August 26th, 2010

Caged - Pets

A look back at a time before people and dogs truly understood twins.

(submitted by Kimmi)

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  1. Dee says:

    Thumbs up sweetheart!

  2. Gina says:

    Wow- that couch. That exercise bike. That mauve carpet. My kids (also twins- but not as hideously dressed) love to go in my dog’s crate. That’s just what kids do!

  3. alice frey says:

    Hey! there’s THAT couch AGAIN!!! it is in EVERY photo from the 70’s!!! SHEESH!!!:O)

  4. ScoutC says:

    I didn’t have a dog growing up but we had an end table that I, and any dog who visited our home, loved to crawl under and curl up for a nap. Kids and dogs love small, cozy spaces, Harry. My best friend’s little guy crawled into our dog’s kennel and our poor dog just looked at us as if to say, “That’s MY room; get him out of there!” The only thing awkward about this pic is the three cow bedroom slippers on the hearth. Three???

  5. rowan says:

    Back in the dark ages (i.e., the 70s) my sister luuuuuvvvved to get into the dog’s crate — it drove our beagle insane (They had a real “sibling rivalry” thing going for a while. The fact that my dad routinely called my sister by the dog’s name did NOT help matters any. ). And my nephew (yes, it’s her son) does it now to their GSD, with the same results. Only their GSD is big enough to drag said nephew around in the crate. Good times had by all. . . .

  6. Nancy says:

    Oh, please, Harry. We couldn’t keep our toddlers out of the dog crates! I’ve got several photos of them playing in them. It’s also a good way to crate train everybody. :o)

  7. Ducky says:

    Sparky is thinking, “If only I could get the older one in there too….”

  8. JerseyPam says:

    This photo and caption doubled my pleasure and doubled my fun.

  9. Harry says:

    Sorry, but this is not funny. I know of some cities that would remove your children from your home for posting a picture like this.

    • Em says:

      Well that’s a bit silly. You need to rephrase that to “Sorry but I don’t find this funny” coz others find it highly amusing!

    • Ducky says:

      Bleh… You can tell they are well-kempt, well cared for children. It looks like big sis lured them into the dog kennel is all.

    • LaughingC says:

      The kids are having fun. Until you find your sense of humor, step away from the website Harry. Bet your kid(s) wished for for a fun Dad.

    • Molly says:

      Really Harry? What cities? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • JerseyPam says:

      Can you list those cities for us? We want to make sure not to take our caged children there.

    • schoolnurse says:

      Only if you swat them on their nose with the newspaper… Lighten up Harry!

    • TC says:

      You’re so outraged over the kids in a cage and Naomi’s pet monkey, I can’t imagine what you made of the “gasp” humping dog and moon boy.

    • Natalie says:

      That’s just stupid, Harry. CPS would take your kids if they found that they were malnourished, sitting in filth, and kept in a cage routinely. Posting a single picture of clean, healthy kids in a dog crate (without a padlock, I might add) will not have CPS pounding on your door to take your kids.

      • Trixie says:

        Get off it already! Kids in a cage. Smiling. It’s funny. I have twins and they had a cage. It was bigger though. Sometimes you just gotta put ’em somewhere! (come get me CPS). LMAO!

    • WrinklesPeasley says:

      Toe up from the floe up!

  10. JennaZ says:

    My kids used to do the same thing! They would go in the dog kennel with pillows and blankets, lock themselves in and make a little fort out of it. Used to freak out my mother-in-law something fierce.

  11. Lyndsay says:

    I think my parents had that same couch when I was a kid!!!

  12. Tom Flapwell says:

    That’s all I have to say.

  13. js says:

    My nephews always wanted to crawl into our dog crate and close themselves in. I was always to afraid to let anyone take a picture lest I receive a visit from Child Protective Services.

  14. LoLa says:

    LOL …… good times!

  15. Jak says:

    That’s a really nice baby cage! Light, airy… even has padding!

    Wish I’d had that nice a cage when I was growing up…

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