Happy Trails

November 13th, 2009

Happy Trails - Family Portrait

When you’re the head buckaroo, you get to pull your own fingers.

(submitted by Ari)

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  1. Patricia says:

    In no way is this awkward. This is a portrait of a music Legend and his band. Anybody who is anybody in Bluegrass has played with Dr. Stanley at some point, and he’s really the last original Bluegrass Boy we have around, he’s a national treasure.

    Shame on you, AFP, and there’s no way the person who submitted this is the person who took the photo. For all intents and purposes, this is a celebrity photo shoot. I’m all for snarking out 98% of the photos I see here, but the subjects in this one deserves respect.

    • CB says:

      Implying that other, “normal” people don’t deserve respect, or not as much as this guy cuz he plays music….give me a break.

  2. sugarloafusa says:

    I can smell the cologne through my computer…

  3. Greg says:

    I don’t care how you slice it, the short-sleeve dress shirt/tie combo is awkward to the point of bordering on just plain wrong.

  4. deb says:

    Here’s another with Ralph and the Boys looking like undertakers.


  5. doreen says:

    The guy on the far right appears to be a photo crasher.

  6. Leslie says:

    The guy on the bottom left looks a bit like Tom DeLay. Awkward.

  7. Chuck Martel says:

    And not one of them is wearing a bolo tie. You can’t wear your Sunday clothes with a cowboy hat and no bolo tie. It’s a fashion faux pas as they say in Austin.

  8. Julia says:

    One of these things is not like the others………

  9. Marie says:

    Looks like a man and his sons, or sons and grandsons. Great picture – I love it! They look like a great group of guys. Go, boys, go!

  10. Dana says:

    Ralph Stanley is one of my favorite banjo players, and his band is a treat to watch. But I gotta give props to the guy in the back. He plays the fiddle and his impersonations during “Orange Blossom Special” are amazing!

    Now about the photo: it is awkward. There is just something about it that says: hey look at me I’m awkward!

    so there ya go

  11. CarrieM says:

    If this is a bluegrass band, it’s odd that they would choose to wear ties and oxford button-down shirts for a photo shoot. They don’t care for the corn-pone, hoe-down cliches, I’m guessing.

  12. Jenna says:

    I just noticed that the guy in glasses has a pen in his shirt pocket, so he’s set to sign autographs!

  13. Dane says:

    The DR. is most certainly in.

  14. Tina Collins says:

    HELLO! This is Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys Band!! They are the most famous bluegrass band in the world, and have won so many grammys and other awards for their amazing, authentic bluegrass music. I do for sure have a sense of humor, but this picture does not belong here.

  15. Cheryl says:

    That is Dr Ralph and he’s from southwest Virginia (hence, the Clinch Mountain Boys) and yes he seriously is a legend and he ‘s seriously “still got it”. I believe Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs were Clinch Mountain Boys when they were just starting out.

  16. fishie says:

    Um, the guy in the middle is the legendary bluegrass musician Dr. Ralph Stanley. He just had his biography published a month or two ago. If you saw the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, then you’ve heard Ralph sing. He sings “O Death” for the movie, for which he won a Grammy. I don’t recognize the rest of the people, but they very well could be part of his band… or not.

  17. Sharon says:

    There is always one person who doesn’t get the dress code quite right…White hats they said! white!!

  18. Tom says:

    I think they’re from Royal Bank in Philadelphia. This may have been used on a billboard

  19. Dave says:

    That’s Dr. Ralph Stanley, bluegrass legend, and his band.

  20. Kristi says:

    This picture is of bluegrass/country music legend Ralph Stanley and his band. A bit awkward, maybe, but I saw them perform at a bluegrass festival last summer and, seriously, the old guy’s still got it.

  21. John says:

    This is a portrait of Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, true bluegrass legends. I have seen lots of portraits in which the subjects have had positions similar to Ralph’s. It is really awkard looking and I don’t understand why photographers think it aids in the pose.

  22. Marlene says:

    OMG Connie, you hit the nail right on the head with this one!
    That’s literally what I was thinking lol…


  23. CarrieM says:

    Hilarious photo and hilarious caption! This made my day and it’s not even 8:00 a.m. yet.

  24. Sean says:

    That is Ralph Stanley – a blue grass legend.

  25. Bonnie says:

    It’s Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys! C’mon now, they’re an awesome bluegrass group.

  26. Tim says:

    Publicity photo of The good Ole Boys Reunion Tour, 2005

  27. Jenny says:

    Isn’t that bluegrass ledgend Ralph Stanley in the middle?

  28. Donnie says:

    That may be the funniest caption ever on this site.

  29. Lili Von Shtupp says:

    Is that a ten gallon hat, or are you just enjoying the awkwardness?

  30. BJ says:

    This looks like Ralph Stanley. How did this pic get on here? Surely this is not a ‘family photo’, it looks like a band photo. If it’s a band photo it probably doesn’t belong on this site. I enjoy all the postings on this site, they’re always funny and lighthearted. But if this is a picture of Ralph Stanley it truly does not belong here and has been taken out of context. Mr. Stanley is one of the grandfathers of Bluegrass music and is much revered and respected. Please consider removing this photo. Thank you.

  31. Sarah says:

    Ralph Stanley?

  32. JA says:

    That’s bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley and he has a National Medal of Arts.

  33. Susan says:

    You do know that this is a bluegrass band, right? In fact, a very well-known one.

  34. Rick says:

    Someone didn’t get the memo about wearing a WHITE hat. I agree that they all look like car salesman ……

  35. Randall says:

    I guess you don’t know who Ralph Stanley is….

  36. JoJo says:

    Hey – That’s Dr. Ralph Stanley and his Clinch Mountain Boys! They’re a pretty famous blue grass band. Funny caption, though….

  37. Doo says:

    Ralph Stanley. I met him once. He and his band stayed at the hotel where I was a night clerk in college. Nice guy.

  38. Poindexter says:

    Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boyz? If so, I think you cut them some slack for the awkward garb…

  39. Releia says:

    The guy in the middle looks like Dr. Ralph Stanley!

  40. bedouin says:

    Is that the old guy from Poltergeist II?

  41. Max says:

    is that the bluegrass superstar Ralph Stanley? This is probably a photo of him and his band.

  42. Maro says:

    Not awkward….the best part was the caption!!

  43. dog barf says:

    The guy in the middle is a famous bluegrass artist who’s name I can’t remember at this time. lol

  44. John says:

    Ah, Ralph Stanley & his band. A better banjo player you’ll never find. He’s so authentic, he was at the show where they coined the phrase “bluegrass”.

  45. Heather says:

    Love Ralph Stanley!! I think he is adorable!! awkward? probably. 🙂

  46. Jon says:

    He’s just tucking his hand pistol into it’s holster! (he’ll subsequently pull it out and point it at the pretty photographer)

  47. gruven_reuven says:

    Is that Bill Monroe? The Father of Blue Grass?? Looks like him!

  48. rex mannared says:

    The guy on the right got stuck with the cowboy hat made out of a folded newspaper.

  49. Tim says:

    Isn’t that Ralph Stanley? If it ain’t, it’s a near dead ringer. Man’s a living legend.
    He can pull whatever he wants to pull.

  50. Connie says:

    Wow, These guys look like they work for a car dealership. The big boss wears a hat so we all gotta wear a hat. lol Obviously the guy on the far right just started the day before the picture was taken because his face sure says this wasn’t in the job description.

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