Little Turkey Boy

November 26th, 2010

Little Turkey Boy - Kids

Be the turkey.

(submitted by A)

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  1. krc says:

    It makes me think of the guy in “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” who is devoured chicken and then his head pops out and he becomes the chicken. I that that was a little disturbing…this is a bit more disturbing since the movie was just a cartoon.

  2. Dibbles says:

    Good Lord, lighten up folks. It’s funny, it’s cute. Kid isn’t in danger, no one is actually going to eat the baby (duh) It’s a costume meant to be funny and taken as a joke. Sheesh.

  3. Shoopsie says:

    Mmmm, I want the head.

  4. Mol Wol says:

    Wow. Just wait until his little turkey timer pops out!

  5. Tom Flapwell says:

    Off topic, I’d like to congratulate AFP for contributing to a Comcast headline via the Daily Beast.

  6. phoo says:

    The baby’s name is Tom….

  7. Chris H says:

    That is not an awkward photo. It was staged, and not very amusing anyway. Hope this isn’t the way AFP is going.

    • Kitten K. Boodle says:

      Do you think the photos are usually candid?

      The reason it’s awkward is that they thought it was cute–and that is just weird.

  8. Missy says:

    I’ll have some white meat please.

  9. JollyGreenGiant says:

    Awww, he’s so cute! I could just gobble him up.

  10. Loral says:

    I am one with the turkey, I am one with the turkey…. If I remain calm, all will be well….

  11. Rachel's mom says:

    Is it a tur-baby-duck-en? Yeah he was getting to be a pain in the a** anyway.

  12. phyllis says:

    Wish I had thought of this when my kid was little! I think its hilarious!!! Lighten up people. I took a picture of my son sitting in a pot on the stove six months apart and some people just didn’t get it.

  13. Martini says:

    No. People did NOT do that to a baby. I did NOT just see that.

  14. MaryCherry says:

    How is babby cooked?

  15. Sandy says:

    I actually had a nightmare like this as a kid–I dreamed my parents cooked my little sister for Thanksgiving. Who know I could have made money posing children as my nightmares??

  16. Linda says:

    this is VERY disturbing! i’m glad there are no knives in the photo, cuz then i would have nightmares.

  17. Tishes says:

    Wow. Pretty sick.

  18. Harry says:

    Baby, the other other white meat

    • Beckster says:

      Baby, the other OTHER white meat! This is hilarious. I keep looking for the baby’s feet! I keep thinking its feet are the drumsticks, but I can’t see them and it’s bugging me!

  19. Petros says:

    Side dishes: Fava beans and a nice Chianti

  20. Petros says:

    That is NOT what Marney told you to bring!

  21. Sihaya says:

    This reminds me of those creepy shower cakes that look just like babies.

  22. Harry says:

    Sorry, not funny. i find it somewhat disturbing.

  23. davidrh says:

    I hope to heaven this kid has a diaper on. I’m somewhat concerned about the “stuffing issues” . . .

  24. Tracey says:

    Get in mah belly!

  25. carol says:

    P.S. the title and subtitle cracked me up!

  26. carol says:

    Uh, yeah. Not exactly something I would’ve done with my babies, but, hmm, speechless actually.

  27. Teresa says:

    I agree with Vinnie

  28. rebekah says:

    Oh come on… this is the best Halloween outfit ever!!! This woman was on Martha Stewart talking about this a few years ago. I guess she just needed a new batch of attention.

  29. Lootsy says:

    So this is how Anne Geddes got started…

  30. gilby2 says:

    That’s just wrong!

  31. Tim S says:

    Mom always told me if I ate too much turkey I’d turn into one.

  32. MSC says:

    Um, yeah, dressing up your baby like a turkey with all the trimmings is not creepy at all. Nope, not at all.

  33. Eileen says:

    Where the hell did they find that costume?!?

  34. ammy says:

    “To Serve Man” revised for those on a budget.

  35. Michael says:

    Just think why the gravy tastes like strained carrots.

  36. Ade says:

    To be honest, I think its adorable!

  37. John says:

    Aww, it must from the Anne Geddes cannibal collection

  38. sandy says:

    I don’t even know what to say! Next year will they have him on a spit with an apple in his mouth? Very awkward.

  39. Jinx says:

    This is awesome!

    I have a friend who’s baby is so tiny that she bought a bunch of outfits from Build-a-Bear and had a photo shoot day…

    These parents have an amazing sense of humor!

  40. peg says:

    What disturbs me is that the turkey appears to be a soft fabric sculpture (it looks like seam lines over the drumsticks, and gathers up by the neck) – and I have to wonder WHY????

  41. Jak says:

    Lamest. Superhero. EVER.

  42. Malcolm says:

    I’m guessing he’s all white meat.

  43. Steve says:

    Disturbing? I’m going to make my 16 year old do this.

  44. bettie says:

    Um, can’t u people tell that its not a real Turkey?

  45. Lisa says:

    That is just so wrong!

  46. Joe says:

    That’s just wrong in so many ways! Roasting children??

  47. Vinnie says:

    His Parents thought this was cute? Many find dressing your child as DINNER on a platter no less, disturbing to say the least.

  48. Jill says:

    I’m just glad the baby isn’t asleep. That would be a little horrifying…eyes closed and stuffed in a turkey. Thanksgiving at the Addams family home?

  49. Jessica B. says:

    So that’s who the turkey was in the last picture!

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