July 12th, 2010

Pa - Dad

They could never understand why the boys weren’t interested.

(submitted by Tyler)

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  1. Chris says:

    Haha! He does look mean, but so cute in those overalls! Somebody bake this man some cookies!

  2. Aaron says:

    LMAO no he isn’t scowling.. he is actually wearing the same awkward grin as the girls but the corners of his mouth are hidden by his mighty beard.

  3. shan says:

    the girls actually look very smug; yeah, our daddy kicks ass!

  4. Lola says:

    Awww. This is fantastic. So much cuteness.

  5. KC says:

    Two little girls that adore their big strong dad!

  6. blackhawkdude says:

    Guns don’t kill people- PA kills people

  7. Angela says:

    LOL, Looks like the guy on The Hangover

  8. Pookey says:

    I have to laugh!! so cute…and the girls hair will improve in style =)
    such a teddy bear of a daddy deep down inside I bet ya!

  9. Gigi says:

    I’m amazed at how their hair color all match perfectly.

  10. Mary says:

    Niiice. Love this! Are the girls twins? As stern as pa is trying to look, there is definitely a grin playing on his lips under that ‘stache. No doubt this is a pa who loves his girls and whose girls love him.

  11. Steven says:

    He totally looks like Zach Galifinakis

  12. MrsMelissy says:

    I gotta say, I love this picture!! Those two little girls look so adorable and nerdy. The way the one on the right is holding her Daddy’s arm, very cute. He looks like he’d fiercely protect those girsl. That said, i’m pretty sure he’d come break all of our necks if he saw anything negative written here. I love you Picture Pa !!!! XOXO

  13. smaihlee says:

    I want to print this out, frame it, and hang it in my hallway as a conversation piece. Excellent!!

  14. Tony says:

    Looks like the guy from the hang over….ha ha

  15. Evakat says:

    … Zach Galifianakis?

  16. caleb says:

    whoa. Rasputin!

    though it does kinda look like he’s holding in laughter and just trying to look really serious..

  17. Holly says:

    So glad Dad donned a clean pair of overalls for the photo shoot.

  18. Missy says:

    You know coming back to this photo, it looks as if the girls are actually more protective of their daddy!

    “If you mess with me, my daughters will tear you up!”

    Seriously, look at those eyes. VERY protective. That is so cute.

  19. Kazz says:

    Yeah, love it too! Those girls look like 51% Angel/49% Trouble, just like their Daddy! (I think he knows, too, how quickly Trouble can switch over to the dominant trait. 😉 )

  20. mum says:

    I love this pic. The girls are adorable, with mischeiveous grins and twinkles in their eyes, and Pa is trying to look fierce, but I bet he’s a teddy bear with his girls. Very sweet.

  21. Kelly says:

    This is exactly how dad’s are supposed to look like.

    • Rose says:

      I agree. My dad looked like this and me and my sister always felt safe. I don’t think the neighbor boys felt the same!

  22. Missy says:

    They decided to crop the axe out of the photo so it would portray a more warm and happy mood.

  23. Jim says:

    I pity the poor teenage boy that comes to pick either of these girls up for a date someday.
    In all serious though, these girls look like their Dad and seem to love him alot.

  24. Scott says:

    That dude look like Alan from the Hangover. I wonder if these two are new members of his “wolfpack”?

  25. Sez Me says:

    I can tell this family belongs to the “Hair League”.

  26. Ilpapa says:

    This guy just gave me the look I will go for…. that and a cactus garden outside my daughter’s window should do the trick.

  27. Sus says:

    The little girls smiles say it al, Our Daddy, is a teddy bear!
    They can’t hide the fact that they are content and happy. What a guy! I like this picture. Dad just looks as if he does not like getting his picture taken… for any reason

  28. Janellionaire says:

    Wow i love this picture. The girls look so sweet and happy, and totally not uncomfortable hanging on daddy like that. I wish this was more recent, i’d want to meet this guy. I’m totally crushing.

  29. jerry says:

    This is a man who would literally die for his children, AND kill you in the process.

  30. TailevuTorpedo says:

    You talkin’ to me, punk?!

  31. Moi says:

    Love the distressed T on dad.

  32. Cee says:

    Anyone else notice the twinkle of trouble in those girls’ eyes? The boys won’t come to the house, but I betcha in a few years, they’ll go to the boys…

    But I really like this photo! As.. well, scary as Pa looks, I love the portrait of him and his girls. 🙂

  33. Lisa D says:

    He looks like the kind of man that would make you go and cut your own switch.

  34. Oni says:

    trying to figure out how a yellow shirt matches pink and blue plaid pants…

  35. Linz says:

    Tyra would definitely give him a thumbs-up for the “smize.” It turns that “fierce” look into something a little more provocative

  36. PugMom says:

    The 2 little girls are adorable!!
    When our daughters were young their Dad had a Fu Manchu mustache, not a beard,and he looked every bit as frightening as this Papa 😀
    Betcha they had Papa wrapped around their little fingers.
    Cute picture.

  37. Mom of 4 says:

    The little girl on the right looks like a very young Lindsey Lohan.

  38. Texchanchan says:

    All he needs is for war to break out and a blue or gray uniform.

  39. Theodore says:

    Grizzly Adams?

  40. JerseyPam says:

    ‘Hold me back, girls, this photographer thinks he’s a funny guy.’

    You can see the storm clouds brewing in the background.

  41. Amber says:

    Those little girls are adorable, and even though their dad looks scary, I think he’s smiling with his eyes… a little? I give this picture a thumbs up – it’s just plain awesome.

    • Des says:

      No! To me it looks like he’s totally scowling with his eyes haha. The best part is the expressions on the girls’ faces… They seem to think it’s a total joke that their dad is so scary! HILARIOUS

  42. Chris Willis says:

    Is that Rupert from Survivor???

  43. carol says:

    The girls have lovely hair! Yep, the boys are going to have a difficult time getting past Pa!

    • Pikkewyn says:

      Them girls look like the independent type. Pa being the only man in their lives might be just fine with them.

  44. Don says:

    Future conversation heard at wedding of either daughter:
    Pastor- “And who gives away this bride?”
    Dad- “Who’s asking?”

  45. Steve says:

    So, how much you want to bet that he’s got a loaded shotgun across his knees as the picture was taken?

  46. sarah says:

    I find this to be cute, funny, and awesome.

  47. Tim S says:

    My daddy can beat up your daddy!

  48. Kristen says:

    HAHA! That’s awesome.

  49. Kym says:

    My dad didn’t have the full bushy beard, and was generally wearing a polo and khakis, but he did have that intense stare… Not just boys, but my friends were even afraid to ask if I could go out, because he looked so mean!

    He still looks mean (but totally isn’t), but among the many advantages of being an adult is that nobody has to ask your dad if you can go out.

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