Eye Contact

October 14th, 2009

Eye Contact - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Has anyone seen Aunt Telcia?

(submitted by Nicole)

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  1. Marc's Nymph says:

    *Warning this is a response to the “It’s so obviously photoshopped you fools” crew.*

    I normally just ignore all the photoshop comments and I really don’t understand why it matters if a picture IS photoshopped, but when you are trying to enjoy the comments and every 3rd one is saying “Photoshopped” it gets rather annoying. So in response:
    1) it is entirely possible for a family to have sat on someone who is lying on a soft couch without doing them any damage, 2) the mothers foot is clearly tucked behind her leg. (I sit like that all the time and no one comes up and tells me I’m clearly photoshopped because my foot is missing) and 3) regarding the long torso argument, who says she is not wearing an untucked shirt that would come down to her thighs.
    But even if all of the things I have just said are wrong and it is photoshopped and I have been *gasp* fooled… WHO CARES. This pic is awesomely funny and freaky. Definitely one of my very favourite AFPs. Oh and Daniel, your family is beautiful and they look like they are a lot of fun. Thank you to the people who shared this wonderful AFP.

  2. Laughing says:

    HOLY COW!!!! That scared the bejeezus out of me. I’m looking at this nice family picture thinking what is this caption about and why is this picture on this site, when I spotted the eyes. YIKES! Glad you guys shared this photo. Certainly woke me up.

  3. sarah says:

    hahah a lot of aunt telcia’s family is on here! Can I be her grandma?

  4. Anne says:

    This is hilarious. I love the way the oldest kid is having so much fun being in on the joke.

  5. krodder says:

    lol omg this is awesome… i was wondering what made this awkward… then i AH!

  6. BSE says:

    Hey, the family that murders together… You really have to do a better job of hiding the body.

  7. steph says:

    Holy crap!! That scared me to death. Auntie’s eye will be haunting my dreams tonight! Great photo! One of my favorites so far!

  8. Becky says:

    Looked at this one several times. Just now saw the person under Mom’s butt.

  9. Kat says:

    I screamed when I saw this!!
    Then laughed my head off!
    This should have been a Halloween special!!!

  10. Natalie says:

    HA OHH MAN. OK so i too didnt notice the lady underneith the mom…
    When i noticed, i flew back in my chair and made a really large Gasping noise.. In class of course. i think i scared the person sitting next to me.
    Funny thing is, no one in this picture, except for the little boy in the suit, seems to MIND that they’re sitting on their other family member. Hilarious

  11. Ashley says:

    That scared the crap out of me, haha.

  12. amber hansen says:

    With all this photo shop debating nobody even cared to ask poor Aunt Telecia how she felt with all those people on her. And the fact she had to work all night and they decided instead of letting her sleep, they dragged her into the photo by sitting on her. Turned out to be a good picture though. Crazy scary good.

  13. kaitlin says:

    why do we all fight, its just an awkward picture, who cares if its photoshopped?

  14. Jessica says:

    I don’t get this picture…I don’t get this picture…I don’t get this picture…I don’t get this picture…I don’t get this picture…I don’t get this picture…HOLY S***!!!!

    Bloody brilliant is what this photograph is.

  15. Jayoh says:


    Has anyone seen Aunt Telcia since the photo was taken?

    Tonight, on a very special CSI Oklahoma…

  16. Stellaice says:

    Real or not, the real question is why?

  17. Snowrider says:

    Well, at least SOMEBODY finally found a way to shut Marney up……

    • Morag says:

      Excellent call! (I never even saw what the issue was when the photo went up. It’s only since it went up again and had 500+ comments that I saw Aunt Telcie…).

  18. Michelle says:

    I agree Rod, Who cares if its real or Photocropped…It was Creepy and Funny as heck!!! It took me forever to find it too..and when I did…I was like like HOLY CRAP!! haha…Great Picture…I needed a good laugh!

  19. 45TR1D says:

    this gives me the creeps!!

  20. nite owl says:


  21. dani says:

    It took me 20+ minutes to find anything strange about this photo….

    and then, I still can’t see a woman under that butt! I really thought it was a man!

  22. NICE1 says:


  23. MDP says:

    Just like in Disturbia when he zooms in on that face in the heating vent. Nearly peed my pants then, nearly peed my pants just now.

  24. mixedmedia says:

    Scared the **** out of me, too. No one expects to see eyes under someone’s butt!

  25. Ang says:

    Fake or not… When I spotted that face it scared the poo out of me.

  26. Gregorian says:

    This is a brilliant shot.
    I want to copy this at the next family get together.

  27. Deanna says:

    We do all see that Mom’s foot is missing right? With that angle there is no way her heel is not in the picture. But CREEPY as Hail FTW!

  28. Nicole says:

    I submitted the original photo and it seems like a few people think it’s photoshopped.

    If you follow this link:

    you will see the family climbing onto Aunt Telcia. Hopefully that will put to rest this whole debate and people can just enjoy the picture for what it is, awkward and fun (and for some, a bit creepy)! Glad so many people enjoyed the picture!

  29. James says:

    I do photo work, lots of it. Even without the truthful accounts of those who were present, I see nothing whatsoever to indicate there was any alteration of that image.

    Photoshop itself is vastly overrated, not to mention the reverence and awe of those who ‘see’ sly alterations in everything. Really excellent photo fakery is very difficult, and Photoshop, though sophisticated, is a rather blunt instrument with some major limitations.

    It’s just a great picture of real people having real everyday fun!

    • Spritely says:

      I’ve never seen a Photoshop that wasn’t easily spotted. It’s just not that great. It’s easier to fake up photos in other ways, at least you get better results. (Not that this is fake.)

  30. ERICA says:

    OMGosh!!!!!!!!!! I looked at this pic like 4 times and couldn’t figure out what was so awkward…. thought there was a new rule that everyone in the pic couldn’t look at the camera at the same time even the baby…. then I thought maybe it was because the girl had red hair and looked different… then I scrolled down and saw the comments then scrolled up and saw the EYE….. AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,,, FREAKY…..

  31. Jesse says:

    OMG. Knowing the real story behind the shot makes this twice as hysterical. Aunt Telcia, you are a great sport … and hopefully your family warned you before they all flopped down on the couch (though judging by the desperate look in the eye, I think not)

  32. Kim says:

    Awesome!!! I will be seeing Aunt Telicia’s face in my nightmares that’s for sure. This pic scared the poop out of me! I love it!

  33. colin kilpatrick says:

    Scared the crap out of me when I finally saw what the big deal was! lol

  34. Lalala says:

    What? ts just a lovely little family photo. How could this be AAH! AAH! AAAAAAAAHH!AAHHHHH!AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

    • Kim says:

      I think those were the actual thoughts that went through my head too. I was like “eye contact”? Hmm… yes they are all making eye contact………..*scroll down* AAAAAHHHHHHH! LMAO!!!!!

    • abqmomof3 says:

      LOL! I totally thought the same thing, ‘What a cute family! Now why is this awkward, and who is Aunt Telicia?’ Then, I saw the eye staring at me. AAAAAAAAAHH!

    • Tabatha says:

      Just what I was thinking.

  35. Cracking Up says:

    It took me a while to find the odd spot. Now I love this pic. What a good sport the auntie was. And who would think it would turn out so creepy!

  36. Rob says:

    aw man. this is so disappointing and sad to see so many people ruining the fun and sucking the life out of this site. this is a fun website. why are you here if you’re just looking to disprove every single picture. why would somebody photoshop this??

    its a funny and cute picture! thats it! theres not some big conspiracy with someone trying to pull one over on everyone. why is it so hard to believe that someone was on a couch, and got sat on?? you can literally go recreate this in your living room. i’ll wait while you go do it. ok. you’re back? oh whats that? you’d rather spend 10 times longer trying to photoshop this event? that makes sense.

    i love this site, but i’m sorry to see so much negativity.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for your support, Rob.

    • Joe says:

      Well said! Agree 100% !!

    • Kim says:

      I’m glad someone said it! Thank you, Rob! This pic and all the rest are awesome. Why would anyone go to such lengths to “make” an awkward photo when you can simply take one? And stop trying to ruin the fun for everyone else you darn conspiracy theorists!

      • KG says:

        If it was JUST her eye, I could see the suspicion, but you can totally see her body too under everyone, so how/why would anyone photoshop that? I’m sure it would take a lot of trouble. I’m glad you all posted the other pics to prove everyone WRONG!!!! People are ridiculous.

    • Jeff M says:


    • Spritely says:

      Maybe it makes them feel important? Maybe it gives meaning to their poor pathetic lives? It’s like Munchausen’s Syndrome. It’s a new condition called “Photoshopitis.”

  37. Nattie says:

    When you see it…

  38. Diedra says:

    Why is there someone under that woman!?

  39. Tobias says:

    lol @ the PHOTOSHOP!!!! maniacs. Failure every time.

    • jnmcnally says:

      Conspiracy theorists! Not only do they insist (without actually knowing) that the picture was manipulated, but they reject the recollections of those who were there and who take time to contribute to this site. And over such an insignificant issue – a mere photograph. To me, it’s like the sarcastic line in Ghostbusters when the books are stacked in the library: “yeah, you’re right – there’s no way humans could have stacked books like this!” So keep discussing your conspiracies, folks, but I am not yet persuaded that no human could have posed for a photograph like that. I will even speculate that there can be more than one light source illuminating a shot (sunlight, overhead lights, lamps, flash attachment).

      • Shanna says:

        Yes jnmcnally… Telcia is my sister-in-law, and this picture was taken Easter 08 when she refused to get up off the couch at the time of the family photo. They didn’t even know about this site at the time it was taken… it just recently resurfaced and they thought it would be funny to send to the website. At least most got a good laugh or scare from it! Heck, 412 comments later, it’s a pretty big controversy!

      • Denise says:

        The “light source” argument is always my favorite one. And I always get a kick out of how serious the photoshop conspiracy theorists are. It is their MISSION to set the unwitting masses straight!

  40. Kristen says:

    I think it’s hilarious!

  41. Jonathan and Telcia says:

    I am “aunt Telcia’s” husband and want to affirm our audience that this picture is in fact real. I’m “aunt Telcia” and let me tell you, that is my face indeed being sat upon. I had worked all night (before Easter) and didn’t want to get up for the family to take the photo.

  42. MJ says:

    Who the heck cares if it is photoshopped? That is the Creepiest damn picture I’ve seen… like others… I looked and looked and then totally freaked out when I saw the face. So… good job on the creep factor – even if you did Photoshop it!

  43. villainess says:

    As a professional photographer & graphic designer, I’ll tell you why it is photoshopped:

    The woman’s face is not the same quality & consistency as the rest of the photo.

    If she truly were being sit upon, there would a dark shadow on her face.

    There is too much glare coming off her forehead… and not in the right way. The shape of the light coming off of her face is consistent with a photo in which her entire face is exposed. The pillow would block the flash & thus create a different reflection… if that face were really under there.

    Sorry to spoil the fun, guys… but just in case anyone was wondering.

    Yes, it is possible to take a family photo similar to this & sit on a person, but it would not turn out like this. It’s a cute idea. Someone should try recreating this photo in real life.

    • troy says:

      um, i am the brother of the sister on top and sister on bottom. it is an authentic photo, taken on easter morning. telcia, the bottom sister, was sleeping on the couch, in the way of the family shot, so they just piled on. it’s not that incredible, you know. there are more photos, but this one with telcia’s eye(s) open was probably the most awkward…

    • Daniel says:

      The truth is, it has not been tampered with. It was taken along with many other photos on the same day by the same camera. By saying that you know it has been played with because you are a professional photographer has no bearing because my family was in my house, in this room taking pictures and posting them truthfully. All of your reasoning is incorrect.

      • villainess says:

        That’s fantastic! I would love to see the other photos as well then.

        It is a great photo. Photography & lighting can be pretty tricky and inconsistent, so I could be wrong. These were just my observations. I’m not challenging you or the family. I think the debate could finally be put to rest if those other photos surfaced.

          • Daniel says:

            Thank you, Nicole. That ought to stop all the photoshoppers! I just can’t believe that somebody who wasn’t there would make such a bold statement!

          • Iggy says:

            Not so fast. All of those photos were clearly photoshopped too. In the one of the girl in the light blue dress standing by the sofa looking at her aunt, the lighting reflecting off her dress doesn’t match the, blah, blah, blah…

          • JV says:

            Thank you for posting those. I was in the “scared the crap out of me” crowd until I saw the other pictures. It’s just so unexpected.

            Now I can imagine how this all came about too. Something like:
            “Telcia, move! We’re taking pictures.”
            “No, I’m sleeping.”
            “Ok, fine!”

            – and the rest is internet history.

          • villainess says:

            Thanks Nicole! 🙂

            I stand corrected.

            (really, though… people need not to get so upset over such silly things)

      • Suki says:

        this is totally real, my family did the same thing to me on Christmas. they were just getting into the spirit of christmas.

    • Keith says:

      Villainess, sorry to spoil your spoiling of the fun, but the picture is real. How do I know? Because Aunt Telcia is my wife’s brother’s wife. Photoshop is not in the family’s lingo – much less on their computer.

      I hope a lot of the people that fun with this site are similarly annoyed by all the so called professional opinions…

    • Sydney says:

      Party poooooooooper!! Who cares if it’s real or not? It’s hilarious! 😀 Now why don’t ya stop worrying about this and just laugh a little? 🙂

      • imlovingattention says:

        laugh a little? i screamed!!!! i want my mommy! creeeeppyyyyy…..but i love it none the less one of my absolute favorites now! i agree about the photoshopping.. who cares? if the family says it’s real, then it is. Even if by some chance it’s not does not take away from it being a hilarious picture.

      • Jayoh says:

        “The woman’s face is not the same quality & consistency as the rest of the photo”

        …I challenge your face to be the same quality & consistency when you’re being sat upon by a family of 6.

        I for one, would have passed out and been a beautiful shade of blue.

        • KB says:

          Love the photo – I’ve scared my co-worker and two of my kids with it! Fantastic. I also agree with the “photoshop discussion”. Leave your professional experience at the door here. If you really want to prove your photography knowledge, go to the other site aretheseawkwardphotosphotoshopped?.com (yeah, I made that site up)

        • DaPickles says:

          i second the challenging of your face. i have been sat upon by a family of four and trust me, two more would definitely not do ANYTHING for the quality and consistency of my face compared to other persons faces who are not being sat upon.

          lol its funny to see fights break out over comments…

    • braden says:

      Ha! Villianess – that was a cute attempt at signifigance…. didn’t you loose all creed? … ouch…. as proffessional I would also like to publically laugh at you….

      thus…. your are are a ‘fail’

    • Alias says:

      And as a professional photographer would know, cheaper consumer model cameras with auto and fill in flashes have different light qualities and ranges, many of which replicate this set up in real-life, non-studio situations. This photo being taken at the distance and angle it was, also means that the flash reflection on Telcia’s forehead is perfectly consistent and blows out any shadowing whatsoever.

      With the mention of consistency with the rest of the photo I’m assuming that one was also alluding to the fact the tonal range was different. Yeah DUH! If you had blood rushing to your head given that your face was being used as a portrait podium, your face would also have redder tones and look different.

  44. Untermensch says:

    Sorry for the “it’s Photoshop” crowd, but this has absolutely no evidence in the image that I can find of it’s having been tampered with. There are various PS things you can do that generally reveal trickery, and this has none of them. So, either it’s real or you have someone who really knows how to edit in Photoshop *and* conceal their tracks while doing it.

    • Alabama says:

      Actually, if you zoom in to the face there are pretty clear signs of photo shop near the nose. The crisp line on the brown pants disappears and is ‘blended’ into the face and nose of the woman being sat on. It would actually be pretty easy to stage, you would just need two photos in this location. A quick photoshop edit and viola, superimposed.

    • Kat says:

      I use photoshop every day in my line of work and believe me, it’s not too hard to accomplish this. And I’m generally not one of the “it’s been photoshopped” crowd. There’s just no way, in my opinion, that this woman can be 5’2″ and be positioned in this way. Also, take a look at the shine on auntie’s forehead… The pillow that mom is sitting on would have created a shadow and there’s clearly not one there. Her leg would also have created a shadow.

  45. Cindi says:

    Perhaps that is Marnie under there!

  46. KissKill says:

    Oh god oh god! It took me a while to notice, but when I did.. Oh god! This will give me nightmares!

    • CatMilker-n-Motown says:

      agreed. it scared the crap out of me. who cares if it’s real, or not real….if auntie telcia is a hobbit or a gaint. it’s friggin freaky!

  47. sallyomalley says:

    AHH! I have looked at this thing multiple times and just now saw the face!! OMG!

  48. kratsy says:

    they are elevated because they are sitting on a large body pillow (not a body).

    • Daniel says:

      Nope, I was there. Look at where Telcia’s dark colored shirt turns into white colored pants (underneath) the father in the picture. This actually happened, folks. Those of you who thought it was photoshopped are WRONG!!!

      • Stephanie says:

        if the white under the father is where the pants on her start, she must be about 8 feet tall.

        • Daniel says:

          Telcia is 5 feet 2 inches tall and sitting on her hips is what hikes the man up in the picture. . . see how he’s sitting crooked (not like one would sit on a pillow)

          • red says:

            Stephanie is right, if the white is where her pants start her torso would be crazy long. The white showing underneath the father looks like the other end of the body pillow. Perhaps the green slipcover was moved from it on that side.

          • snuzan says:

            I’m sorry, but I am just having a hard time wrapping my brain around how he could be sitting on her hips. She’s only 5’2″? And he’s sitting on her hips? Are there two people under there? Auntie must have a very, very long torso. Either way, very creative photo indeed. Well done. Kind of freaked me out when I saw the eye. lol This is probably the most debated photo ever!

          • Jan says:

            My question is….WHY?

        • Kat says:

          I think you’re right Stephanie. This photo just doesn’t make sense.

        • CB says:

          I was thinking the same thing–that if the white part depicts her legs/hips, then she is the most disproportioned person in the world. The mystery, and question of “photoshop” was rested in my mind when I checked out the link provided in the one of the below posts, which feature some outtakes of this creepy moment–confirming that it is real, and that it’s actually her knee (it looks like, from other pictures) of her lower half that is under the man…….which still doesn’t look right in this picture, but check out the flickr link provided below…..

          And for those saying that her face would have a shadow, etc….well, if there was another point of light–such as even a bright window, or something–that wouldn’t necessarily be the case…..and obviously not, because there are other pictures to prove the reality of this moment.

        • Sam says:

          Connect to the Flikr link and you can see how she ends up looking “8 ft tall”Very cool before photos

      • Sue says:

        It doesn’t look like a shirt, it looks like a blanket. And the kids are way too calm to be sitting on someone like that. Most kids would be laughing and trying to look at the person they are sitting on. Just saying. 🙂

        • CJ says:

          Daniel, I’m sorry but I have to ask. What the HELL are you even talking about?!

        • Duh. says:

          It’s definitely a blanket. If you look between the dad’s legs you can see pants with a blanket over top of them. It’s the same blanket that is under the kids. Not photoshopped.

  49. Cody says:

    I’m amazed at how stupid we’ve become.

  50. LindsayLu says:

    I was looking at this picture thinking, ‘what a lovely family… what stunning blue eyes they all have.’ …….then WHAM! I see the little eye peeking out from under mom’s butt. scared me to death! This is AWESOMELY AWKWARD!!! Yes!

    • Michele says:

      Oh my gosh, your comment has me crying from laughing so hard! Whew. Thank you I needed that.

    • imlovingattention says:

      dude!!!! I had to hold back a blood curdling scream as it is like 2 am right now! I am still trying to catch my breath! That is not awkward, it’s frightening! This is the only photo that I hope to God IS photoshopped. If not, we might have a murderin’ family on our hands out there. Everyone else seems fine with it except for the little boy in the middle who looks as though he’s next! lol!

      • stasia says:

        my stomach hurts from laughing so much at your comments!! my thoughts exactly! 😀

        • Arielle says:

          I must say I cannot stop laughing.. your comments are just hysterical. But damn was I scared when I saw those eyes. It was like trying to play Where’s Waldo, Im trying to look for this “aunt telcia” and BAM!..freaked be out! But your comments made me laugh pretty hard. So thanks.

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