The Bunkbed

February 23rd, 2010

The Bunkbed - Kids

Michael started to second-guess his choice of bottom bunk.

(submitted by Michael)

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  1. glass cactus says:

    As a mother of 3-year-old twins, I say AWWWW. And damn straight leave them — never mess with a sleeping toddler, let alone two.

    • Natty says:

      It’s true! No matter how uncomfortable they look, don’t move them!!! They’re a lot less bothered by it than you are. 😉

  2. Maureen says:

    That must have been one crazy party…

  3. tbag says:

    I’m sorry, I was looking for the “Awkward” picture of the day, and somehow ended up on the Puppy Dog Tails, Butterfly Dreams and Sunshine Unicorn site For God’s Sake!!!!

    It’s cute….now let’s see awkward.

  4. ichi says:

    must have been a popular coffee table, my grandma has the same one as well.

  5. Arquebusier says:

    We had that exact same coffee table!

  6. gregorian says:

    I can almost hear the mum who took the pic sighing to her herself, “Finally. Thank god. Some peace a quiet”.

  7. Matty says:

    The carpet was originally white. Hehe, it reminds me of the carpet my parents used to have in the early 80’s.

  8. Lucy says:

    This exact same house was on The Dog Whisperer the other day. Did anyone see this episode? It was an older couple that had a golden that was acting up. I would recognize that puke yellow carpet and odd balcony anywhere!

  9. Pookie says:

    like puppies…they’re so cute when they are small

  10. Allison says:

    my grandma has that same coffee table in her living room. i dont think me or my sis ever slept on it though. so adorable!

  11. Polite says:

    thats not awkward, thats adorable!

  12. Joanne says:

    This is so adorable! Poor little guy on the bottom looks uncomfortable

  13. Kim says:

    OMG, this is adorable!!

  14. Amanda says:

    Cute picture, but that’s a little dangerous having that coffee table up against a railing. It looks like those kids could crawl up there and fall over!

  15. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness. That is so cute.

  16. Don says:

    As we continue our tour we will now observe two…shhhhhhh ok folks. It appears the young ones are sleeping. It’s obvious they have been extremely active today in the pen. Let’s be very quiet so we don’t wake them. We don’t want the angry mother to attack us because we’ve awakened her young. And please keep all hands and fingers away from the bars.

  17. heatherfeather says:

    Aww. Cute.

  18. buffy says:

    I think the awkward part is the thought of falling asleep on such a hard surface (and waking up afterward). But otherwise, ADORABLE!!

  19. Rebecca says:

    That house had two small children in it – there are more important things than a clean house!

  20. Laura says:

    I think my parents had the same table also. Oh the memories….

  21. cheez_wiz says:

    I admit, I have similar pics of my kids…one of them almost looks like a crime scene.

  22. dangermom says:

    That is so cute! And it looks just like the house I was small in.

  23. Andi says:

    Perhaps this was the only clean area to lay down?

  24. Lauren says:

    They have two very small children…of course the house is a mess. Get over yourself!

  25. racquel says:

    It’s not awkward. It’s the cutest thing I have ever seen. I think the editors just couldn’t resist because it’s just so stinking adorable. 🙂

  26. kayakgirl68 says:

    This is so not awkward……’s very sweet.

  27. bird says:

    of course the house is a mess…they have 2 toddlers!

  28. Tyler says:

    The Hangover 2 (The Prequel)

  29. Jen says:

    I think It’s adorable too. And personally, I don’t think it’s really that messy.

  30. Awww says:

    It’s sooooooooooo cute!

  31. Jason says:

    I think its awkward to flood the house with Carbon Monoxide just to get a good pic to send in.

  32. Mysty2010 says:

    This is an adorable pic!

  33. Jessica says:

    Awkward? No. Adorable? Yes. And those with kids will know that THAT is a CLEAN house! If I could only keep my house that clean with my kids running around all the time…

  34. Lisa says:

    Not awkward, but very cute! And who cares if the house is messy? With little kids, it always is!

  35. l says:

    i agree. adorable. not awkward.

  36. Shellshank says:

    i also had that coffee table in college. it was infested with roaches. with this thought in mind, the picture now has taken a grotesque turn. roaches crawling over toddlers…

  37. Susan says:

    I think this is really scary! The table is so close to the bannister that it is a miracle that the child didn’t fall over! Good grief. This is a perfect example of what not to do with babies in the house!

    • ckirk says:

      Oh lighten up! Someone always has to put a serious comment I suppose. Good job!

      • Susan says:

        I have no intention of lightening up! Someone has to say how dangerous this is. Good job of what? Placing the table so close to the railing that the babies could fall over and be injured? It is clear to me that many people have not had to deal with injured babies. I am the Mother of twins, I know what I am talking about.

        • S.Azrael says:

          …You’re not the only mother of twins. Caleb and Dion are four. We have a loft, in our house. They know better then to play near the railing. They’ve known this since they were toddlers. A child isn’t stupid, with enough intervention, they learn not to do something, does that mean accidents don’t happen when you’re super paranoid? Definately NOT! The accidents are going to happen PEROID. I HAVE dealt with injured babies. Everything from Caleb who would fall off the bed, to Dion who crashed head first into the vaccum and knocked his first tooth back in his head. If your twins are young…you’re gonna wanna calm down, because being overly paranoid and always looking for danger, is only going to wear you out more. I’m not saying be observant, just…don’t find danger in every little thing. Is it reckless for that coffee table to be up against the railing…that’s for THEIR parents to decide.

  38. SS180Girl says:

    this is a normal house as far as i’m concerned, cute photo too.

  39. Maggie says:

    My house was always exactly like that about 5 minutes into playtime. The kids never wanted what was in the toy box, but would dig in the dresser drawers and play with the clean laundry… And cheerios were always EVERYWHERE! Even when I didn’t buy/serve them… I’m convinced that babies grow cheerios.

    Precious picture!

    • RBX says:

      No kidding! I don’t even have kids (or Cheerios), and when/after my nieces and nephews are in my house I’ll find one of my dogs chowing down on a random Cheerio.

      • S.Azrael says:

        (Warning. Slightly off target) My sister, lives alone, and doesn’t have kids, nor nieces and nephews visiting and STILL finds random cheerios…especially in her fish tank, so I’m starting to think there’s something majorly creepy about cheerios…

  40. Jeeps says:

    Hello Intervention? – I’ve seen it all too often, this is what happens when you’re on a gummy bear drunk and then pass out.

  41. alysha says:

    I’m thinking that table is too close to that railing for kids!!!

  42. Connie says:

    Cute but far from awkward. Maybe the sleeping position is a bit awkward and uncomfortable…but how is this an awkward photo?? Perhaps this site needs a new name??

  43. Caryn says:

    This cracks me up especially since my 3 year old daughter loves to take naps on our coffee table!

  44. R says:

    There is not an awkward thing about this. Completely adorable? Absolutely.

  45. carol says:

    How cute! I agree–nothing awkward, just a lot of awwwwwwww……… 🙂

  46. Heather says:

    That house is filthy!

    • Lily says:

      And where is the filth ? I only see kids stuff and if you see a house with no kid stuff and two kids then that is weird and suggest that parents are anal complusive. So welcome to the real world.

    • Jan Brady says:

      As a mother of twin boys, that house is NOT filthy. Spend an hour in my shoes, if the house isn’t burnt down, it’s Martha Stewart perfect as far as I am concerned.

      The reason it is awkward is because they are asleep and the unknown of what to do with the quiet is the awkwardness.

  47. Ally says:

    What do you want to bet one or both those kids got their heads stuck in that railing at some point?

  48. ckirk says:

    I don’t think this is awkward at all! I think it’s adorable! 🙂

  49. nae says:

    that house is a mess. that is the only awkward thing about it.

    • pamela says:

      Nae, the house is a house of someone who has two young babies Im sure at the end of the day its gets tidied just so the next day the boys can tear it up again.. I don’t think this is awkward though just cute !!

      • rj's mama says:

        they do look soooo cute!

      • Robbee says:

        hey nae, also don’t thing the wayward sneaker has anything to do with the situation. OMG, the complete “childhoodness” of the picuture is priceless, as far as i’m concerned. I’m one out of eight siblings and wish I had a table like this to nap on! I don’t think this photo is awkward, just priceless.

    • lilred says:

      Considering they have twins, it looks pretty tidy to me!

    • CR says:

      Really? Have you ever had two toddlers before? That is NOT a mess!

    • Sunny@theLibrary says:

      With two kids who have so much energy, they run around and then pass out on the coffee table, I’m not surprised the house is a bit messy!

    • Debmcc says:

      Jesus, take a pill. Not everyone is Martha Freaking Stewart!

    • Hexipooh says:

      It’s called “lived in.” Kids learn a lot by making “a mess.”

      Only thing that scares me a bit is the fact that the “bunk bed” is so close to the railing. But maybe there’s a trampoline at the bottom. 🙂

    • Mommato2 says:

      Your obviously not a mom! Anyone with two boys knows the house will never be clean, especially at that age!

      I think this picture is adorable 🙂

    • Jeanette says:

      That is no mess with two little ones

    • Kit says:

      To me, the mess is does not suggest awkwardness, but rather a house with small children. This is one of those photos to cherish.

    • SK says:

      With two little boys running around that house, I’d say it’d be more awkward without the mess.

    • cko says:

      the house looks normal when you have 2 little ones running around and no time to keep everything perfect. The photo is adorable!

      • Peg says:

        I love this picture and ditto to everyone else’s reply – all true and well said. I have 7 kids and 6 grandkids and that’s just a lived in house.

    • taylordani11 says:

      Apparently, Nae, you don’t have children, or you have some very high-strung uptight children. What I see is a couple of ‘Hell on Wheels’ that have their mother constantly chasing behind them. They even went to sleep on the go.
      Walk a mile in her moccasins.

      • Tiara says:

        Why is it that whenever anyone says something against a parent everyone jumps on the “Well, you must not have kids. How dare you make a valid argument based on evidence” train? I dont have kids. I worked with children for five years, ages 3-12, cleaning up their messes for 12 hours every day so I KNOW how messy they are and how untidy a house can be. This though, this house is messy. I didnt even care about the second floor mess. Thats a typical little boy disaster zone for ya but Last time I checked toddlers couldnt stack boxes up to the second floor or move box springs and blue plastic things up against walls (im thinking those are the fisher price picnic table seats). I’m thinking they were probably moving. The picture though is chock full of baby goodness! I’m in love with them and their make-shift bunkbed.

      • Noah L says:

        If I may add to this conversation–those two are not the only two boys. I am the third, and three years older than them, so I would’ve been probably 4 or 5, and I didn’t help the tidiness of the house any 😛

    • Voltron says:

      Wow!! You are moms are touchy. Nae DIDN’T say “the mother must be a bad mother, look she can’t even keep her place clean”. All Mae said was that the house was a mess. That’s all she said. Yes, two kids are a valid reason that the place is a mess. Yes, with kids tidiness is a foreign concept. But the bottom line is, that it is a mess. It’s what kids do.

      Nae isn’t attacking the mother (at least I don’t think so)

      Nae I got your back!

      • Nae says:

        Uh–thanks for having my back. I didn’t think I would need it on my observation.
        It doesn’t matter who lives there or how many kids there are. A mess is a mess.
        And also I said that was the only awkward thing about it. I never said it wasn’t sweet. Relax.

    • iLOLd says:

      Kum-ba-ya, My Lord, Kum-ba-ya…


  50. Vickie says:

    What an adorable photo! My parents used to have that same exact coffee table!

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