Twelve Is Enough

June 30th, 2010

Twelve Is Enough - Family Portrait

See if you can spot the same people posing as different people.

(submitted by Eric)

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  1. Michelle says:

    There are two sets of twins. One are the two brothers rear right and I’m not 100% of the other set of twins. Could be the two guys on the left one sitting, one standing

  2. Elizabeth C says:

    Why…just why? If someone is posting twice can someone say exactly which ones?

  3. bk says:

    I REALLY want to know the birth order of all these people. Who is the oldest and who is the youngest? Who goes where in between? This is just fascinating…

  4. mike, 2d from left on top row says:

    Yes, this is all brothers and sisters from the same set of parents (not in picture). The photo was taken in 1988 when my father passed away, first time we were all together in one state at one time. Believe it or not, there were several other families in south west michigan with similar numbers, 12, 13 and one as high as 19. Back in the old days… unheard of now I know, my family is with 3 children and were done! Was great growing up in a large family though. By the way, Irish Catholic, old school.

  5. Ty says:

    Okay. they are all from michigan. they are all brothers and sisters, same parents. and they are there for their dad’s funeral.

  6. Ty says:

    THATS MY DAD!!!!! and my uncles and aunts. second from the left on top row.

  7. Bret says:

    OK, this is freaky – I know these people! (at least the ones on the first row) – we all went to the same high school together… at first I thought this was one of those awkward Prom pictures (now THERE’s an idea for a website!) but how strange to see their faces again, and on this site!

  8. Bret says:

    OK, I was perusing this website, when I had to stop at this picture… I KNOW THESE PEOPLE! We all went to high school together – how freaky to find them here…

  9. Tamar says:

    I think that… it’s a large family where twins run in the family. My friend Lorraine, if all of her kids had lived, her eight pregnancies would have given them twelve. As it is, she has two sets of twins, instead of four.

    And wow to the mom who has had more than one set of twins and votes to keep going. That’s courage. This really wouldn’t be a hard fmaily to have if folks married youngish, like 20-21, and believed in using no, or little, birth control for their religeon. I sagree that the mom and dad are the bottom row, one in from each end… the boys looks like him and the girls a lot like her (or youngish variants of them.) Hooray for this family- there are a lot of them, but they at leas tlook happy!

  10. David says:

    They had 11 kids, but the symmetry was off.

  11. Billbo says:

    Well.. i’m thinking, that two people have been photoshoped in,, “same people” posing as other people… 2 of the same people are in the photo twice.
    the last two on the right in the back row, could be the same person 10 or so years apart.

    • rari says:

      I think the two guys on the far right, top row and bottom row are the same two guys next to them. The guys sitting are the same guy about 20 years apart. Standing men sure look like the same guy but I can’t figure out the age difference?

  12. Petal says:

    Could someone please explain why it is called 12 is enough when there are 14 in the picture? Also, none of them look old enough to be the parents. Cousins? Spouses?

  13. Jan says:

    One would also be enough!

  14. Andrea says:

    They could all be siblings, my grandmother was the oldest of eleven and they all posed together for pictures throughout the years, and then strangely, posed together behind the headstones of the one that passed on, every time one of them died they did this.

  15. iamdaniela says:

    I find it funny how some of what the girls are wearing is actually in my cupboard now and I only bought it recently… like the boots! LOL

  16. Lindsey says:

    The guy in the 2nd row all the way to the left. looks like a young steve carell

  17. LDub says:

    i dont get it?

  18. juspoofin says:

    It’s just way too strange.

  19. Keesha says:

    Soo , back to the realllly long converstion with Riss or whatever ; I agree with the person who said there are 12 kids and 2 parents . The parents are 2 in from the left in the pink sweater , & the first guy on the left with the glasses . It makes aaaalot more sense when you look at it that way . Juuust saying (:

  20. clabunny says:

    The guy in the back with the turquoise t-shirt looks related to the infamous M.A.S.H brother in another picture.

  21. spaz says:

    Sooooo, no comment on Mr. Unibrow, the third guy from the right?

  22. sphillips says:

    I think it’s all the cousins in one family, like it was taken for the grandparents or something. My famliy has an old school picture from the 80’s with all the cousins, and it’s kind of the same thing. That would also explain the age range, too. Fascinating, though. Definitely wasted more time starring at this picture than is normal.

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