Racs And Dogs

July 14th, 2010

Racs And Dogs - Pets

This raccoon is just as confused as you are.

(submitted by Kacie)

25 Responses to “Racs And Dogs”

  1. Summer says:

    Get it Nellie!!!

  2. dandt says:

    Unfortunately, being married to a raccoon hunter/trapper, I could tell you other reasons they might have a baby raccoon…none of which are pleasant and probably scarred the kids for life…

  3. Jules says:


  4. Laurie says:

    My grandmother has raised several orphaned Raccoons over her lifetime. I doubt they just picked up a half grown Raccoon out of the yard because Raccoons are afraid of people and avoid them. If it isn’t afraid of you it probably has rabies.

  5. Cortney says:

    So cute who is that girl? Where is the back story? Her feet are huge!

  6. Missy says:

    The little girl looks EXACTLY like my mother when she was little. I have some questions for her now. LOL. What cutie pie kiddos! I love the little boy pointing at the camera like “Sis, the camera is that way! Look that way!”

  7. emileigh says:

    Totally loving the look on the girl’s face…so cute!

  8. meri says:

    Folks used to have a lot more kids per family back in the day. So, if a rabid ‘tame’ raccoon got one of the kids, no biggie.

  9. Susan says:

    I LOVE this photo! They were probably rehabbing a baby raccoon who’s mother got killed. We used to do that too… Wish we could go back. Sigh.

  10. Ricki46 says:

    I think the dogs in the background are on the trail of “supper”.

  11. Maria says:

    aww, this is just a cute photo.

  12. Melba says:

    Isn’t that Nellie Olsen?

  13. Mrs. Woodruff says:

    Racoon: Am I their supper?

  14. Harry says:

    When will people learn? Raccoons are wild animals.

    They are not pets.

    • panda says:

      Because clearly this is a recent photo? (!) Come on now.

      • Harry says:

        Panda … not to beat a dead horse, but, I can remember 50 years ago, my parents and grandparents telling us … ” never pet a wild animal”.

      • Missy says:

        Yes, these are the days when lead paint existed to – yet somehow the human species survived. Somehow. Yes, of course we are to be more cautious today but this is a long time ago and I am guessing no one was hurt or it wouldn’t be posted here. Besides it is a baby. Typically wild animals (domesticated or not) do not become very “wild” until they are adults and decide they need more in their habitat and life. These kids look well cared for. I wish I could have had a pet baby raccoon as a child just to say I did because it won’t happen today.

    • Jen says:

      You never know the story behind the pic. When I was a kid my dad was a game warden, and he would often bring home orphaned baby animals to care for until they could be trained to forage for thier own food and be released back into the wild. They did the training at the game farm but first they would hang at our house being bottle fed. I have many pictures of me with baby racoons, deer, coyotes etc. that looks like a pretty young racoon.

  15. FriskyPhysics says:

    So cute! How did the little girl get a pet raccoon?

    • Missy says:

      Unsure, but I would love the poster to come in with a back story because this is certainly a picture worth a back story. Cute kids. Cute pups. Cute raccoon. So much cuteness!

      • Kacie says:

        I’m not sure who the girl is, but its my dad on the right. He was born in Arkansas and lived there for a number of years. We’re guessing the girl was a neighbor.

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