Number 2

April 19th, 2011

Number 2 - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

The pencil is mightier than the sword, that is, if you can pick it up.

(submitted by Laura)

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  1. andrea says:

    I had those pants!!

  2. Lauren says:

    I used to own those tights!!! And it wasn’t the ’80s either! It was 1998 lol.

  3. Rainydaygirl says:

    I honestly think I know that girl- and I am kinda jealous of her leggings…….

  4. Eileen says:

    She was pencil thin. So was her date.

  5. Buck says:

    “Honey, I shrunk Grandma!”

  6. cassy says:

    As a child of the 90’s, I acknowledge that this is awkward, but I cant help but love it. I had a dozen outfits just like that one.

  7. Tori says:

    …I have that same giant pencil at my house.

  8. bee42 says:

    Not the worst photo, in my opinionation

  9. AndrewT says:

    Looks like an eraser on one end of the pencil and the other end of the girl.

  10. Nicest girl in the world says:

    I would just like to say that this girl is not only the most beautiful girl in the world today, but she is also the 2nd nicest girl in the world. This pencil picture really built some character.

  11. Ted C says:

    It’s so you can write “geeky” really big.

  12. Caroline says:

    Personally, I ONLY use Ticonderoga pencils, so this was a good choice. 🙂

  13. Melissa says:

    Oh my…I had those glasses and a slightly longer version of that haircut. I guess I should be searching for awkward pictures out of my own collection.

  14. Emerilus says:

    The third grade version of a caber toss…

  15. Amy K says:

    Kind of reminds me of Ramona Quimby…

  16. Nicole says:

    What amazes me is her smile! Kids tolerate so much with such good cheer. Then they become teenagers.

  17. SeeBee says:

    She’s adorable!

  18. Dani says:

    I lvoe this picture I think it’s really cute!

  19. I would hate to see the sharpener for this pencil or be the person who has to clean up the shavings! And ugh, 80’s/90’s stretch pants in print: the most awkward of them all.

  20. RICHARD says:


  21. Dee says:

    This child needs a good meal.

  22. Jennie says:

    This could be a picture of me in 3rd grade. Oh the memories….

  23. Turd Ferguson 533 says:

    It’s Kimmy Gibbler meets scantron

  24. Sarah says:

    aww…even her little fingers look awkward. Poor kid….

  25. JJ says:

    I find this picture highly evocative and reminiscent of an awkward childhood. The portrait studio really should be ashamed of itself. The poor girl looks like Bambi on ice in that photo, and the studio completely exploited that by taking a full body shot and surrounding her in a vast white space with a giant pencil to scale her. Seriously, could they make her look more diminutive?! How about placing a giant foot next to her to make her look even more minuscule? I really feel for her, though I’m sure she grew into a lovely and proportionate adult. 🙂

  26. Millie says:

    Wow, the epitome of 80’s fashion… The hair, the glasses, the oversize sweater, the flowery leggings, legwarmers, loafers………. Teal colour of course…….. Just wow. Does she still follow fashion that way, with every single fad layered one upon the other to the point of saturation?

  27. Katie says:

    You think this is a good picture, you should see her trading card 🙂

  28. somethingorother says:

    Yeah…after reading the headline I was expecting something even more disturbing.

  29. Alan says:

    After this shot was taken,she turned the pencil around & dragged it off….well,you have to draw the line somewhere.

  30. Abe says:

    A little write in the loafers.

  31. Hillary says:

    A Dixon Ticonderoga–the Cadillac of pencils!

  32. JerseyPam says:

    I guess she erased the background.

  33. Ed says:

    Actually, that’s a normal size pencil – she’s just a very tiny girl.

  34. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    Awww. I’m not laughing at this one so much as I’m hoping she turned out really cool.

    • David says:

      I know this girl because she is my girlfriend and she is a 10. And pretty much the coolest girl on earth.

      Her haircut was termed “the wedge” by her classmates and her nickname was “fro-girl.” Once, a waitress asked her sister if she wanted a Shirley Temple; she asked Allison if she wanted a Roy Rogers, to which her mother replied, “Oh… she is a girl.”

  35. cindy says:

    awkward in a cute sort of way

  36. Tim S says:

    When I was learning math in the 4th grade, I needed an eraser that big for a regular size pencil.

  37. Katie says:

    She was determined not to lose this pencil, as the last one was placed behind her ear and swallowed by a tuft of hair.

  38. Malcolm says:

    “And the ‘Fourth Grade Nothing Award’ goes to….”

  39. Babs says:

    Ah, she is so cute. She looks like a Little. oh guess I am the only one who remembers vague 1980’s cartoons.

    • Bosley says:

      “The Littles” were a series of BOOKS prior to being a cartoon. I read them to my kids. Sad to say, my daughter also had one of these goofy hair-do’s and over-sized eyeglasses. But, she has forgiven us.

  40. Don says:

    I bet the school janitor hates her classroom. One tiny mistake on a math question and he’ll be sweeping for hours.

  41. Linda says:

    I don’t know what’s scarier-the pencil or the hair!

  42. Sarah says:

    As a child of the 80’s/90’s I too have those pants (mine were stirrups). Oh the inhumanity…

  43. LT says:

    Which one is the pencil?

  44. CTBRK says:

    Is there a POINT to this posing? =)

  45. meafind says:

    DAMMIT! The instructions SPECIFICALLY said TWO number two pencils!

  46. Karin says:

    As if she needed the GIANT pencil to look MORE awkward. LOL Poor thing!

  47. Jim Bob says:

    the only way they could get thumbalina’s little sister, pikielina, to take pictures.

  48. posmic says:

    Poor awkward ’80s or early ’90s girl! I hope things turned out OK for her. She looks so vulnerable, with her long, spindly legs insufficiently covered by the big sweater.

    • saamigirl says:

      bless her little awkward soul! i want to scoop her up and take her to the present where she is grown up and can pick her own clothes (and props)!

  49. meafind says:

    The unfortunate result of being sick on picture day in fourth grade.

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