*The Baby Grinder*

February 9th, 2010

*The Baby Grinder* - Babies

Oh, the joy of meat.

(submitted by Mandy)

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  1. Alan says:

    ”And little Red Riding Hood laughed as Grandma made wolf burger patties from an old foe”

  2. Michele says:

    I think the baby walker is slightly more controversial, aren’t those Banned?? LOL I had one too as a baby though!

    • El & Mo says:

      Only banned in daycares and foster homes although they’re probably not being manufactured any more. But it’s still a free country. A parent can use a walker for their own kid if they can find one.

    • daphne says:

      Heck. Whe our son was three and a half, he used to drag his little sister around the house with a belt that was tied to the front of the darned thing. She giggled the entire time. We just watched them to make sure no one toppled.

      I thought the walker was great!

    • Melissa says:

      Now they take the wheels off, put a wobbly bottom on them and call them “exersaucers”. This baby has the concept model – the “exersausager”. (Sorry – I couldn’t resist!”)

    • candytree says:

      my husband and i have 6 kids with another one due in a couple of months and we have always used walkers with them without any accidents. they still sell them too.

  3. Nikki says:

    Not the most awkward, but easily the creepiest picture I’ve seen on this site in a while!

  4. MiMi says:

    Try it with the baby swiss!

  5. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Atheists and puppies and babies, that’s what the preacher said.
    Now I believe him.

  6. Jane says:

    Getting in on the family business from the “ground up”

  7. Katie R says:

    They’re makin’ sausages!

  8. Buffy says:

    Doublemeat Palace!

    “So…. the secret ingredient in the beef is….. beef?”

  9. Jane says:

    “Old” family recipe, “Grandma’s Meat Loaf”

  10. Jane says:

    Hey, What’s (who’s) for supper tonite? Grandma?!!!

  11. Soylent Green, it’s made of babies!

  12. lavagirl says:

    Very Very gross…. *gagging a bit* but the baby is adorable…. see’s this kind of thing ALL the time! 🙂

  13. beachcomber says:

    Bet she won’t name her daughter “Patty”…..

    Someone beat me to the Soylent Green reference but I also recall a Hitchcock short story with the same concept.

  14. dono1 says:

    Meat the parents.

  15. Jane says:

    C’mon Zeke, help me get this processed before the news hits the fan that Grandma’s missing

  16. mrs5180 says:

    when you look up “juxtaposition” in the dictionary, it says, “See this”

  17. Jane says:

    hey, this is better ‘n TeeVee

  18. aplspud says:

    I’m mostly curious why they have a giant meat grinder in their kitchen.

  19. Jane says:

    Getting into the family business on the “ground” floor

  20. MMB says:

    Reminds me of Christopher and Furio getting rid of Janice’s fiance at Satriale”s on the Sopranos.

  21. D'OH says:

    Get in mah Belly!!

  22. Katie says:

    Soylent Green is people!!

  23. Yusuf says:

    This one is disturbing.

  24. Richard says:

    God forbid the toddler sneezes!

  25. Becca says:

    the 70s were So Cool !

  26. Kam says:

    Prelude to Sweeny Todd

  27. cyndi says:

    “i never really liked that dog anyway!””

  28. helenhill says:

    That is so cool! Hey Dad, Can I put Sis’ leg in next?

  29. AwkWerrrd says:

    Oh the scary movies that could result outta this!

  30. Dan Brennan says:

    Wow that looks dangerous. No, not the open meat grinder with the hand in it, the movable baby walker with wheels. The product liability lawyers are going to love this one.

    • BJMallory says:

      All four of my kids had one. All four are alive and well. Too many safety regulations is just messing with natural selection.

      • Daisy says:

        Ohhhh man…

        I had one of those walkers when I was a baby. My step-dad stepped backwards once while turning around and sent me down a flight of stairs in it. I lived obviously, but minus a decent chunk of the bone in my chin.

        Those walkers are terrible anyway… add in stairs and they might as well be Mobile Toddler Murder-wagons… Add in clumsy parents… oh. my. god. How did I survive?!

      • sassy says:

        Both of my kids had them — and loved them. All it takes is a little common sense to not use them around stairs.

      • DeannieDorko says:

        All four of your kids had meat grinders?

  31. MisterMatt says:

    “What are you smiling at kid? You’re next!”

  32. Morgan says:

    Rare deleted scene from Pink Floyd’s The Wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. wayne says:


  34. ray! says:

    A vegetarian?

  35. Jeeps says:

    Sweeney Todd as a baby.
    (Exactly how much fatty meat do they need to fill that bucket?)

  36. alice says:

    That caption is not funny. It’s offensive.

  37. phillyrover says:

    That baby’s name? Dexter Morgan.

  38. JB says:

    This one really creeps me out.

  39. bmj2k says:

    Baby Leatherface was so cute!

  40. Katrina says:

    I don’t see how this is awkward… I grew up making sausage (we ground the meet, everything. The only thing we didn’t do was butcher the animal) so I was around a meet grinder from a young age…

  41. churros says:

    doesn’t this just scream family fun?

  42. Stephannie says:

    AHAHHAHA! Its a Baby Sweeny Todd! Awesome.

  43. PissedChef says:

    Well they say the best way to cure craving sausage is watching it be made. That kid is going to grow up and become a vegetarian.

  44. SomeGirl says:

    Ok, that’s just gross that there’s a Taco Bueno ad under this pic! lol

  45. Dawn says:

    Yeh Angie,probably a meat lover!!No Pita people for that tike!!

  46. Samantha says:

    Real life ‘3 men and a baby’
    a dirty kitchen and small child within reaching distance of a dangerous piece of equipment.

  47. Tim S says:

    Where’s the beef? … oh … never mind.

  48. shauna f says:

    That’s a lot of baby food!

  49. Angie says:

    Two guesses on what that baby grew up to be

  50. Kate says:

    Annoying sibling got you down? No problem! With this handy dandy meat grinder, ALL your sibling problems magically disappear. Only 19.99, plus shipping and handling.

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