August 10th, 2010

Nelson - Siblings

Nothing flatters the human form quite like Z Cavariccis.

(submitted by Steve)

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  1. Raven says:

    I loved Z Cavaricci’s back then, I owned several pair in different colors. I’m pretty sure they were in the preppy popular club. (LOL) Great Maker bless the 80’s, I know I had a blast back then.

  2. Dave says:

    I remember friends of mine who had to have those pants thank god I didn’t get them.

  3. FridgeKitty says:

    I didn’t know Jo from the Facts of Life had a twin!

  4. Rhiannon says:

    oh god thats matt and joe!!! matt is my youth pastor. oh jeez black mail 🙂 sorry mom

  5. Ian says:

    This is so confusing. When I first saw the picture I assumed this was a picture of 2 80’s girls, the picture being awkward due to the clothes and hairstyles, making them look like unshapely women.

    Now I read the comments and am wondering if they’re men. But that doesn’t make sense. The flat chests and way they stand could make them men, but even long-haired guys don’t do their hair like that, especially the person on the right with the full-on bangs.

    Regardless, definitely awkward.

    • BAP says:

      Clearly you weren’t around during the early 90s? I could show you picture after picture of guys with bangs like that in the late 80s/early 90s. This was not unusual then. They are indeed men (see above comments from mom).

  6. dnote says:

    are they twins? twin apes perhaps? their arms are really long and the hands are identacle

  7. oldlady says:

    The boys are very handsome. The mother should let people see what they look like today. When in the 80’s was this picture taken?

  8. Uncle Pauley says:

    The chicks look like dudes…..

  9. Heather says:

    Those are the best looking mullets I have ever seen, hands down.

  10. Mom says:

    Yep, they are both handsome succesful men who each married two gorgeous ladies…..and produced beautiful babies!

  11. Looky Lou says:

    The person on the right is either a really pretty girl or a really beautiful boy. Something about the hands/forearms makes me thinks boy, but the smooth, smooth hair makes me think girl. Either way, that person is gorgeous! I want to see a recent photo.

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