Kissy Face

April 16th, 2010

Kissy Face - Couples

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

(submitted by Catherine)

98 Responses to “Kissy Face”

  1. Bilge says:

    But the wax statue of her looks so real. No one will ever suspect he killed her.

  2. Aussie Robbo says:

    You know when you put your lips on a frozen pole, you’re gonna stick to it.

  3. Isola20 says:

    Suspect that lady might actually be fixed to chair using duct tape.

  4. M and M says:


    Just a Wittle, Kissy-Wissy, Please ?!?

  5. embers says:

    I understand her pain – hell is, indeed, other people….

  6. Stan says:

    Calgon, take me away, please, please!!

  7. NorandaPete says:

    Brrrrrrrr……. I live northern Canada and THAT face is cooooooold…

  8. Elizabeth says:

    wow, this is a woman who seems like everything is drained out of her.

  9. Whoa says:

    God, I hate these Spin the Bottle nights at the senior center.

  10. mikek says:

    Um, sorry, but “the new face of frigid” would be my wife.

  11. gregorian says:

    I have an uncle who by the end of any family get together, has inevitably had far too much whisky and starts telling everyone how much he loves them. All hugs and kisses and “You are WONDERFUL”.

    And that’s pretty much the face his wife puts on, when she’s being crushed by a whiskey smelling old man with no sense of when an affectionate hug is getting painful.

  12. paul garfield says:

    True love never dies!

  13. Miffy says:

    I would LOVE to know how these two are related and what their relationship is like, besides what seems to be evidenced in this photo!

  14. ScoutC says:

    Excedrin Headache #29,456.

  15. D'OH says:


  16. Kim says:

    Whatever the relationship of the two pictured , the person she hates with the white-hot hate of a thousand suns is the photographer.

  17. Bruce says:

    Hey, get a room guys!

  18. Helen says:

    someone forgot to take their happy pills today!!!!!!!

  19. Chop Chop says:

    She’s just not that into you.

  20. bubbbrubbb says:

    I swear that’s the professor from Alabama that pulled out a gun at a faculty meeting and shot some people. I know that’s a downer but dear lord do they look the same…

  21. McKevin says:

    Hmmm. Beige. I think I’ll paint that wall beige.

  22. Jon says:

    They’re actually fraternal conjoined twins (figure that one out biologists).

  23. Nomad says:

    Never take a triple dog dare.

    “Stuck. Stuuuuuck! STUCK!”

  24. Alan says:

    It’s Marnie, with silly old Uncle Mort, who inadvertently brought a soup ladle instead of the regulation serving spoon.

  25. MikeZippy says:

    maybe a snake bit her in the face…..and he’s suckin out the venom?

  26. jaz says:

    Grampa at the wax work museum 🙂

  27. Hal says:

    Oh, the electricity..!!!

  28. Hailey says:

    Is it just me, or does she look a little like Maggie Gyllenhaal?

  29. Gigi says:

    I’m so sorry I pinched your cheeks. Let me kiss it and make it all better.

  30. DaddysSister says:

    Damn, I’ve got to remember to call that divorce lawyer one of these days…..

  31. Victoria says:

    Im sooo in love with you, George. I really am.

  32. nite owl says:

    I see this becoming part of a public service campaign!!!

  33. Dan Brennan says:

    “I’m actually not wealthy like it says on my Facebook profile, but I still love you and want to get married anyway sweetheart.”

  34. Flying Manatee says:

    For their 35th anniversary Mona was expecting the “big anniversary surprise” to be the long-promised European trip. The camera caught her at the exact moment she learned of the “surprise party” featuring her husband and her in-laws.

  35. Quinn says:

    He looks so in love.

  36. Mommy Dearest says:

    Women and children first! Man the lifeboats, WE’VE HIT AN ICEBERG!

  37. sean says:


  38. devtrev says:

    Looks like a kidnapping.

  39. Shilo says:

    she does not look very happy, maybe the photographer wanted him to kiss her and she just wasn’t into it.

  40. Carabug says:

    Uhg. Buzz kill.

  41. Uncuw Biww says:

    she can hardly wait!

  42. Markus says:

    I can just hear the song in my head when I see this picture: ” I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…..”

  43. Carolyn says:

    Gimme some some a dat…

  44. J says:

    And later she kills him for this.

  45. Zombie Mama says:

    Is that his daughter???

  46. Heather says:

    Wuv…twue wuv…

  47. Barb says:

    I have a feeling I DON’T wanna know the story behind THIS picture …

  48. Paul Metzger says:

    Hmmmm. I think she’d rather watch paint dry.

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