An Apple A Wedding Day

November 19th, 2009

An Apple A Wedding Day - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

On second thought, he decided to keep the ring.

(submitted by John)

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  1. En says:

    Even after the Armenian explanation, this is still the wierdest dang wedding photo I ever saw. Maybe if he looked less creepy and ( I agree velcrodots) Gollumish. She wants the precious, she does….

  2. bboy says:

    Please get this in one of you books, it’s awesomse, awkward never got so photoshopped.

  3. Mark says:

    Shouldn’t gloves cover your hands? Isn’t that the point?

  4. Hmm I don’t quite understand this one. Is this a snowwhite reference?

  5. Marie says:

    What a freakin’ weird photo. Just plain BIZARRE!

  6. turtlegirl76 says:

    What bothers me most is that she’s holding it sideways. :/

  7. Whoa says:

    This was photoshopped. She actually was holding an AK-47, and he was holding a compound bow. And the were both wearing camouflage.

  8. Seamless says:

    I only support same-size marriage.

  9. viva says:

    She looks like one of the Desperate Housewives—they all hold an apple in the pic that appears right before each episode starts.

  10. magillicuddy says:

    oh this is a keeper, I have so many favorites now…

  11. Nancy says:

    Another possible caption: “Seems like a fair trade…”

  12. Lou says:

    Other than the intriguing (colorized) apple, the awkwardness comes from the weird scale and the fact that they’re not even looking in each other’s direction (I realize it’s two different pictures, but why not stage it so they’re at least pointing towards each other?). Feels like they’re completely detached.

  13. D'OH says:

    Hi, I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC

  14. Zuza says:

    This photo was taken in Poland. I live in here but I don’t get the idea behind this photo.
    Red aplle reminds me of three possibilities: Adam&Eve, Snow White and Twilight.
    I’ve seen many wedding photos with strange props – all of them were photographer’s idea. Lately I’ve seen photo where bride was put into bread stove made of rocks. It looked realy creepy.

    • Miffy says:

      Thanks for your input! Good to have a Polish perspective.

      Maybe the couple are into mythology and aware of the apple symbolism there. Otherwise, I have no clue. Very odd photo.

  15. bonnie says:

    An apple is a female womb symbol. Because it’s red and contains seeds.

  16. C says:

    In ancient Greece, throwing an apple to a woman was considered a marriage proposal.

  17. Charlotte says:

    it is a mix from twilight (the book cover) and lord of the rings…

  18. Tim S says:

    He’s on token-ring, and she’s on AppleTalk. Network technology lags a bit in their country.

  19. Deb says:

    Apples are a symbol of love (She’s/He’s the apple of my eye is one example of this in modern day terms) but I’m not sure what the specific symbolism or tradition is in this awkward photo!
    I found this on Google:

    In early Greek history, the apple figured in courtship as well as the rites and customs of marriage. For example, a happy couple in the seventh century B.C. might share an Apple as a symbol of their marriage and hopes for a fruitful union.

    ~ In China the Apple stands for peace and its blossom for adoration.

    ~ Gypsy tradition had a young woman eat half an apple before midnight and the other half after, if she wanted her true love to appear in a dream.

    ~ At her wedding to Zeus, Gaia supplied Apples to Hera, signifying long love and union.

    ~ Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, offered Apples to woo Aphrodite and win her love.

    and another bit that I can’t copy and paste, (but you can find if you google apple symbolism & Eugene Stock McCartney) about apples being offered as professions of love & something about a tradition of throwing apples @ grooms, so maybe she’s about to do a wind-up & hurl it @ him!

  20. Mega Marie Carsickness says:

    Giant husband.

  21. CarpoolMom says:

    I hail from Washington state where we grows these things and this photo is still lost on me!

  22. What happened was, he hid the engagement ring in the apple. She nearly choked, and broke a molar, but apples will forever evoke happy memories for this couple.

  23. Anne says:

    Finally, her dream of marrying a teacher was about to become reality …

  24. grimlock says:

    ‘he kept the ring, it had become ‘precious’ to him…’

  25. Angie says:

    It’s so nice to see the Twilight cast all grown and married

  26. Angel Baby says:

    Not only is this now my favorite AFP photo, but never before has every single comment made me laugh…WOW I needed that!

  27. Liz says:

    The apple has significance in Armenian weddings (perhaps others, too), apparently:

    The red apple symbolizes the bride’s virginity (the double standard reigns in full force in Armenia: girls are supposed to be virgins at their wedding, while guys can fool around before -and after- the wedding). It is offered to the bride at her place on the day of the wedding. The next day, if the sheet of the nuptual bed shows drops of blood (which is apparently shown in public), the red apple is given to the bride’s family by the groom’s side as a token of “appreciation” that they gave away a good girl who was still a virgin.

  28. Beth says:

    “I commit to wear this ring, you shall commit to making me apple pie.”

  29. Beth says:

    Dried apple rings. All marriages end up as dried apple rings.

  30. Sam says:

    Hysterical. Definitely in my top 5 favorite AFPs. Both Easter Bunny photos also making that list.

  31. Cee says:

    This is such a stiff photo. The groom, the bride and the apple look completely stiff and unnatural. It is interesting that the apple is colour, while the rest of black and white.. so it must mean something…

  32. rex mannared says:

    She actually looks like she is about to try to pick up a 7-10 split with that apple.

  33. AJLee says:

    Disturbing. Maybe this is a Polish cultural reference that I don’t get, but disturbing nonetheless.

  34. Sally says:

    That guy should have gotten his best man to tie his tie. What the heck kind of knot is that it looks kinda like an elephant.

  35. Cameron says:

    There HAS to be a story here. I mean a story other than that the photographer has no sense of scale.

  36. akprincess72 says:

    Very odd, I am hoping there is SOME sort of cultural meaning that just got lost in translation. If not, wow…

  37. binkymae says:

    Back in the day before wedding themes like gothic, red neck,… we had to be subtle in our rebellion of wedding custom and tradition. This gal has a unique engagement ring and necklace, cutting edge gloves and groom’s tie. But offering a colorized apple to a giant fiance’… that’s just insurrection!!!!

  38. velcrodots says:

    The way he’s looking at the ring, I get a crazy Gollum “my precious” vibe!

  39. Sidney says:

    I was thinking it was a Twilight reference. Though shouldn’t the apple be deep red, and shouldn’t the guy be holding it?

  40. Amy says:

    That is wierd.

  41. Keystone says:

    This same trick was done by Eve to Adam.
    I hope this guy didn’t bite!
    And what’s the deal with that glove wrapped around her middle finger?
    Is there a message there, or is that her equivalent ring to him?

  42. LikeSprite says:

    Kind of funny if that was to scale. Did she fall in a deep sleep afterwards?

  43. Rochelle says:

    Shouldn’t she be holding a cherry instead?

  44. Nailuj says:

    I gave her a ring and Eve gave me an apple… I suddenly feel funny….

  45. Shannon says:

    An “apple a day”…..keeps the groom away for life!

  46. Joanne says:

    “I give you this ring as a sign of my love and affection and endless circle of love”.
    “I give you this apple-because the photographer gave it to me to hold…..”

  47. Harry says:

    One apple makes you larger and one apple makes you small…I see you found the small one.

  48. Joe Terranova says:

    All I can say is…..WT*???!!!!!

  49. Moss Morris says:

    What’s puzzling me is the fact that the apple is in color. I’m sure there’s a story behind it but without that it just reminds me of snow white and a poisoned apple… awkward nonetheless!

    • Lou says:

      I’d love to know the story also! Hopefully John can enlighten us a bit. I was still checking “The Handlemans” every day to get the back story, but that post has now been removed for some reason, so it looks like I’ll never get satisfaction on that front. 🙁

  50. AJ says:

    LOL. I think this is my favourite AFP yet.

    Maybe the apple signifies their love.

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