Oh Brother

July 5th, 2010

Oh Brother - Siblings

Sometimes, you just wish you could make him go away.

(submitted by Laura)

39 Responses to “Oh Brother”

  1. guara says:

    he looks a bit like schmoyoho from the gregory bothers

  2. Kingsfold says:

    Come play with us, Danny…. Forever, and ever, and ever.

  3. Smartazz says:

    I am the almighty and powerful Oz….Pay no attention to the floating head behind you !!!

  4. Randall says:

    Floating Head Boy is great, but I loveloveLOVE the huge glasses on the girl on the left. They are the polar opposite of those trendy thin glasses so popular nowadays. They’re freakin’ HUGE!

  5. Lura says:

    OMG! If your glasses are as large as a TV screen, they couldn’t possibly be helpful! LOL

  6. Missy says:

    The Wizard of Oz, in his youth, swore that SOMEDAY he would prove them wrong. When he got older he would be something BIG!

  7. Lozza says:

    Oh, this is a hot pic. Absoluteley LOVING the glasses and the knitted jumpers are fabulous!

  8. The Pontificator says:

    HAHAHA “Fred Figglehorn”. That was my first thought, too.

    Fred ROCKS!

  9. Tree Smith says:

    Is the girl on the left the same one in the Turn Around Tinted Eyes photo?

  10. mum says:

    The guys does look just like Fred! I knew he looked familiar!

  11. ChicaMarx says:

    I’m more distracted by how the girl on the right looks just like a young Kirk Cameron to me!

  12. Lizzy says:

    I’m fondly remembering those glasses… perfect if your cheeks were nearsighted.

  13. ashlayy says:


  14. adfogg says:

    I like how the pattern in the girl’s sweaters line up perfectly from girl to girl.

  15. Graeme says:

    Zoiks! He IS a real ghost, Scooby!

  16. JerseyPam says:

    He’s already teasing the girls and he hasn’t even seen the picture yet.

  17. DrStrangelove says:

    Yeah, but if they made him go away, pretty soon they’d be asking, “Oh, Brother, where art thou?”

  18. Phil says:

    This is what happens when you can’t get your mom and dad to kiss at the “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance”. Quick kid, play “Earth Angel” and hope that George can man up and kiss Lorraine; otherwise you and your sisters are doomed!

  19. T-Rock says:


  20. Cliffy says:

    Looks like an ‘In Remembrance’ photo except they’re smiling and laughing.

  21. cammy says:

    Does he have braces too? He has one of those “happy face” smiles! lol

  22. TailevuTorpedo says:

    Hey Alice, there’s that damned Cheshire Cat again!

  23. Gigi G. says:

    Quick! Someone play Earth Angel so Marty’s parents will kiss!

  24. LeeH says:

    Why aren’t they looking at the camera that’s taking the picture? Are there two photographers?

  25. lauri says:

    HEEEEY! Its Fred!

  26. vjhr says:

    good grief, he’s like a floating body-less head back there.

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