The Great Outdoors

January 23rd, 2010

The Great Outdoors - Vacation

“Came across this in a box of family photos tonight… As I’m told, my mom was camping in Naples back in the early 80s and snapped this shot of another family on the campgrounds. Note the man in the green shorts who was clearly the first one to pitch a tent. ”

(submitted by Katie)

298 Responses to “The Great Outdoors”

  1. DaniDSmith says:

    Oh God, this is every roadtrip that I experienced as a child…just make the VW bus green with bumper stickers covering up the rips in the upholstery and bath towels for curtains, and there you have it.

  2. MARY says:

    Looks like the inspiration behind LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE!

  3. Cheryl says:


  4. Amanda says:

    “Um…I’m sorry, it’s the…it’s the pleats. Mm. It’s actually an optical illusion. It’s the pattern on the pants. It’s not flattering in the crotchal region. I’m actually taking them back right now. Taking them back to the pants store.”

  5. Softballs says:

    Father, I challenge you to a sword fight …”On Guard”

    Son, I see your Schwarts is strong … but you can not defete that which gave you life!

  6. Julian says:

    Well hello everyone!!! Time to rise n’ shine!!!

  7. Brian says:

    I think everyone is over-reacting a little bit.
    Those old shorts used to to that to anyone standing awkwardly like that, if you look, grandpa just has something in his pocket.

    Jezz people will grasp to anything, heh.

    Still an odd photo in other ways, but no boners here sorry guys!

    • Sarah says:

      I know you’re right about grampa, it’s probably a pipe. My uncle use to dress like this and that’s where he kept his pipe. But the guy in green I’m not so sure about. Those shorts are pulled pretty tight in this picture. This is definitely hilarious though either way.

  8. Francisco says:

    LOL…. LOL ….. This is a great family picture…! You go guys….:)


  9. Mike says:

    Are they going to the little miss sunshine pagent in California?? LOL

  10. Mark says:

    Another stick and he’s a camp fire starter

  11. BitchinMiata says:

    What happened to that jar of pickles?

  12. Aussie Robbo says:

    Deckchairs – check; camera – check; fishing rods…….

  13. cammy says:

    “Always excited to see Grandma.”

  14. heynur says:

    afternoon delight… aaaahhhhaaaaahhhhfter noon delight…..

  15. heynur says:

    They also act as a compass, both compasses are pointing north, yeah, go north….

  16. Carolyn says:

    Talk about a day in the woods?

  17. ShellyAnn says:

    Jerry! You dog, you! 🙂

  18. liz thomson says:


  19. Quilter says:

    and Granny is a looking too!!!

  20. kmt says:

    looks like the movie cast from “little miss sunshine”… lmao

  21. Diva Donna says:

    Oh my, that’s where her hands are!

  22. Carla T says:

    OMG, I literally stopped breathing from laughing so hard. Your captions are just as funny as the photos!! Thanks!

    • Linda says:

      I’m with you! Can barely see from my watering eyes…my ribs hurt. When I want a good laugh I just come to AFP and read the comments! Love it!!

  23. Jerry Garcia says:

    Has anyone seen the flashlights?

  24. David says:

    I swear the guy the the mini green shorts was a beauty pageant contestant in another life.

  25. J says:

    I’m actually kinda worried about the cute little girls… am I the only one?

  26. Krom D says:

    Need a Van to carry all that lumber. hahahha

  27. shazzywazzy says:

    what’s the story morning glory

  28. Mattteus says:

    the men in this family are… quite gifted

  29. Brandon says:

    When the nudist colony chick agreed to take the picture, Grandma was the only one who refused to look.

  30. Manny says:

    I think Grandma is thinking, “I need to grab my camera”

  31. Jay B says:

    The real “Little miss sunshine”

  32. lorri says:

    I think those poles are for the TENT gentlemen NOT your shorts

  33. BOV1CE says:

    everyone note grandma staring it down

  34. Gracey says:

    The guy on the left looks like he’s purposefully standing to show it off!!! bow chicka bow bow

  35. KellyThomas says:

    Mom sure looks happy!

  36. binkymae says:

    On there way to a beauty pageant?

  37. jeff says:

    “I found the keys!” exclaimed Granny, but did she have the balls to grab them?

  38. Damian says:

    Looks like grandma on the right is checking it out too.

  39. John says:

    A scene from Little Miss Sunshine that ended up on the cutting room floor…

  40. stagolee says:

    Like father, like son

  41. Lyn says:

    I agree……BEST CAPTION EVER!!!!! lmao….

  42. Planet says:

    Damn!!! Dudes in this family are swinging huge pipes!!!!!!

  43. Lee says:


  44. that guy says:

    hahahaha, awesome! that will be me in 40 years

  45. Ellen says:

    hahahaha XD

  46. TeeHee says:

    poor lil kids. avert your eyes.

  47. Tex says:

    The sixties were often frightening.

  48. Ferrari says:

    Lookie thar! Grammie noticed! Kiiinda creepy.

    • shannon says:

      awww, what the Hell. Dad don’t wear no underwear, Ma don’t wear no bra. Hell, let’s all pee behind the back tire befor’n we all go.

  49. kc m says:

    both of the men!! must be a family thing 😉
    i do believe that the grandma noticed! lol

  50. Spamantha says:

    OMG @ Grandpa! Good for him, but dear lawd..that’s quite a redwood.

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