These Hands

March 9th, 2010

These Hands - Christmas

Nothing wrong with showing your love during the holidays, but let’s remember the baby.

(submitted by Willow)

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  1. tempat wisata says:

    hhahaha you have nice post with us 🙂

  2. sg says:

    This is where Mariah Carrey and her husband got their idea for their naked, pregnant picture!

  3. JC says:

    The placement of the bottom left inset photo looks like he’s kissing her butt! lol!!!

  4. Laura says:

    The most awkward one has to be the inset at the top left. I mean, what is going on there!?

  5. Jerry says:

    For a proper christmas card, they should have wrapped a ribbon around her stomach and put a big bow on it.

  6. Craig says:

    Well then. That..uh. Just..odd.

  7. Cornbread says:

    What does it say that I’ve seen this picture several times now on Facebook and discussion forums and obviously here, and I’m just NOW noticing that there are non-groping pictures on the card?

  8. m.c. II says:

    WT*!!!That is my husband!!!

  9. Cathy says:

    Umm… isn’t this how she got pregnant in the first place?

  10. Meredith says:

    This is my 11th grade math teacher and his wife… I am kinda shocked to see them here hahahahaaha

  11. Dan says:

    I think its past thinking about a baby now? Don’t you.

  12. akb154 says:

    The most awkward part? That this was definitely created at the Walmart photo center.

  13. Bri says:

    I think that the caption for this lovely Christmas card should have been “Jingle Bellies”.

  14. Ro says:

    Oh crap. I shouldn’t be looking at this.

  15. Maggiee says:

    This picture is just so Christmasy! I can practically smell the pine and hear the crackling of the yule log!

  16. asdfa asdf says:

    I spontaneously face-palmed myself

  17. Meesh says:

    is that Mike Tyson??? lol

  18. KaBeSt says:

    Gorgeous photos… but for Christmas?

  19. carole difelice says:

    this is so awkwardly awesome. p.s. i also thought i was cute when i was preggo….

  20. Catt Yasson says:

    This could have been beautiful, but sometimes less is more. 86 the accessories and makeup. But I think the main point of the photo is to focus on the beauty of pregnancy…and the holiday season.

  21. MYRA says:

    Did someone send a copy to Marnie?

  22. Stereo says:

    And…..she’s NOT pregnant!!!!!!

  23. vicky says:

    Out of four pictures they chose that one as the main one. Huh???? INTERESTING!!!!!

  24. Hebrew Hammer says:

    I need to know what color eyeshadow that is

  25. Joanne says:


  26. Lynda says:

    The baby is saying “WHOA…stop SQUEEZING me there!”

  27. HeatherW says:

    Nakedness and the Holidays DO NOT go together.

  28. V. says:

    Why has HE also removed his shirt?

  29. Essie says:

    Is he measuring her waist in the little pic in the upper right-hand corner?! “Wow honey, I llllluuuuvv your bubbly belly!”

  30. Casey says:

    Ahhhh! There are seven hands there, at least!

  31. Lisa says:

    At first I thought this was only kind of awkward (again, thanks to Demi Moore for starting this ridiculousness), then realized it was their CHRISTMAS CARD! Holy awkwardness, Batman! Love it!

  32. Pilgrim says:

    You two stay classy now, you here!

  33. JAY Y says:

    That’s a lot of skin.

  34. Hannah says:

    Oh no they di-in’t

      • Jeannie says:

        ROTFLMAO!!! Hannah!!!

        • marm says:

          Funny…thought I would’ve run into this kind of sad, stereotypical, *ghetto* assumption kind of reply earlier in the thread…just knew it would surface eventually. All black people don’t talk like that, you know? Effing prick. You probably are the type to sit behind your protective computer screen spewing hate, but smiling in the face of your black co-workers, neighbors, etc. Loser. Comment was totally racist and uncalled for. I’m not even black, and I could sense the stereotyping in that.

  35. babyibby says:

    Contractions — and watches to time them — are the reason for the season.

  36. PromisedPlanet says:

    Egads … the main photo was mind-busting enough, and then when I saw the inset photos …

  37. rwblake says:

    Ok, the photo itself is awkward. But, then once you notice it was sent out as a Christmas card, way over the top. We have a winner for very awkward.

  38. Tim says:

    I hope they didn’t use the same photographer when it came time to create the birth announcement postcard.

    Live action shots?

  39. Gina says:


  40. LisaPizza says:

    This photo–not so bad. The execution may be awkward, what with the hands, the watches, and all, but the sentiment is sweet. I’ve seen worse.

  41. LAURIE says:

    Seeing both of their watches featured in the photo, my first thought was, Its time to QUIT!!

  42. bmj2k says:

    Jeez, I just can’t.

  43. Boppie says:

    I blame Demi Moore…

  44. carol says:

    Maybe this photo was for very special friends, and the ones they sent out to their parents and Aunt Matilda had a picture of a stork on it or something similar. No, never mind–still too many hands going all over the place.

  45. Eating Lunch says:

    Some things just don’t belong on Christmas cards.

  46. Steph says:

    That’s one for the fridge, alright.

  47. El & Mo says:

    Notice that both are looking down at his left hand.
    Wife: “Hon… Honey? Uh what are you doing? They’re getting ready to take our..” SNAP! FLASH!

  48. Pret24 says:

    I think she’s looking at her breast like, “Oh, you did NOT just put your hand there”.
    It’s also awkward because they look like they’re still trying to get comfortable with the pose. As if the photographer snapped the photo 5 seconds too soon. I really like the little pics though.

  49. Laura says:

    I like that they have the same hair cut.

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