Saturday Night Special: She’s Got Leg?

January 22nd, 2011

Saturday Night Special: She’s Got Leg? - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Aunt Barbara doesn’t do hemlines.

(submitted by Bethany)

127 Responses to “Saturday Night Special: She’s Got Leg?”

  1. milo says:

    All i can think of is Lot’s wife.

    • Pipergirl says:

      But instead of punishing her subversion of the Lord’s instructions by turning her to salt, he turned her to a pillar of synthetic fabric instead!

  2. Kristi says:

    Who you gonna call??? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

  3. Nicole says:

    This isn’t pphotoshopped. A flash was used which accounts for the brightness of the tableloth, there is a shadow from the patio chair on the ground as well. The flashed was used as the sun looks as though it was on the way to setting.The lady looks aware of how amusing she looks too 🙂 It looks as though she has taken her heels off. Great fun photo 🙂

    People who call photoshop, need to educate themselves on photography first methinks.

    • Renee says:

      I think if you look at the dress you’ll see it’s been cloned the pattern of silk and a small blemish is copied throughout the dress as it goes down. It’s far too smooth and hangs awkwardly. The hem would never be that straight. As a photographer it’s clearly been worked with.

  4. Ash says:

    I do think this is shopped, but not the way other people do. Look at her hands. Nobody poses with their hands like that.

    I think she was holding her heels in her hands, was photographed with the too-long dress, and the submitter used photoshop to remove the heels.

    It sounds insane, but this is the internet. Insanity rules.

  5. hello_cleveland says:

    I use Photoshop every day for work and am convinced this image is not Photoshopped. It’s still a great photo though.

  6. Mifty says:

    On the day Photoshop was invented, there was an inversion in the universe. Since that day, there has never, not even once, been a camera handy at any interesting, amusing, unusual, or difficult-to-photograph moment.

    So there is really no need to examine pixels or shadows or outlines. Any photograph that is the least bit out of the ordinary can be presumed to be photoshopped.

    So the people who shriek “Shopped!” at the sight of any interesting or amusing or unusual picture are not actually being a**hats. They are merely citing the Universal Photoshop Inversion.

  7. jokay says:

    I am guessing she took her heels off and that makes the dress hit the floor. The table behind her is bar height. Its all a bit awkward.. I dont think it is shopped.

  8. diane says:

    maybe she just “popped in” to visit, like bewitched…?

  9. Jimbo says:

    Is she really short……..or is that table really tall?!?

  10. Bonnie says:

    Either she is bending her knees to create this effect or she took off high heels.

  11. ChrisF says:

    The raised pattern you refer to are wrinkles from sitting in this type of fabric. Not photo-shopped. Another good and awkward photo, that’s all.

  12. susie says:

    Why does the raised pattern suddenly disappear half way down the skirt?

  13. Jen says:

    My first thought was “why would someone even want to photoshop such a thing?”. But it’s actually just a strange angle and a lady who takes the concept of a “floor-length dress” literally.

  14. rita says:

    She appears to be pointing to the lower part of the dress, almost as if to show it off. Perhaps it was a handicraft.

  15. Ginger says:

    Of course it’s photoshopped. That’s a requirement for this site. Every photo is shopped. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.


    Oh, and the “perspective” of the table to the left of The Silver Goddess – it’s a bar-height table. We had them at my reception. On the patio, it’s less formal. You have some tables with chairs and the rest – well, you just have to stand.

    I bet the hem of her skirt was grimy by the end of the day. I wonder if she regrets her decision.

    • Tim says:

      Absolutely right! You’ve revealed this website’s dark secret. Let me explain it for those still taken in –

      There is no such thing as awkward family photo. All family photos are perfectly all right, and the only way a family photo ever looks awkward is as a result of photoshopping. If you ever see an awkward family photo on a friend’s mantle or living room wall, they doctored it up to amuse themselves and visitors. If you ever receive an awkward photo of your own family from the photography studio or see it when you upload your digital pics to a photo website, the only reason they’re awkward is because of a computer algorithm that automatically awkwardifies random family photos. And now you know the truth.

      Oh well, the cat’s out of the bag. I guess this website should close down.


      P.S. “Awkwardifies” is a perfectly good word that I just made up. Remember, all words are made up words.

  16. Leonard says:

    Obviously Aunt Barbara left us some time ago and her spirit decided to float down to the ceremony.

  17. Jenny says:

    These elegant events cause a woman to spend hours agonizing over whether her shoes will go with her dress. In Aunt Barbara’s case, it was a waste of time.

  18. Bobby says:

    I wish this website could automatically delete any post that featured the product name Photo-you-know-what (so this post wouldn’t be deleted. ) It gets old after about the second time you see it.

  19. Kimberly says:

    Obviously her dress is a little too long and covers her feet.

  20. Nicole says:

    Sooo photoshopped!!! The bottom part of the skirt of the dress looks fake. The table seems oddly brighter then everything else. The lady and the table have no shadows!!!

    • Bobby says:

      The table cloth is white. That would make it brighter.

      The lady and the table are in the shade.

    • CB says:

      Alright, seriously? It’s clearly partly overcast out….you can see the sun over part of the trees in the background, and there’s a cloud (or possibly a covered porch, or something that they’re under) where they are. It’s not that hard people! There are perfectly logical explanations for all the other “photoshop” cries on here, too. Do you guys walk around real life claiming “photoshop”, too?

  21. Joan says:

    Quick! Somebody call “Ghost Hunters!!!!”

  22. emm says:

    her dress looks like it was designed by ‘storm chasers’…

  23. Jo says:

    I don’t usually scream Photoshop, but really, this one really looks it. Besides the strange perspective on everything, where are the shadows??? The chair directly in front is casting a shadow, but nothing else. Photo.Shop.

  24. Pipergirl says:

    Aunt Barbara takes King’s Pawn 3 and checkmate.

  25. Pipergirl says:

    Just because you’re a Dalek doesn’t mean you can’t glam it up once in a while.

  26. PJackson says:

    Absolutely hysterical that she would wear this out for ANY reason, much less a special occasion! I’m astounded (and it’s not Photoshopped….get real, it’s just a woman who doesn’t like to get things hemmed or didn’t have time to get it hemmed. Don’t make it into something it’s not!).

    • Sherry says:

      She was probably wearing really high heel shoes and there is probably a long slit in the back of the dress so she can walk normally. Not that unusual but the effect of her standing there is interesting.

  27. Lola says:

    Forget the dress, where are the legs on the table to her left? It looks like a floating tablecloth. Someone must’ve turned off the gravity.

  28. Sarah says:

    The perspective of the table on the left looks really odd…

  29. LCN says:

    Apparently I stutter! LOL

  30. NKL says:

    She’s a pillar of her community!

  31. Tred54 says:

    This is how the mob gets rids of stylish snitches. Cement skirts and a drop of the pier.

  32. Mel says:

    Jane Jetson: The Golden Years

  33. LeeAnn says:

    Why would anyone think this is photoshopped? It’s obvious her hem is merely touching the ground giving the odd appearance of having no feet.

    I love this picture. It makes me think of the fairy godmother’s in Sleeping Beauty for some odd reason.

  34. sck says:

    This is a really bad photoshop retouch. You can tell in the skirt where it wrinkles around the hips and it looks like someone just did a marquee box and transformed it down. There are blurry lines around each side of the skirt, her right is pretty obvious between the table and where the skirt begins, not due to the little noise that was added to try and disguise this.

    • Ginger says:

      The skirt wrinkles around her hips as any linen or silk-based fabric would do, after you’ve SAT DOWN. Yikes.

    • Marie-Claude says:

      The wrinkles that you speak of are not identical. If this picture were photoshopped in this way, they would be, and it would be obvious to all.
      I like photoshop and all, but when it comes to this site I really wish people would stop mentioning it. You’re spoiling the fun, and we really don’t care how computer savy you are. This goes to every “this is photoshopped” commentator, not just you personally.

  35. JJ says:

    She looks like a chess piece. “Queen to C5!”

  36. Pippa says:

    Aunt Barbara is a ghost!

  37. Ruth says:

    Really, really bad photoshopping!

  38. ummmwhat says:

    why does everyone always think all the pictures are photoshopped….

  39. Tiffany says:

    What happened to her feet?

  40. Lea says:

    Why would someone bother to Photoshop this? Certainly they would have come up with something funnier if they were going to make the effort.

  41. Patrickster says:

    Great, now that the concrete has set it’s time to toss her into the East River.

  42. Theresa says:

    Whoa, it looks like she’s hovering!

  43. Tim says:

    She looks like she’s floating.

  44. kelley says:

    She looks like she’s floating!!

  45. phil says:

    Its David Blaine’s mom. 🙂

  46. Lynn says:

    And yes in 2011 it is true instead of driving hovercraft automobiles.. we have hovering dresses to get us around. I love that is also the lovely color of silver.. just the color every hover dress should be.

    • Paperdog says:

      The exhaust from the hover dress caused the nearby tablecloth to be blown skyward. It’s a good thing Aunt Susie is firmly anchored to her seat!

  47. Heather says:

    psah… totally photoshopped. So obvious the trees were added in the background.

    • PJSaintOurs says:

      Yeah, and the lady in the chair is SO fake.

      • Carrie says:

        Definitely. I’m not normally one to be on the “photoshopped” side, but this has a ton wrong with it. The table with the white table cloth gets to me the most. That table almost goes up to her shoulder?? Really?? I don’t think so.

        • Elizabeth says:

          I too used to be the annoying person crying “photoshop!”

          That was until I submitted a 100% real photo of a co-worker, and everyone and their cousin was saying it was photoshopped. Nope, my co-worker just looks that nerdy. (I’m normally not so mean, but she was making out with her fiance on her desk at work. They were both pretty creepy/unhygienic people.)

        • Tim says:

          Umm, Carrie? Heather and PJSaintOurs were being sarcastic.

          • Jessica says:

            Sarcasm travels really well on the interned -eye-rolling, snotty voice tone and all.

          • CarrieM says:

            As someone else who posts under the name Carrie, just wanted to say, that wasn’t me, and I don’t know the first thing about Photoshop.

  48. Kathy says:

    So photoshopped.

  49. torismom says:

    It looks like she’s levitating. ha

  50. Seryan says:

    It looks like she’s rising up out of the concrete.

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