The Great Bambini

December 7th, 2010

The Great Bambini - Babies

First one to drop the baby buys the beer.

(submitted by Kathryn)

Check out The Great Bambini and The Great Bambini 2 to find out which high-flying baby is the most daring.

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  1. Isabelle says:

    I was bothered by a picture like this a while ago. And since then my father and uncle tried something like this with my baby brother. He only broke his leg, thank god, but this is dangerous. And it’s not something that needs to happen. Learning to walk, riding a bike, those are all normal things a child needs to learn. A father doesn’t need to throw his (what can the kid be? one?) baby in the air for “fun”.

  2. FTC says:

    I’m not saying it ISN’T photoshopped — the other kids are certainly looking UP at something. Was it a Football? Was it a CAKE? Was it an actual EGG??? Who knows.. In the event it really is a real photo — Shame on you both for being so careless with anothers’ life. it’s stupid horseplay, and it’s dangerous.

  3. WJ says:

    One word. Photoshopped. Come on people.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Come ON, people …. Do you really think that picture is real? Photoshop fake all the way.

  5. Chad says:

    Calm down soccer moms, the world will be ok I promise. Back when you guys were kids everything was made out of sharp metal, covered in lead, seatbeltless, bike helmetless, and full of doctors that thought smoking was a great idea.

    You all are still alive, so just take a deep breath and go drink some boring tea or something.

    Make sure your child isn’t nearby because they might burn themselves on the tea, or have an allergic reaction, or choke on the tea packet, or cut themselves on the cup the tea is in, or drown in the tea, or spill the tea into an electrical socket and explode, or slip on some spilled tea and crack their head, or…


  6. Beth says:

    Based on some of these comments, I should allow my 3 year old to shoot our .22 because he asks to. And I should also allow my 16 month old to put his fingers into the electrical outlet because he thinks it’s funny. From the looks of it, the child appears to be about 18 months old, not old enough to sustain an 8-10 foot drop without a fair amount of damage, and not old enough to physically climb a tree for those trying to compare.

    I hope that anyone who actually has access to children has the sense to know that children don’t always ask or want to do what is best for them. My kids would LOVE to drive our riding mower by themselves. Yes, a child can be killed by any number of things, but that doesn’t mean we purposefully and pointlessly endanger them. I drive a car even though I could be killed in a car accident, but I wear a seat belt.

    I have two rough and tumble boys who end up with a new scar every week even at their ages. I hardly shelter them, but I also keep them from seriously injuring or killing themselves. I’d rather they think I’m a kill joy for keeping them from playing ball in the road than have one of them go the way of my neighbor’s dog.

    Bottom line: this photo belongs here, but I really hope that it serves to make people reconsider what they think is a great idea and loads of fun.

  7. Scott says:

    Do you know what the other six kids are saying? I’m next, me too, my turn. Take a pill people. And to the woman that just said “I’d break their arms”? You’re a violent bully.

  8. glen davis says:

    “As a former baby, I find this exhilerating.” Best comment I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  9. Prudence McPrude says:

    I believe all children should be tossed around like this. Michael Jackson set an example for all of us. These sorts of activities provide growth experiences for our little tykes. I sometimes handcuff my toddler to a skateboard and then drag the board behind my car on the freeway. I am right with the Lord, so I know my child will be safe, unless it is God’s will that he not be. Jesus’ ways are not our ways, so I don’t pretend to second-guess God’s plans for my children’s health and safety.

  10. wyanne says:

    thats not right what of you dropped him!!!!!

  11. nathan says:

    I was tossed about like this a great deal when I was a baby, and loved every minute of it.

    I often recapture the feeling by cliffdiving/bridgejumping. Though I never drop more than 100 feet, out of respect for my mother, who can sometimes worry.

  12. Roo 17 says:

    As I read the comments, I have to agree that the risk is not acceptable. The decision for what is an acceptable risk for a child should be in the hands of responsible adults, obviously not pictured in this photo or by Kathyrn who submitted it. Some consequences can’t be taken back or fixed. I hope that the children watching didn’t take up baby tossing because the adults around them think it is OK. There are many things that children might want, that will make them laugh, that seem OK that are not. A fishing lure may look all shiny and enticing but then getting it removed from your finger is a hard lesson learned. This little guy is too young to have to live (or not) with the potential consequences. Let’s hope that he can live long enough to make irresponsible choices of his own. This is too foolish to be believed.

  13. izzieizz says:

    If you think this is soooo bad then go on you tube and watch babies being tossed off a top of a building in india. this is not bad at all

  14. flyinsnoopy says:

    Ya know, this may not be a good idea. When I look at it I think, damn, I’d sure like to be the baby he’s looking like he’s having a ball. Accidents happen though, there is risk. I’d also hate to be the Uncle that slipped 🙂 But…maybe this baby, assuming he escapes injury is learning to be one of those people that we need in the world who’s fearless nature is allows them to do extraordinary things. Those who run in when the rest are running out to try to help. The type that takes on a challenge because he feels unencumbered by fear. One of those who puts it all on the line to protect the freedom of the those who learned to stay safe at all cost.
    I think if I was the Dad though, I wouldn’t make a habit of tossing the kid, around for kicks.
    Just sayin’ I wouldn’t want to explain to my wife that I broke my kid.

  15. geekgirl says:

    Can we please stop calling this kid an infant? I agree this is too high, but can we be at least somewhat acurate, that baby can walk. And has no one here ever even tossed one up and down in your lap? You don’t just stop them cold, you slow thier decent, even if they’re only coming down a foot. This isn’t a high speed activity either.

  16. Wes says:

    Thrown? This kid JUMPED! You should see the other pics of him with a basketball in his hands!!!

  17. Hipster says:

    I once new a friend of a cousins postmans mothers hairstylists daughter whos uncle and father used to toss her around like this but they would strap bottle rockets to her shoes to help her get as much air as possible. I mean if your not at least getting the happy little tyke 15 feet up is it even worth it.

  18. babytoes says:

    For everyone who can’t see how a baby could be injured, even if it wasn’t dropped, an infant’s head is approximately 1/3 of it’s body size (as opposed to an adult, where it’s about 1/6 of body size.) The head is also heavy, and an infant’s neck muscles aren’t designed to support the head for months. Why else is everyone admonished to “Hold the baby’s head!” Activity like this “game” could cause the same kind of brain damage as shaking a baby, which can kill.

  19. laprns says:

    We used to do this with my nephew-he loved it. Couldn’t get him high enough!

  20. jdu says:

    love your site, but this pic is WRONG, especially encouraging people to check out Bambini 1 and 2 to see which one is “most daring.”
    I strongly suggest removing all the bambini photos, especially this. I’d rather be a kill-joy than a kill baby!

  21. DJ says:

    I’m with those requesting that the pic be removed. Not awkward. Not funny. Just terrifying. People do some crazy stuff …

  22. blue says:

    Not funny at all. this should be deleted immediately.

  23. Anita says:

    I for one am requesting that this pic be removed.

  24. no way says:

    Are these guys really so stupid that their only idea for entertaining kids is to risk a baby’s life?!?
    *Takes another look at the photo*
    Yes, apparently they really are that stupid.

  25. Kendra says:

    OMG I thought my brain damaged ex and brother in law were the only people to do this! LOL!! My son loved in and would litterally squeal with glee. he would ask them to do this. I was always horrified/ astonsihed. But kept out of the way. I loved watching the guys play with all of the kids. But my girl was horrified of heights this was a no no for her. adn in response to Darasu…. I too need to find soem giants. 🙂

    • DJ says:

      I know the kids can really enjoy this kind of game – but they also would enjoy (and are known to ask for ) dessert three meals a day. And we, as adults, have to help them make the better choice. Just because an infant seems to enjoy being tossed to its death doesn’t mean it’s to be done.

      • Kendra says:

        No danger of death unless you think this is somehow more dangerous than climbing and falling from a tree. I have yet to find anyone panicking at the thought of allowing their child to climb a tree…. a fence… go rock climbing… camping with a real balzing fire. Life is dangerous. You introduce the kids to the dangerous with adult supervision so they learn caution repsect and exhiliration.

        • geekgirl says:

          LOL, Are you kidding! None of these people would let thier kid climb a tree, they might scratch themselves on bark and get septicemia and die!!!!
          While I agree this picture is extreem and I wouldn’t tollerate that level of play with a child that age; a toddler is able to articulate if this is scary to them or not. And if the kid is asking to be thrown around, I think it’s old enough for Shaken Baby to not be an issue.
          I agree, resposible supervision and general caution is better than this stifling insanity they call parenting today.

        • april says:

          actually, no. i would not let my 2 year old climb a tree 9 feet in the air. i also wouldn’t let him eat cake and ice cream for every meal or put his hand on a hot stove, OR go up to a sick animal no matter how happy it made him. but maybe i’m overprotective.

  26. Sam says:

    i think this was photoshopped. They were passing ball and later they ‘shopped it with a baby.

  27. Amy White says:

    I see there are a lot of whiny Marneys on this thread.
    We all understand the inherent danger of tossing babies and that accidents happen.
    It’s a big, scary world out there. You can’t hide forever, and the baby is having a blast. All’s well that ends well. I assure you that every time you drive with your baby in a car you are putting them in more danger than this.

    • Nicole says:

      So did you have a post-tossing debrief with the baby to confirm he or she was actually having a blast? Looks like the adults are, but who knows really about the baby. I’ve seen people do rather mean things to children for their own personal entertainment and not for the amusement of the child, leaving the child scared, irritated or worse. Really, kid tossing is not a good idea. I hope baby upchucked on both dudes when this was done.

    • Lil says:

      So we should purposely endanger our kids b/c the world is dangerous anyway? Driving has its risks, but tossing a child is reckless.

  28. new mom says:

    I really loved this site but unfortunately this post has left me cold.

    Granted, I have an infant so my hormones are still adjusting but this photo is possibly my worst nightmare. I tune into this site to get a chuckle in between 2am feedings and dirty diapers. Not to get a pit in my stomach.

    How exactly this is an “awkward family photo” in the same vein as so many other hilarious posts on this site, I’m not so sure. Seems to me it would make a better fit elsewhere: on a site I would certainly never visit.

    Thanks for making sure your posts fit your theme, and work to delight your devoted fan base. We don’t need shocking, we just need funny and awkward, and perhaps going forward, safe.

    • april says:

      congrats on being a new mom! and you are right, this photo is not awkward, it’s scary or shocking, but not awkward.

  29. Demi says:

    I remember my dad and uncle and even my grandfather doing this with me when I was little. They were able to do it with me up until I was about 7 because I was very small as a child. I remember it being fun as a kid (about like a rollercoaster–fun because it’s kinda scary) but I think it also has something to do with my fear of heights now :/

  30. Rose Jones says:

    Horrible, horrible photo. Just foolish behavior. For the record, my dad knew someone whose baby ended up with permanent brain damage from being thrown and accidentally dropped. No one *thinks* they would be the one to stumble, get distracted or whatever and drop the child. God. Where is the mom of this child?

  31. errol says:

    Ha ha ha. Awesome. I want to get thrown.

  32. rebecca says:

    Maybe pre-kids I would’ve thought this was funny, but as a mom I find it a bit shocking! You can kill an infant by shaking it, and I imagine this baby is landing pretty hard in their hands judging by the distance. I’m not saying this will kill the baby, but the risk of whiplash or not catching the baby because you trip over one of the little ones in the audience is absolutely a possibility. It’s just a bit far to be throwing a tiny human.

    • april says:

      i agree. i think it’s seeing how far away they are and how high they are throwing the kid… I mean, I’d get it if they were just a few feet apart and throwing the kid a little lower…then I’d see where people thought others were overreacting. but this child is probably 9 or 10 ft in the air. i can just see that other little boy that’s standing beside them decide to be cute and run up to them or try to play too as the toddler is in the air. not only that but (and i know it’s probably a stretch) what if one of the men had a cramp or a heart attack or ANYTHING that distracted him at all. that is super dangerous. at least if they were closer there’d be a chance for the other to step in quickly to catch the baby if one of the men got distracted. and i know there are other risky things we do (such as driving etc) but the people who say that have to know deep down that that is not the same. you wouldn’t let your kid play close to the edge of a cliff if there was no fence (or maybe even if there was!)

  33. Bonnie says:

    I highly doubt this activity would lead to brain damage unless the kid smacked down into the ground. But tossed and successfully caught, they should be fine.

    Nonetheless, my husband got a HUGE lecture from me about NEVER DOING THIS! Because God help you if when you were to go and catch the child you were to trip and miss. Or the kid flops mid-flight and drops short.

    Honestly, my biggest concern would be for broken bones.

  34. AmyB says:

    This is terrifying to me!!!

  35. DG says:

    I’m speechless…mainly by those comments who write to lighten up. Are you serious?!?! ‘They loved me and never would have dropped me’. Is this even a serious comment. And to the other comment about toddlers thrashing themselves around so basically what’s the difference? Again, seriously? What’s the difference between falling down a foot or being hurled 15 feet in the air…hmmmm. I have a 6 year old and even with the ‘screaming, spinning, head banging, floor thumping, thrashing foaming at the mouth mess’ he’s been at time, he’s never been in as much danger as this child is in this picture. Accidents happen, fatal ones and you can’t take it back.

  36. Cory Q says:

    All of you mothers are so anal. Relax there just fooling around, i understanmd that it is very dangerous but they are not your kids so go be a nurse and wipe some asses insteadof ruining other peoples fun.

    • Tacomamama says:

      Sorry but no. A baby in my community died last year after being dropped in a game like this. Shaking a baby in any manor is not ok, and the type of jostling they receive from this kind of tossing is extremely dangerous. Google “shaken baby syndrome” – “lucky” families get to support their brain damaged child for the rest of his or her life.

      As a mom, this is exactly the kind of thing that you hope no one is doing to your kids when you aren’t around.

      • M says:

        “in any manor”… what about an estate? I’d play this game in an estate, or maybe even a mansion.

        “You could get hit by a bus at any moment.” Are you going to risk it by walking across the street? Chill out.

  37. Scared says:

    I remember being tossed like this when I was little by my dad and uncles. I also remember being scared poopless!

  38. B.J. the girl says:

    This made me feel entirely uncomfortable. Accidents happen, and this could have gone very badly. I would never NEVER allow someone to toss my kid around so carelessly! (and I’m not a mother yet!)

  39. sandy says:

    Doing this to an infant has the same effect on it’s brain as doing this to a bowl of jello – just sayin’

  40. Rolong says:

    Not cool!

  41. Goldie says:

    I will join the chorus, this is scary and disturbing. I have two boys, 2.5 years apart, that were very active when they were little. The ER personnel knew me on a first-name basis at one point. I thought I’d seen everything, but this picture just makes my skin crawl!

  42. Napalmnacey says:

    That sort of thing is unnecessary and dangerous. Sure, it’s unlikely that they’ll drop the baby, but why would you risk it? For a dumb photo? There are safer ways to get the baby to laugh. They’ll laugh at anything! Even twirling the baby around while holding it will delight it, and you don’t even have to drop it or let go of it!

    • Alicen says:

      They were probably already doing it and someone ran to get a camera. It doesn’t look like a set up photo shoot. I bet that kid is laughing his butt off.

  43. rev says:

    Baby Jarts!

  44. BJ says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s a Mormon family because that looks a LOT like the exterior of a newer LDS church, unless they’re non-members who hang out at a Mormon church to play catch?

    (And no, despite their “quirks”, Mormons aren’t generally prone to playing catch with infants or toddlers any more than any other church…)

  45. Meep says:

    Oh good grief. The people saying the kid will be brain damaged simply from being tossed from dad to uncle, even if he doesn’t fall? Are you serious? And one was a self described toddler? I don’t toss my toddler, but you should see the screaming, spinning, head banging, floor thumping, thrashing foaming at the mouth mess he will become if I don’t refill his juice cup. Seriously, he flops himself around like he is in a mosh pit with all the rage of a possessed person. If that doesn’t brain damage him (and his pediatrician swears it won’t) this has to be perfectly safe. Lighten up.

    • Scared says:

      Sounds more like a discipline problem to me. Two totally different scenarios. Kids are manipulative and not really hurting themselves when they throw a tantrum. They just make it look like they are to get what they want. Maybe try boning up and controlling your kid?

      • Lil says:

        Guess you don’t have kids, Scared. They all go through the tantrum phase to some degree. If you’ve parented a toddler, I’m sure you know that. If not, maybe one day you will. I’m completely against baby tossing, but you really don’t know what kind of mom Meeps is.

        • CG says:

          I have a 9 year old and my son didn’t really go through a tantrum phase. He tried to, but i didn’t let him get away with it. There are ways of dealing with tantrums and nipping them in the bud. Not saying he NEVER threw a tantrum, but if he dared try to throw one over not putting juice in his sippy cup when he wanted it then he sure as shooting didn’t get juice, he more than likely got a firm “STOP” then a time out and a lesson in manners. He knew from a very young age that that behavior was NOT acceptable. And no, I don’t beat him or anything. He’s been spanked, but not often and not in years.

          People need to remember that parents are in charge, not the kids. Certain behaviors are unacceptable and that’s that.

    • Tacomamama says:

      There was a terrible case here in Washington State just last year, where a baby died when her father accidentally dropped her during a game like this. The father was charged in her death and was found not guilty, but the family will never be the same.

    • Maggs says:

      ROTFLMFAO! Meep, you rock! As you were describing your toddler’s “hissy fit”, I pictured one of my daughters when she was that young, doing the same thing!

    • Yojojo says:

      Lmaooooooo great response

    • Jimbo says:

      Sounds like your kid needs some rear-end damage every now and then. My kids may have tried that ONCE.

  46. tishwishes says:

    Sat what you want people, there is no reason to endanger a small child in this manner. If I witnessed anyone tossing my child like this, the after picture would consist of the two morons sporting matching double arm casts, and the photographer sitting on a large bag of ice after he got the camera and my foot removed from his rear.

  47. Tina says:

    I can actuallu remember my uncles doing this to me as a toddler. I fully remember flying through the air and being caught and then thrown back. Their loving, happy faces are burned in my memory. They loved me and never would have dropped me. I hope this kid remembers every happy second of it!

    • Tammy Nagel says:

      Stuff happens.

      • K says:

        And…kids fall down the stairs and trip every day…are going to not let them use stairs? Or learn to walk? Or run? Or play sports? Your kids probably bubble boy.

      • K says:

        And…kids fall down the stairs and trip every day…are going to not let them use stairs? Or learn to walk? Or run? Or play sports? Your kids probably bubble boy. While snugging and holding your child while you sleep you could roll over and crush them…did you not hold your baby? Its a dangerous world, and precautions do need to be taken..but your kid can’t be put in a freakin’ bubble. And if they like it, THROW YOUR BABIES! I get asked regularly, throw me up to the sky!!!!! Hurts them mor when I DON’T DO IT.

        • Lil says:

          Wow. Relax. Judging from the over the top response, you seem much to high strung to be tossing kids in the air.

        • Jess says:

          Umm… letting a kid learn to walk, run, etc. is very different from tossing a child that high into the air. It’s not like he jumped that high on his own!

    • Carol says:

      They wouldn’t have dropped you ON PURPOSE. But they still might have dropped you. Yikes.

    • serg says:

      the loved you, therefor they wouldn’t have dropped you. that was meant to be sarcastic right?

    • Bobby says:

      Have you ever watched this game called Football? (American) Those guys get millions to catch a stupid BALL and they can’t do it!

      • Kev says:

        LOL darwin at work… this kid survived and probably had a great time and is all the better for it. Some don’t… we can’t protect everyone! And those that think they can are just fools. If it isnt playing with some loving uncles (low probability of injury or death) or being driven accross town to school (higher probability of death or injury) let your kids live a little, they will be better off for it.

  48. Fleur says:

    The Flying Bambini Brothers Circus

  49. ter bear says:

    This picture disturbs me as an RN and a mom. I would never let anyone even come close to putting my child in danger like that. You people who think I’m being anal retentive obviously do not have kids of your own (at least I truly hope not)

  50. Darasu says:

    From the perspective and size of the child, this is kinda like an adult male being tossed 30 feet in the air back and forth between two 12-foot tall giants. Not saying that is good or bad…. just saying….

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