Window Display

June 3rd, 2010

Window Display - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Anything for the shot.

(submitted by Beth)

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  1. jane says:

    first of all these people are are the INSIDE of the window… no need to tape them in.

  2. Selina says:

    LOL!!! When I first saw this pic, I thought – that’as actually very cool! Then I saw the poor baby, and realized why this photo was on this site! I, too, thought that the baby’s arms were duct-taped, but a closer look reveals that the duct tape is strapped across his chest instead… not that it’s a great idea, but better than taping the arms!

  3. BadDiva says:

    This pic made me LMAO! My assistant and I were crying today when we found it. Anyone who doesn’t see humor in this is just not having enough fun in life. The baby is not in peril. If his little body was duct-taped, you’d see the tape across his chest and his arms would not be dangling free. Very creative and a great family memory. This kid is going to be either a comedian or a therapist.

  4. Ashley says:

    Ha ha ha – this picture totally made my day. Well done!!

  5. Kara says:

    Up until the baby thing, this is actually a pretty interesting photo. Not something I’d call awkward but not funny either. (and just because somebody doesn’t agree with you that something is funny – doesn’t mean they lack a sense of humor)

  6. Taymer says:

    i would have slapped the poop out of that family for doing that to a baby that could have really hurt it.

  7. Suki says:

    Holy snikies, I thought that was just a doll at the end but it does appear to be a real baby.

    That’s not how you ‘Baby-proof’ your windows.

  8. Spoo says:

    I’m glad on behalf of the family cat that their living room only has FIVE windows…

  9. stacey says:

    i’ve threatened to duct tape my kids to the wall for years when they won’t calm down……

  10. Pie-fixes-ANY-problem says:

    I laugh because I imagine what happened that day…
    “yes, dear?”
    “the baby won’t stand up for the picture! What should we do?”
    “Duct tape!”

  11. izzie says:

    the baby’s feet are turned in opposite directions??

  12. Keith says:

    It is a doll. A baby weighs too much to be held up by that little duct tape or at least by that little duct tape against a flat surface.

  13. Miss Liz says:

    What are they doing with their arms?

  14. Brock says:

    is the littlest one duck taped to the window?

  15. Traci says:

    It may have started out as a good idea for a picture but it did not work in real life.

  16. The Great Excelcior says:

    “Doctor, I have this strange recurring dream of floating in front of a big window. What does it mean?”

  17. Sharlene says:

    FAB….FAB….Brightened my rather dire morning
    Love this pic
    Shocker to some but i think you can tel this family were having some light-hearted fun !

  18. Donna Lee says:

    This was a shock to view then it hit me as hilarious and ingenuous! A family treat!

  19. SeanT says:

    Y.M.C.A with a smiley??

  20. Ellen says:

    bat baby

  21. Amanda Jourden says:

    A teen mother and boyfriend got arrested for duct-taping her little boy to the wall. I don’t find taping a child to anything funny.

    • Cissyrene says:

      Omg, grow a sense of humor. The baby wasn’t in danger.

      • angabange says:

        The teen mother and her boyfriend was a totally different situation. They were high on drugs, holding down their screaming 2 year old to tape him to the wall. Not funny, not cool, they deserved to go to jail.
        This (from what it looks like) is a baby seat taped to the window for a family picture.

  22. justine Forney says:

    oh gosh! is that a real baby?!?!? its feet aren’t even on the ground! what the heck?

  23. Adam says:

    This isn’t awkward at all – I think it’s a great photo!

  24. anonymous says:

    this is by far the funniest photo on the whole site

  25. Ian says:

    Nice….reeeeeeal nice Dad.

  26. Singagain says:

    Is that a baby or a doll?

  27. This is awesome. What a wonderful imagination. They remind me of the little family stickers on the backs of car windows. Ugh, And what’s with the baby?! Definitley looks like duct tape or baby has wings and is about to fly away. I know a youngin’ I;ve wanted to duct tape to the wall a few times. LMAO

  28. Autobots! Let’s Roll!

  29. Liz says:

    A baby backpack taped to the glass?

  30. Lin says:

    OMG they did NOT just duct tape their baby to the window..??? HAHAHHAHAA i LOVE this shot… awesome… frickin awesome!! LOL

  31. Tabitha says:

    As my eyes pan from left to right I’m thinking what’s so awkward about this. It’s kinda cute. Oh, wait… What the???

  32. Doni says:

    I giggle soooo hard at this…reminds me of when I was babysitting this kid (I think I was like 16) and he dared me and my brother to duct tape him to the sliding glass door. Now this kid was annoying beyond anything so we did…long story short I got in trouble, not only for taping him there but for leaving him there most of the evening *evil laugh*.

  33. Keira says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had thought of it first!!!!

  34. w00dbeck says:

    Y M C A .

  35. Lee says:

    The first thing I thought of was ‘water wings’ but they’d have to be shredded to make that silhouette. I’m still not quite getting the tape to the upper left of the baby … maybe the baby is starting to pull it down and it’s curved around making an arc shape? But it’s absolutely definitely NOT photoshopped. It’s a hysterically funny staged shot taken at just the perfect moment of stop-action to make it look very surreal.

    I suspect a lot of people who visit this site have spent too long looking at all those obviously photoshopped stupid unfunny ‘joke’ pictures that pollute the internet … and now can’t imagine that anything unusual is anything but that. Sad!

  36. zoe says:

    The baby looks awesome!!!!!

  37. charm says:

    Wow! how creative. They all really did cooperate on this one. That has to be a doll. It is sure getting attention. lol They all positioned their best pose for the camera.

  38. aid says:

    wow this is so cool!the baby looks amazing~

  39. ann says:

    if you look closely – the baby is not taped to the window – the baby is in something like a backpack thing and that is taped to the window with the baby in it – you can see – if you look closely the baby isn’t taped. Or, the tape is the only thing on the window and the baby is photo shopped.

  40. fan says:

    this is the funniest picture i have ever seen. i am happy everyone made it in the picture.

  41. coley says:

    Okay, I’m confused. Is this baby really taped to a window??? Are they trying to spell something? Are these the kids are is it the parents on the end? Were you not supossed to be able to see the tape? I would really like more information.

  42. Rita says:

    I was laughing so hard at this photo & the comment that tears were rolling down my cheeks!!!

  43. Jenn says:

    LMBO! thanks for the chuckle on this one. Now I have an idea for next year’s family portrait!

  44. SaishoSin says:

    Duct tape is a solution to everything. Even baby’s refusal to learn to stand.

  45. 80s Chick says:

    Safety: The last priority in trying to create the best Christmas card in your family…ever.

  46. Sioux says:

    AT&T…LOWERING the bar…or baby

  47. Ruth says:

    at least the baby will have a valid reason for the inevitable therapy…

  48. Morgan says:

    Why do you need to tape your baby on the window display?
    It’s really weird!

  49. Dave Barry says:

    I think this pic is great. My guess is they had fun with the Idea and took every safety percaution needed! I did think the baby’s arms were duct taped to the glass at first. I never laughed so hard. ” Who would do that?” but when you really look at it you can see that the baby is fairly safe. LOL

  50. bill says:

    Oh, yeah! Good one Di, Wizard of Oz’s flying monkey! All I could think of was something from the movie “Gremlins” or maybe the evil “Chuckie”.

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