Objects Of Affection

January 13th, 2011

Objects Of Affection - Grandma

We’re all a little bit bundt cake.

(submitted by Shane)

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  1. Jo says:

    I think the jello mold looking object maybe a hardhat. That raises more questions though??

  2. SnideRemarks says:

    It looks like she’s posing inside a shop display window. Which just gives you more WTF for the money. As it were.

  3. mary says:

    Portrait of a Hoarder.

  4. mary says:

    what does the bundt cake comment mean?

    • Valerie says:

      In the bottom left corner, there is a white upside down bowl shaped object (under the pink visor). It is a bundt cake/jello mold pan.

  5. Kylee says:

    Hoarding at it’s finest.

  6. Meg says:

    Aww, I like this one! lol Her grandkids can look at it, and see everything that reminds them of their Grandmother. Seems like she likes to garden, grade papers, golf, eat/make jello, has a few kids she is proud of. Maybe everyone got to throw in one object that reminded them of her, for her 50th birthday. All jokes aside, I think it a cute picture.

    I wonder what the mallet means…is she super strict, a judge, or is it her choice of discipline? Those kids better be nice. I might do a picture of this one day. Throw me in a pan of brownies, a 360, maybe a picture of my family…and a root beer. Ta-daaa, Grandma Megs. And a whip.

  7. Bzaaah says:

    I’m always a fan of the classic “picture of a picture”

  8. Captain Obvious says:

    i love the reciept book just behind her on the right…

    no matter what she’s doing with all this crap, at least you know you’ll have a full written record of whatever she manages to foist upon you.

  9. Sandra says:

    Are these the things she wants to be buried with?

  10. bp says:

    Are you sure that’s not a jello mold? I can see the removable lid in the center. Bundt cakes have a hole in the middle. I’m just sayin’. Either way, it’s just wrong.

  11. Brandi says:

    This is a photo of a photo. If you look carefully in between her leg and her left hand, you can see the reflection of someone’s hand holding a camera. I’d guess the leaf was in the background, reflected in the glass. Which leads me to wonder why one would frame this???

  12. Baellchen says:

    Hey people! can somebody explain the leaf on the top left corner that runs from above the kids’ picture and onto it? it looks superimposed or watermarked…
    The whole lot is very confusing and definetely awkward! how often do you see grannies sitting on the floor like that? and the array of random objects!

  13. Eva says:

    I suppose she is sitting on the ground but my first impression was that she had her leg up on the table showing off her shoe along with all the other random stuff.

  14. melinda says:

    she likes to take messages?!

  15. Lou says:

    Is that a walkie-talkie behind her, next to her foot?! I am so confused, but I think this is awesome

  16. meansheep says:

    There’s ALWAYS room for Jello!…and a gavel, and tomatoes, and an African violet, and a receipt book, and an awkward photo of the grandkids, and a cheap, pink golf visor, ….

  17. LuLu says:

    Red pen = teacher, so I’m guessing she’s a teacher who coaches/plays golf, who is the advisor for the model UN club, who loves to make Jell-o mold salad, enjoys cultivating african violets, and is one proud grandmomma!

    • Baellchen says:

      and the gavel??? centre piece, it must mean she is either a judge or auctioneer or something of the sort. And she cultivates tomatoes too! lol!

  18. Ponyo says:

    If any photo on this site needed and explanation, it’s this one

  19. susie says:

    She’s hoarding inside her picture. Wouldn’t like to see her house.

  20. zipper says:

    I think she is retiring and this is the remenants of her office or desk. And her co-workers insisted on a photo to show the variety of stuff she had accumulated over the years!

  21. zipper says:

    I bet she is retiring and this is the junk she cleaned out of her office or desk. And her co-workers decided they needed a permanent reminder of just what all she had in there!

  22. Ohmy says:

    Someone please let Granny out of the attic!

  23. Ellen says:

    Maybe it’s a double exposure?

  24. ScoutC says:

    Auctioneers use gavels too, not just judges. Maybe she’s going to auction off all of these items. “And now for Lot #17 — a lovely Tupperware jello mold, pink golf visor and African violet. Who’ll start the bidding at $500? Anyone? Anyone?

  25. hah says:

    Maybe she’s a judge at her retirement party, but wow. What’s the white thing to the upper left of the home-grown tomatoes? Fireplace bellows?

  26. brennan says:

    i don’t get the bundt cake reference

    • Ducky says:

      The grayish-white thing in the bottom left corner of the pic is thought to be by some a bundt cake pan or by others a jello mould. I think it functions rather like a lamp shade when she gets too much into her “two party” system advocacy.

    • Dave says:

      THere is a bundt cake pan in the bottom left corner. it is that white thing down there.

      • marilee says:

        That’s a tupperware JELLO MOLD, not a bundt cake pan…because I’ve got one!

      • Dorothy says:

        Nope, definitely a Jello mold. I’ve had the same one in my cupboard for 25 years, used it twice. She must show up at every potluck with the same tired old Jello fruit salad and believes everyone when they tell her how delicious it is.

      • LisaPizza says:

        I thought it was the plastic tub-pan-thingy they let you take home when you’re released from the hospital.

  27. George says:

    For a really, really long time I thought that pink thing under drapes on the left was her left leg and this was a granny money shot of sorts.

  28. Sarah says:

    It is a good idea, surround yourself with items that scream “this is ME,” in order to show the world your personality. However the execution of it is, well….awkward.

    It does sort of look like we caught her cleaning out her storage closet while wearing an evening gown.

  29. Snowrider says:

    Judge Marnie

  30. mlou says:

    I think she just cleared a space in her cluttered closet, sat down and told the photographer to snap away!

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