Armed and Endangered

December 5th, 2009

Armed and Endangered - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

He says parrot, she says rifle equipped with scope and bowie knife bayonet. What more is there to know?

(submitted by Dominic)

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  1. Becky says:

    I could see taking a photo like that and putting it in a place that is visible from the outside. See how many people break into your house after seeing that!!!! 🙂

  2. HK says:

    ummm…”is that a parrot in your hand, or are you happy to see me?”

  3. C. says:

    How the hell did she get a gun (with a knife on it no less) into a portrait studio?

  4. Tim says:

    Here at the Ted Nugent School for Hunting, we like to start out small…

  5. Rick says:

    I just keep asking my why …. why …. why? WHY?

  6. mandy_Reeves says:

    In all seriousness, this looks like my dads cousin larry and his wife. Circa the late 70’s early 80’s in Northern New Jersey. They would have been holding a little dog though.

  7. Jak says:

    If you think this is awkward, you really, really don’t want to see the ‘after’ picture.

  8. Pookie says:

    The parrot must be in the witness protection program.

  9. Gregorian says:

    It feels like Photo 1, in a series of instructional images.
    “Step One. Pick up your bayonet and parrot.”
    “Step Two… ” well, I really don’t want to know Step Two.

  10. Boppie says:

    This is the best photo on here, ever. This is the kind of photo someone should use to spark a creative writing class with: take this picture, and at the end of the script, this should be the engagement photo of the two protagonists. Agnieizka i Daniel (sic) have nothing on these two.

  11. Fanboy Wife says:

    I thought people practiced shooting at clay pigeons – not parrots!

  12. Jack says:

    Definitely a hardcore parrotshooter. Airborne!

  13. D'OH says:

    Say HELLO to my LEETLE Friend!!

  14. Dime666 says:

    Polly want an…AK47? Also, I’m looking @ the photo and wonder, “Let’s see. She must be going into battle with her “enforcer” gun by her side but she doesn’t stand a chance of surviving a skirmish. The enemy will be smarter and have a much better chance of surviving because they will have a normal-lengthed rifle.” Can you say rifle envy?

  15. Ali says:

    My thought is what in the world was the photographer thinking when they walked in and said” We’re here to get our picture taken but we want this in the picture also…”

  16. jim says:

    these people know how to party!

  17. Dave says:


  18. hcw80 says:

    Carla told Dommie she wanted a nice big “karat” on her finger for her anniversary. Donnie heard, “parrot”. Carla was going to make sure Dommie never made that mistake again.

  19. Kirsten says:

    I know who I’d bet on in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors…

  20. Jeff M. says:


  21. Cee says:

    My first thought was “wildlife smugglers”.. but then again, why would widlife smugglers have a portrait done.. unless its for their business card.. 😉

  22. HeatherW says:

    Whatever party these two were going to in 1983 was, apparently, one that needed some livening up!

  23. Ange says:

    I wish these were my parents.

  24. Zach says:

    OMG. People are so funny..

  25. Bucky says:

    If Jimmy Buffett and Ted Nugent ever start touring together, these two are ready.

  26. Meg says:

    At least we can all agree on aviator glasses!

  27. gruven_reuven says:

    She said to bring the Clay pigeon, he brought polly

  28. Kevin says:

    Looks like someone brought a parrot to a knife and gun fight.

  29. Romeo says:

    The parrot will inherit 100 billion dollars given that they keep it alive!

  30. sallyomally says:

    so….they hunt parrots?

  31. kbear says:

    Lovely plumage. . . .all three of them.

  32. Bill says:

    Polly wants a headshot!

  33. carol says:

    So if there is a break-in, the parrot wakes them up, and she gets the bad guys with her rifle? Are they a team? I’m having a real hard time wrapping my mind around this one.

  34. Tim S says:

    The rifle has a flash supressor, fortunately, the camera doesn’t.

  35. Stacy says:

    I don’t see a purse. Where?

  36. bmj2k says:

    “Let this be your last warning, bird…”

  37. Bill K. says:

    I guess they’re going after bigger parrots next time.

  38. El Kev says:

    It’s not Ron Jeremy. It’s Horatio Sanz.

  39. pittipat says:

    Do NOT ask if Polly wants a cracker.

  40. No comment says:

    Can someone tell me what SNS stands for?

  41. A-dub says:

    Isn’t that Horatio Sanz?

  42. meri says:

    This is certainly the most ‘uncategorized’ photo on this site. Oh my gosh, that poor bird!

  43. roballen says:

    I know these things were once in style: velour shirts for men, weird little moustaches, afros on white folk, color-changing prescription lenses, and the Farrah hairstyle. BUT WHY? Why were they ever in style?

    I am also very scared for the life of the bird. And the man, for that matter.

    • PromisedPlanet says:

      I think the style was purposely in opposition to the fashion styles of the ’60s.

      I’m wondering what people will say about our hair and dress in the year 2039. They’ll probably comment on its inability to protect against nuclear fallout.

  44. Amanda Hug-n-Kiss says:

    Romeo–You forgot to include the velour. It’s the velour that really completes the whole ensemble.

  45. JMLHPG says:

    The met at the Jose Feliciano fan club meeting.

  46. Romeo says:

    Epic Hair + shades + parrot combo!!!

  47. Melba says:

    Smiling with a bird in your hand: nice.
    Smiling with a rifle/knife in your hand: creepy.

  48. Madness says:

    Forget the gun, the guy, and the bird, why is her purse in the picture?

  49. HK says:

    I love her smirk. Her hair and glasses are also awesome.

    From a technical standpoint, that is NOT the proper placement of a scope. The top handguard in the front of a Kalashnikov is a little loose, if you wiggle it. This is not going to provide any degree of accuracy. Actually, placing a scope ANYWHERE on a Kalashnikov is not going to provide any degree of accuracy. 🙂

    So, did they both agree to bring their favorite item to the picture? Or are they planning bird target practice after the photo? Fly bird…fly for your life!

    • Mark says:

      Good luck hitting anything with an AK rigged up like that, let alone a flying bird.

    • carol says:

      You’re so right! You don’t put a scope on a Kalashnikov, says my hubby. They are made with a lot of slop so they can still function in the mud. A lot of slop means that the scope won’t come back to the same zero between shots, so the bullets won’t hit in the same spot every time.

  50. HK says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Ron Jeremy. It’s good to see he loves parrots

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