Squeeze Play

February 12th, 2011

Squeeze Play - Wedding

You may now pinch the bride.

(submitted by Lexington)

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  1. dave says:

    Olive Oyl and Bluto’s country themed wedding

  2. kryn says:

    I’m pretty sure her dress is from my store.

  3. Andrew says:

    I think this one is cute

  4. Mrs T says:

    It isn’t THAT he is pinching her… it is the he has found the most AWKWARD WAY to pinch her!

  5. HayleyLane says:

    Oh no they didn’t!

  6. Jessica Prince says:

    This made me giggle uncontrollably. My own husband said”It’s about time.” after our vows and it reminded me of him. Oh, I love this.

  7. diane says:

    maybe he forgot where to look for the garter…?

  8. Fiona gander says:

    I don’t think this is awkward at all, I think it’s brilliant, shame their feet aren’t in the shot.

  9. wadebob says:

    down a quart!

  10. Lori says:

    i wonder what the groom says about this picture!!! ha ha

  11. David Ritz says:

    The arm bone’s connected to the hip bone
    The hip bone’s connected to …..

  12. Sid says:

    “Someone’s poisoned the waterhole!” “There’s a snake in my boots!” “Reach for the skiiies!”

  13. diane says:

    i hope that was the groom! lol

  14. steph says:

    At first I thought he was singing “I’m a little teacup” and then I realized where his hand was.

  15. Paul says:

    Photographer: Now let’s grab the Miad of Honor for a picture.
    Groom: I am not accustomed to this kind of greeting, but if you insist!

  16. Ducky says:

    Shotgun wedding my a… er…foot!

  17. Alan says:

    Now THAT is going to be a mighty fine wedding picture on the mantle.

  18. Jesse says:

    Honk honk!

  19. Swimming against the tide says:

    I love this- totally fun!

  20. schoolnurse says:

    Bending like that gives new meaning to the term “Spaghetti Western”.

  21. Andi from NC says:

    I understand the overall awkward quality of the picture, but I have a feeling this was probably was of the most fun weddings ever – Boot-Scootin’ Boggie, Cotton-Eyed Joe, flowin’ beer – I bet it was a blast…

  22. Mifty says:

    Awkward indeed, but I think they’re adorable.

  23. Don says:

    James and the photographer were not on the same sheet of music when he was told to pinch her cheek for the next picture.

  24. jw says:

    I like this picture.. (O:

  25. NYTeach says:

    There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile,
    He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
    He grabbed a crooked bolo, a Stetson and a spouse.
    And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

  26. lola says:

    Hey, y’all prepare yourself for the Rubberband mannnnnn

  27. Rosie says:

    I think this is a cute picture.

  28. carol says:

    She’s sure not minding it!

  29. DeborHa says:

    He’s jus grabbin a hunk a luv!!

  30. Crazy Babe says:

    I think the photographer coached him to find the most unnatural, awkward way for him to PINCH HIS WIFE’S BEHIND! So wrong.

  31. MikeHunt says:

    Before im gonna marry er, im gonna check n make sure.

  32. Suzy says:

    hey there Woody!

  33. Laurie says:

    That is a boot scoot goose. Very nice. : >

  34. Amy says:

    Because the pinch (more like a grab) is not nearly awkward enough, let’s approach this at the strangest angle possible.

  35. mj says:

    EEw! Just not cute, funny, whatever.

  36. justme says:

    Yeah. Ok now that there is awkward, I don’t care who ya are!

  37. Bethyanne says:

    “Okay, you two lovebirds, why don’t we do one where we re-create how you met?”

  38. Gracie Gene says:

    *honk honk*

  39. KJ says:

    “Down here in Texas, it ain’t the ‘bend and snap’ it’s the ‘bend and pinch'”

  40. Dave says:

    It’s probably just my imagination but…

    It looks like there was some kind of propulsion after the ‘pinch’ to make the guy lean like that.

  41. all about P says:

    I do believe he is “giggling”…….

  42. Rob says:

    How does his arm even twist that way?

  43. melissa says:

    I have nothing to say (that is nice anyway)

  44. Tennille says:


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