November 8th, 2010

Unbuttoned - Dad

Dad was feeling a little too relaxed about fatherhood.

(submitted by Anna)

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  1. MC says:

    Oh, and also, that kind of shirt didn’t have buttons. Just two strings for tying it at the neck. It looked even more ridiculous tied (bottom half of the opening stayed wide open with the neck tied.)

  2. MC says:

    Hey all…I will admit, I am the guy in this pic. It was taken at King Richards Renaissance Faire, where I used to work, in 1993 or 94. I was dating that girl at the time. The kid is not mine.

    And no, I don’t mind being called a Jedi, and Highlander or General Zod.

    And me and Louis CK look even more like each other now. (Same hairline or lack thereof)

  3. SaffySays says:

    Why is the baby in her handbag?!

  4. wooooah says:

    im diggin the dad’s chest hair.

  5. Krejaton says:

    “Heh, let’s see if that hack Blaine can top this!”

  6. lollyblue says:

    Rosemary’s baby?

  7. Mick says:

    I thought Jedi’s were not supposed to have kids?

  8. georgierae says:

    So much awkward, I don’t know where to look first!

  9. nick says:

    Luke, I am your father

  10. Amy says:

    OMG these comments are killin’ me!!! TOOOOO FUNNYY!!!!

  11. Timmer says:

    “You were supposed to be the chosen one! Bring balance to the force!”

  12. Paulina says:

    I don’t care about the rest, I just wanna squeeze that little baby nugget!

  13. april says:

    Dad looks like Anakin Skywalker as he decides, “yes, I WILL turn to the dark side!”

  14. steph says:

    So were they running late for the Renaissance Festival and decided to wear their costumes for the family pic to save time?

  15. HeatherW says:

    So……dad’s a Highlander, or what?

  16. Rosieposie says:

    I am giving this one an “A”,
    for Awkwardness of course.

  17. jg says:

    I’m a big fan of the woman’s stunningly awkward 2-tone, I will inflict a cowlick upon my bangs, hairdo. And I want to have as much fun as that baby is having.

  18. Shane says:

    …..and the child’s name shall be called Galthazor…and he shall rule over the Hobbits…now where did I put that ring?

    mercy…I tell you…some folks are just a lil on the odd side.

  19. db says:

    “Do these pirate shirts come in black, fair lady?”

  20. Liz says:

    I wonder if this baby was born to a family of vampires.

  21. Scarlett says:

    While Ren-Fair is a distinct possibilty, I’m gonna go with Star Wars nuts. Not enough chain mail.

  22. carol says:

    Well–I like the baby. For the rest, I’m speechless.

  23. Mic C says:

    DNA testing would not be necessary to determine paternity in this case.

  24. Chris says:

    Shouldn’t mom and dad be hanging upside down from the rafters???

  25. Shawn says:

    Are they Druids? Is the baby some sort of strange offering?

  26. Kyle says:

    soooo, anyone else think that baby has a Jabba the Hutt smile?

  27. Rich says:

    “I roll evens and always get a +7 to baby makin ability if you want to play D&D, the Home game…”

  28. Gail Upton says:

    I would hazard a guess that they’re active in the SCA Society for Creative Anachronism. They spend their weekends pretending to be part of medieval society. Hence the garb.

  29. Kay says:

    This really looks like a Halloween photo of some sort.

  30. dj says:

    Is that Louis CK?

  31. Jeff says:

    As the planet Krypton headed toward its imminent doom, little Kal-El’s parents decided to pose for a final picture before sending him away in their rocketship.

  32. CB says:

    This DEFINITELY makes me sense awkwardness…..well done.

  33. magpie says:

    Me thinks dad just came from the Renaissance fair as Merlin–hazaaahhhh–a CHILD!! (Either that, or the Sheriff of Nottingham)

  34. susan says:

    Someone forgot to tell Dad the Snuggie opens in the back.

  35. Alisha says:

    I believe they are all looking at a dragon off camera that they will slay after the photo.

  36. mnkyprncss says:

    Little did Johnny know, his velvet bag would later be turned into a cape for future Wiccan Family photos.

  37. mixedmedia says:

    Is he wearing a bathrobe?

  38. Valerie says:

    That baby has a leather blanket, I’m convinced.

  39. musher says:

    ya that’s right…i’m a baby makin machine…how YOU doin?

  40. Furble says:

    I guess everyone overlooked the fact that they are all wearing capes….?

    • Not really says:

      The woman’s coat or jacket or whatever has sleeves. Capes don’t have sleeves. And the baby is, in fact, in a velvet bag. And the man is wearing a shirt that’s tucked in. He may have a cape on over that, but I can see button holes. So, um, no.

  41. Linda Lou says:

    is that baby in a velvet bag or something? this looks like a halloween picture of some of robin hood’s merry men…

  42. H Bickers says:

    “Kneel before Zod!”

  43. Kate says:

    is he wearing a cape??

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