The Underwaterist

December 30th, 2009

The Underwaterist - Dad

Taking the violin to depths it’s never been before. Literally.

(submitted by Lindsay)

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  1. awkward_duck says:

    cuz what goes together better than deep sea diving and orchestral music?

  2. freakboy says:

    Taken right after he did the music during the filming of the opening scene of JAWS!!!

  3. Missy says:

    If you weren’t interested in his musical talents, lets remind you he CAN scuba. No, not tuba. Scuba. No. Seriously. That’s this guy’s thing. I mean it. Really. Two hobbies all wrapped up in one man. Unthinkable. I’m sold.

  4. fancypants says:

    This man is my soul-mate!

  5. Mattteus says:

    buddy, Handel’s Water Music was written to be performed *on* the water, not in it!

  6. Kiron says:

    You can see him explaining it all to his poor, confused wife: “So you see honey, it’ll show everything I enjoy doing AT ONCE!!! Yeah, I know I can’t swim or play violin, but just roll with me on this one will you… I’ll even dunk my head in a bucket just before so I look all wet. It’ll be like: Hey, I was just mooching about the coral a minute ago, then Oh Jesus!!! The concerts in five minutes, the string section is NOTHING without me!!! Then I’m pounding down the high street in my scuba gear and I spy the professional portraits boutique…. and BAM!!!
    …In fact that can be the back story, I want you to memorise that so if anybody asks THAT’s what happened, and y’know, act like you find it real funny, do that fake laugh you do… ok honey? OK??? I love you. It can go right over the fireplace, I’m getting a life-size print!”

  7. Dude. One talent show off at a time.

  8. Anita says:

    one of the oldest Senior Pictures i have seen!!

  9. rews says:

    I’m in luuuuuv <3

  10. Leslie says:

    Anyone else wonder why his feet are all bent backwards like that? It looks like he’s holding the tippy toe stance.

  11. Charlie says:

    I’m confused. Was this the photo for his online dating profile, or was he sending this one out with the Christmas cards?

  12. Emma says:

    A scuba mask would complete this 😉

  13. SA says:

    And that’s totally a viola.

  14. Patricia says:

    What the…?

  15. uzo says:

    He deep sea dives and plays the viola (while being photographed). He is the Most Awkward Man in the world.

    I don’t always go diving. But when I do I prefer to do it awkwardly. Stay amused my friends.

  16. Rubysarms says:

    AquaMan helps us in many ways. A hero, for sure.

  17. Suki says:

    I think he needs another hoby, like plate spinning, or something.

  18. Amice says:

    You know what I find awkward about this? He’s sitting on the flip-flapping floor, for crying out loud! They couldn’t find him a rock, a stool, or a prop fish perhaps? Something to “pull it all together,” unify the look somehow. Then it’d look just right.

  19. Cyantificpolymorph says:

    trying to communicate with orcas will lead you down that fine line between genious and foolishness.

  20. Anne says:

    He’s going to perform at the wedding of the “Catch of the Day” couple.

  21. Jeff B. says:

    You can tune a violin, but you can’t tuna fish

  22. Cee says:

    I was wondering if Henry the Octopus or Captain Feathersword could be incorporated into this photo? It’s just so odd that I’m sure there is a Wiggles song about it!

  23. D says:

    I know him. He plays the instrument professionally and his biggest hobby is sailing. He has a yacht and he is a very nice person. This must be his humorous christmas card.

  24. Vickie says:

    Maybe he’s trying out for the Broadway version of Bedknobs And Broomsticks?

    “How pleasant, bobbing along
    Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
    What a chance to get a better peep
    At the plants and creatures of the deep…..”

    (Cue Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson.)

  25. bmj2k says:

    In my next photo I’m going to combine my two interests- classical dance and chainsaw repair.

  26. Anne H says:

    I really like this portrait. To be photographed with just the viola (appropriately clothed, of course) or just in his scuba gear would be ordinary, and, honestly, rather dull. To combine the two makes for a remarkable and memorable portrait.

    He’s doing what he loves, he’s sharing it with people he cares about, and it’s all good clean fun.

    More power to him, I say.

  27. bmj2k says:

    And a great head of hair too.

  28. Coll says:

    Seriously, what ADULT has a professional portrait of taken of themselves, showing off their hobbies? This is just…what’s the word…..oh yes, AWKWARD!

  29. Nan says:

    The Little Merman.

  30. D'OH says:

    If he takes his instrument into the water, it will be ruined. I wonder if he has a wet suit for his violin?

  31. Tim says:

    Join us now as Richard performs his adaptation of The Monkees’ “Porpoise Song”

  32. Kurtacus says:

    When Jacques plays, his audience cries an ocean of tears. And he is ready. Yes, he is ready.

  33. Siouxsie Sioux says:

    If ever there was a time I’d say WT* would be now!

  34. Trina says:

    Being photographed in a wet suit makes perfect sense. You are losing water weight while in it and look thinner, besides!

  35. funnygirl says:

    Can someone please explain the meaning to me lol

  36. El Kev says:

    I can’t quite place it, maybe someone can help me. That’s a great bow. What kind is it?

  37. “I want everyone to know I can play violin and scuba dive, but I’ll be damned if I’m paying for two pictures!”

  38. Tim S says:

    He’s part of the orchestra at the Octopus’s Garden Party.

  39. amy says:

    hilarious that he’s up against the backdrop. it looks like it could all fall down on him at any second. what’s with the camera angle, too?

    How did he get his toes to do that?

  40. Steve says:

    Still doesn’t beat the astronaut with the saxophone.

  41. Blair says:

    “Each little clam here know how to jam here under the sea.”

  42. darkshines says:

    To quote Kenan from Kenan and Kel: “WHYYYYYYYYY?!”

  43. carol says:

    It’s his Christmas card. He puts all he’s been up to in the past year into the photo, then he doesn’t have to write so much.

  44. Piglet says:

    Fiddler crab?

  45. JT says:

    I believe that is a viola, not a violin, which of course should help make complete sense out of this.

  46. hcw80 says:

    Perhaps he was trolling for fiddler crabs or maybe he was just trying to tuna his instruments. Anyway, we know it is not a bass.

  47. binkymae says:

    Is this a sign of the economic downturn? Photographers frantically trying to get customers with ads like this – “Come take a picture to showcase all of your passions” (no computers please).

  48. No comment says:

    WOW! What a multi-tasker!

  49. Mick says:

    OMG – I know this guy!!!

  50. Sophie says:

    That would be one hell of a violin concert.

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