The Fresh Prince

August 5th, 2010

Son of the Holy Roller.

(submitted by Amber)


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  1. Mcsarah says:

    I demand a recreation!!!!!

  2. Karise says:

    Vicars and tartans?

  3. mary says:

    This picture is too good to be true. Wow.

  4. Wingo says:

    Oh my god, it’s the Berries and Cream guy! His hair must have darkened when he got older.

  5. JustBoy says:

    I love that Bling necklace!

  6. Jay says:

    Moe from the Stooges!

  7. sevanderslice says:

    I think the little girl is wearing the shoes for her brother’s costume.

  8. Walter says:

    Back story being ignored, I say it’s a childhood picture f Elton John

  9. tamih says:

    How long did it take him to comb all of his hair forward so perfectly?

  10. Little Lord Fauntleroy says:

    Ok Folks,

    It is me, Little Lord Fauntleroy. I told my cousin (who posted this picture) I would respond if it passed 100 comments. True to my word I am here to set the record straight. Its pretty interesting to have a photo essay about oneself and I can honestly say it is a first for such a humbled person (no the family picture did not cause me to be socially introverted). Surprisingly some of you were very observant and your comments were spot on. The picture if you dont know the background would seem pretty “out there” and when you know the background story perhaps the picture (and all the wonderful comments) wont hold much interest.. Sorry to dissappoint.

    As my cousin points out, the family is not British, Scottish or Egyptian.. Basically Italian American. My father was not a man of the cloth. Those of you that picked Nehru jacket, you nailed it. It was 1970 and as most of you point out this was considered fashion (a period I hope never comes back). The medallion is just that and not a religious relic. In fact my mother sewed all our clothes and this photo is no exception. My “costume” Dad’s formal wear and Mom’s – sister’s clothes were all designed and sewn by my mother. Mom’s hair… thats real folks.. it was the style.. Dad’s hair.. quite frankly this one had me confused as to your comments and I had to look closely and I does appear from this scan as a combover, but my father had all his hair. Again, that was the hair style.. yep.. 1970′s..
    My sisters arms (and fingers) are unusually long.. she could snatch me up and hit me from way across the room as I was running away.. At least thats the way I remember it..

    Me… Well you are correct. It was my halloween costume for that year.. sisters shoes are a left over remnant of her Pilgram outfit (Halloween was 1-2 weeks before this family shoot). My outfit is made from left over curtain material from our living room, which of course mom also made.. (this was before Carol Burnett did her famous Scarlet O’Hare skit with the curtain rod still attached)..

    The setting is my grandparents 50th anniversary party. They had 8 children and all were asked to come and have family/group photo’s. Well mom thought I looked so adorable in my Halloween outfit that I was FORCED to wear it for the shoot.. Yes, I was both horrified and pissed as my cousins were giving me sh*t about having to wear my costume, but Mom.. she didnt care.. and when my mother made up her mind.. well as youngster (I am seven in this photo) you did what you were told. To add injury to insult, there is a photo of the entire extended family (grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins and grandkids) and yep, there I am looking like “Where’s Waldo” in the middle of the picture.. and yes.. with the Burger King Hat on this time..

    This photo hung on our stairs going to the second floor for years and I had a constant reminder of the embarrassment I suffered that day. In fact not this last year I discussed with my mother my lingering agitation at having to suffer such humilitation.. she still smiles and says “but you were such an adorable prince”..

    However seeing what joy, confusion, consternation, etc. it brought you all I can say.. it has helped me to laugh at this long gone horrific event.

    P.S. The following year my dad helped make my custome and it was the most kick@ss pirate garb complete with wooden peg leg.. Sorry no family portraits with this costume.

    I know you all were probably expecting something so totally off the wall and I was half tempted to humor you but figured since you had done so well… you deserved the truth.

    OK, Ive made my peace.. I kind of like this picture now..


    Your Humbled Lord,


    • Amber says:

      I loved hearing the backstory! And I have to agree with your mom, you did look so darn cute in your costume! But I can relate to your embarassment at the time, I just had a flashback to years when my mom forced me to dress up in my dance recital outfits and perform in front of family and friends.

      I’m glad the picture is growing on you because I think it’s fantastic. One snapshot in time that tells so much about the era and your family. Thanks for being such a good sport and more importantly for not seeking me out and ending my life!:)

      • LLF says:

        Ah, no worries.. you’re family cuz.. Ill just sit back waiting for my time to pounce.. I will get my just reward and wait for a doozey of a pic to post of you…

        I have plenty of time…

    • Miffy says:

      Thanks for the background info! I’m really impressed your mom designed and sewed those clothes! It’s a cute (though awkward) pic. :)

    • jordans says:

      The mom in this picture looks exactly like my mom. It is scary, I kind of think this is her. I emailed this to my dad asking about it and my mom saw the email and called me and said, “You are a squealer, what if this was my secret second family and you just told on me?” which didn’t really make me feel better about this just being a coincidence. Plus my family is Italian like yours. Perhaps your mom is my mom’s long lost twin!!! Probably this is just a freak of nature but I thought it was at least worth commenting on.

  11. Poindexter-X says:

    I love mom’s hair and dad’s groovy nehru jacket.

  12. Emily says:

    Don’t they dress little boys up like that in New Orleans for parades or something? Maybe I’m wrong. Not all little boys, but I have seen some pictures like this where the little boy’s wearing something similar to this in New Orleans. They were older pictures though

  13. PeterD says:

    That’s a priest’s garb? I thought it was a nehru jacket with like a white turtleneck and elaborate piece of jewelry. Hey, its could happen!

  14. @atticus276 says:

    Goodbye, adieu, avidazen, goodnight!!!

  15. Shannon says:

    That poor boy. He looks like he is wearing drapes fashioned into Pilgrim clothes!!! LOL I’m howling I’m laughing so hard at this pic!!

  16. Bucksnut says:

    OMG, if were any of these family members this pic would never see the light of day – lol! That poor boy!!

  17. mrs5180 says:

    Obviously an ultra-fashionable family just after their son tried out for Little Lord Faunletroy, but was tragically beat out by Ricky Schroeder, an unknown that no one would ever hear about again…..

  18. Jerry says:

    One of the worst decades for “fashion” was the 70s. And old hairdos never die, they keep coming back like recycled bad fashion statements. I’d like to go back in time and ask these people what they are thinking. Few men back then could pull off a Nehru jacket. I’ve never seen anything like what the Gold Boy has on except maybe Gainsborogh’s painting Blue Boy. I’m actually lovin’ this awkward family.

  19. Lindsay says:

    Costume party at which only the guys have to dress up?

  20. Adam says:

    I actually want to wear what the little kid is wearing. It is amazing. It’s like a super hero cape with a twist. I bet he felt so special and important. I know everyone will think I am making fun of him but sadly I’m being serious. Bonus points for the mom rocking that hair. Kudos! Oh sweet Jesus! I just looked at the picture again. Sister’s shoes are outstanding. What an amazing fashionable family. I wish i lived back then so i could get away with that.

  21. Jason says:

    Nothing necessarily awkward about the father, he could be Anglican, Lutheran or an Eastern Catholic or maybe even Armenian or something… that might explain the weird outfit on the kid.

  22. pittipat says:

    Hey, I didn’t post this comment – who the heck has my name?!

  23. Anonymous says:

    There are more Catholic communions out there besides the Roman Catholic Church. Some priests and bishops are actually allowed to be married and have children. For that matter, if that even is a clerical collar, he could be Lutheran. I have no idea why the kid’s dressed like that… but everything else in this photo is fairly normal.

  24. Taylor says:

    I’m pretty sure I had a dress just like the one the daughter has on…sans the pilgrim shoes.

    • kelly says:

      I don’t know what makes me laugh harder – the boy’s outfit or the girl’s pilgrim shoes!!! I keep coming back to this picture and I laugh just as hard each time. I swear I see something different each time too!

  25. pittipat says:

    please tell me that is a nehru jacket. Otherwise, it is so awkward I can’t look any more.

  26. anne says:

    I actually love the mom’s hair, I would totally wear that style

    • Susie says:

      I think that hair is fabulous!

    • Amanda S says:

      haha When I saw this I was thinking “Weird how the mom would still pretty much be in style if she looked/dressed that way today.”

      • Patricia O says:

        I thought it was hillarious how trendy the mom would be now. Even the daughters outfit is pretty cute…except for the Pilgrim shoes. But the little prince not sure what is going on there. Very cute..but definetly odd.

  27. cranky says:

    The Prince formerly known as Kevin.

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