My Best Friend’s Sweating

January 21st, 2010

My Best Friend’s Sweating - Wedding

It’s good to be the maid of honor.

(submitted by Jill)

762 Responses to “My Best Friend’s Sweating”

  1. JanB says:

    Secret? We don’t need no stinkin’ secret!

  2. Anna says:

    Nope, rubbing the flowers on it didn’t help. You still reek of funky B.O.

  3. Laura says:

    I hope the groom bought his ticket to THIS gun show!

  4. Minerva says:

    “Smell the awkward, go on…smell it!”

  5. David Nathan says:

    I used Right Guard but what do I use on the left side???

  6. JP says:

    that looks infected.

  7. Marty Gunther says:

    The sweet smell of success!

  8. JB says:

    “Smell the Committment”

  9. EthanC34 says:

    “Yes sweetie, that’s definitely infected!”

  10. Mary Varghese says:

    Anything fuzzy???

  11. Andy says:

    Do you ever not feel fresh?

  12. Saigon says:

    Wow! That clear stick really does work! Just like in the commercial!

  13. Chicklet says:

    Does this make me smell fat?

  14. Brian C. says:

    “Yes, I promise the smell of male stripper is COMPLETELY gone!”

  15. Corey says:

    “Does this look like herpes to you?”

  16. christina says:

    you’re right! there is a hair, let me get the tweezers.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Nope.. The ring isnt in there either.

  18. D Reed says:

    It doesn’t look infected to me

  19. Bonnie says:

    Smells like teen spirit.

  20. erik lindblom says:

    yep, you got ringworm…


    “I don’t care if it is your wedding night, I stop north of the border”

  21. Wayne says:

    Well SOMETHING is killing my flowers…

  22. Victor Ward says:

    I think I can see where the fart noise comes from!

  23. Ashley says:

    That’s not the flowers I smell

  24. Bradford says:

    “This smells nothing like Teen Spirit!”

  25. Pauli Sieben says:

    And why do I want to be a bridesmaid?? this is the pits

  26. John says:

    Well, you can try to hold his ring there …

  27. Nick says:

    “I tell ya, it’s either that or someone slipped stinkweed into my bouquet.”

  28. Jeremy says:

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… pewwwww!

  29. Russell says:

    Of course I can wear white. I am still a virgin.. See

  30. Teresa says:

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning

  31. saniam says:

    I smell dead people

  32. Sallie says:

    It doesn’t smell like cold feet.

  33. Tim Lewis says:

    Remind me to start using HIS razor…

  34. carol says:

    “Yes, I TRIED rubbing the flowers in there, but I don’t think it helped!”

  35. Mark says:

    Strange enough for a man, made by a woman

  36. Cait says:

    No, the ring is not here, either.

  37. phaedra says:

    Yup, you’re right… they did miss a hair during your waxing!

  38. christina says:

    no… that is not the smell of Love in the air….

  39. KAREN says:


  40. TimU says:

    “Yep, you are definitely ready for the Chicken Dance!”

  41. Cal says:

    “Jennifer discovers the female version of the five o’clock shadow.”

  42. jro says:

    Jill had no idea she was the wind beneath her wings.

  43. Brandon says:

    That’s where you inflate them?

  44. Craig says:

    It’s a new deoderant. Strong enough for a man, but pH balanced (and stronger) for a bride.

  45. Lo says:

    Oh….yeah, I see what you mean, they do look angrier today.

  46. Carla says:

    A bridesmaid’s job is never done.

  47. Jon says:

    I haven”t shaved in 5 weeks and it’s still not long enough to braid.

  48. jim says:

    Ok, now act like your investigating my armpit and I’ll act like I’m gonna stab you with an invisible knife. GET CLOSER!

  49. Theresa says:

    Oh, that’s because you had the salmon last night — I told you to stray from fish the night before your wedding.

  50. dave says:

    “No…I think you missed one.”

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