal, their girls, a gator and a garter snake?


  27. MattBinSC says:

    Ha! The only one who is not COMPLETELY TERRIFIED is the dad. Too funny!

  28. Ray says:

    Dad: “One more beer should do it”
    Mom: “I’ve got my plastered on smile, but YOU are SO not getting any…”
    Baby: “If that tape comes off, It’s going to EAT ME!!”
    Sister: Sister just finished a 22 minute crying hissy fit, no comment was recorded.

  29. Susan in Texas says:

    The kids seem to be the only people aware of the gravity of the situation!

  30. Romeo says:

    Oh, poor kids, the wanted to hold the mini gator for the pic.

  31. Steffy says:

    The look on that poor baby’s face says it all!

  32. The following is true.

    About 40 years ago, my wife and I left our small child in the care of a hippie baby-sitter. Now I think, What were we thinking!

    One day said babysitter proudly showed us a pet alligator she and her husband were keeping in their bathtub.

    My child is now over 40 years old and she still speaks to me.

  33. megfitz says:

    I’m thinking Dad planned the family vacation that year…..

  34. jensco says:

    Gotta love the look on the baby’s face….

  35. Surreall says:

    Mom doesn’t look too thrilled either-such a forced smile!

  36. alice says:

    Love the pink man shorts.

  37. seano says:

    Um… It might be because I’m Australian… But where is the awkwardness??? Who hasn’t got a picture of their kids with a croc?

    I guess the baby looks a little perturbed… but I don’t think it is very awkward.

    Maybe they caught the croc using a compound bow.

    • patkerash says:

      You are right seano..this must be Australian….guys in pink shorts, strangling their wives and traumatizing their kids..hey, let’s toss another shrimp on the barbe…and by the way that little girl is gorgeous

      • Monkey says:

        Yes I am Australian too, and OF COURSE we all have photos of our kids with crocs – ooops just fended off another one now! That’s of course when they’re not feeding their pet kangaroos and koalas while we throw another prawn (not shrimp) on the barbie. And while we’re at it NO self-respecting Australian drinks Fosters! Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin have a LOT to answer for.

  38. Elyse says:

    The look on the baby’s face is priceless!

  39. Mary K. says:

    The baby should be glad that there is tape on the gator’s mouth!

  40. DonP says:

    20 years ago…. do you think those kids are still in therapy? Judging from the looks on both of their faces, they didn’t sleep the entire rest of that vacation.

  41. Larry says:

    Those kids are scarred for life!

  42. Aaron says:

    What do you want to bet 20 years later, that girl is still trying to fit into that same shirt?

  43. I wouldn’t be suprised if in her later years that little girl sued her parents for emotional distress.

    Are there alligators in the advertisement too? Can we see an ‘after they get bit’ photo too?

  44. snooker says:

    i love the terrified look of the little baby staring straight into the eyes of the alligator.

  45. angelica says:

    haha look at poor kid’s face! she was stunned to see the gator face to face lol

  46. meri says:

    Priceless look on that poor tot’s face! She is the only one with sense enough to be frightened!

  47. Deb says:

    Clueless Dad is the only one that is happy here! Mom’s smile is kinda strained, the oldest is pissed and that poor little one is wide eyed with fright! I’ll bet she still has nightmares!

  48. ann o. nymous says:

    I wonder if the statute of limitations on child endangerment has run out yet. I also wonder if mom’s jaw has unclenched yet. While I’m at it, I also wonder if Dad’s health plan covered the treatment for the kids’ PTSD.

  49. Cassie says:

    They’re looking so worried because they saw what just happened to their baby brother!

  50. Klondike says:

    *Thoughts of the family:*

    Dad: “Oh man, this is sweet, wait till I tell the guys at work”
    Mom: “Damnit, why did I let him talk me into this?”
    Little Sis: “Please don’t eat my sister!”
    Big Sis: “Do you really have to take my picture? I’m having a bad hair day!”
    Gator: “MMMMM if that tape weren’t on my mouth, I’d be havin dinner right about now.”

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