Fallen Angel

April 26th, 2011

Fallen Angel - Babies

This one forgot its bookmark.

(submitted by Thomas)

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  1. Laura says:

    “Hey–babies come from heaven, right? Honey, let’s do “this!” “………………………” “That sounds like a great idea–but do you think we should wait another month, until the baby can hold it’s head up a little better? No? Well, okay.”

  2. Moniquekingston says:

    We must have been reading the same novel, because I woke up like that . . . . minus the wings and binky. LOVE IT!

  3. Miss Obnoxious says:

    I think I know what happened here! “Junior had to read the whole dictionary for a homework assignment… he read as much as he could, but finally just passed out from exhaustion.” LOL!

  4. Beth says:

    It’s even better when they hold the kid up and he’s got print all over his forehead.

  5. SE says:

    For heaven’s sake! Someone pick that baby’s head up! S/he’s suffocating! “Oh, cool! funny pic! Let me get this shot…”

  6. Amy says:

    He lost his gum in there and he’s going in after it.

  7. Alicely says:

    You know, I don’t think the photographer understood what she meant by “I want a pic of my little angel on facebook.”

    Alternate caption “face book”

  8. babytoes says:

    I can’t look at these pictures while I’m drinking coffee. Now I have to clean off the keyboard.

  9. Pipergirl says:

    I love it! Photographing children’s hardly easy, so I’ve always wondered about the 99 other shots that are less than perfect!

  10. Shadow says:

    this is soso cute 🙂
    it doesnt seem very akward

  11. Courtney says:

    TOO CUTE! How can anyone not laugh when they see this? Poor li’l punkin… I fall asleep studying too! lol

  12. cranky says:


  13. Osuzi says:

    It makes me want to pick up the baby from that uncomfortable position.

  14. LikePancakeSyrup says:

    this is the cutest, most awkward photo I have ever seen! I love it! I don’t think it’s “set up” at all. Ususally the baby lays across the Bible or has it’s head turned to the side, but this is much better. Looks like s/he came in for a crash landing… Also the binky on the side: odd, yet funny.

  15. leena says:

    It’s absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

  16. Troy Hopper says:

    I don’t know about this one. It looks like it was setup and it’s not awkward at all

  17. bowers says:

    love it

  18. Alan says:

    What a ‘novel’ little ‘character’

  19. HayleyLane says:

    Too cute! This is pretty much how I look every Monday afternoon

  20. Mrs Alda says:

    Lucifer’s plan to overthrow the Lord would have worked, if he hadn’t fallen asleep on top of his manifesto and the photo hadn’t ended up on FB

  21. Hacceber says:

    I have a picture of my cat in this exact pose. My cat was on my school books while I was doing my homework.

  22. Dusty says:

    what about this is awkward?

  23. Kels says:

    That’s just cute!

  24. Niki says:

    If the baby is an angel, maybe that book is the Bible??

    • Ducky says:

      Yeah, I was thinking they probably had it open to one of those lists where “Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram; And Aram begat Aminadab; and Aminadab begat Naasson….” The poor angel couldn’t keep his eyes open a moment longer!

    • NKL says:

      I cannot believe more people didn’t get that.

    • Guillermo says:

      He took the phrase, “Get into the word” too literally!

    • chvinson10 says:

      no duh! it obviously is a bible. the bible is the only book I’VE ever seen with that gold trim on it. That and a giant 1,000 page dictonary that my 5th grade grammar teacher had. (shudder)

  25. Dola says:

    Um, this is totally adorable, but that book looks like a college text. Wouldn’t goodnight moon be more appropriate for someone this age?

  26. Tara says:

    I always fall asleep reading too!

  27. treva says:

    Awe its not awkward at all, its uh-dorable!

  28. Bucky says:

    Too cute! I have to admit, I find the pictures of kids face-planting hilarious (knowing the kid’s okay, of course). This one is just excellent.

  29. bobr says:

    The doctor assured them that the nearsightedness would subside in the toddler years.

  30. Elaine says:

    Total fail for the photographer. But it is amusing

  31. Carolyn says:

    Poor baby. 🙁

  32. wildthingqueen says:

    This angel IS the bookmark!

  33. Paul says:

    Is that a copy of ‘The Two Towers’? I fall asleep at that part of the book, too.

  34. Derf says:

    It’s OK little one… Chemistry does the same thing to me…

  35. Splat! *giggle*.
    Why is there a book in front of the baby, though? Yes, it’s a cute pic, but a book? Hey, I’m all about early learning, but this seems a bit much here.

    • June Bug says:

      My parents have a studio picture of me at four months old with a Reader’s Digest circa 1969 (set up just like the one above). No angel wings, though. That’s the part that confuses me…angel wings AND a book??

  36. mommajay says:

    Oh, too cute! I love this. Awkward, yes; adorable, absolutely! You can just hear him/her thinking, “Come on, folks, take the picture already. How long do you expect me to hold up this big ole head of mine? Oh, forget it.” Plonk.

  37. ScoutC says:

    Head….so…..heavy…..can’t….hold….it….up…..much….THUNK! Very cute!

  38. Stephanie says:

    I need to send Mom to the store to pick up another pair of reading glasses!

  39. Nanalisa says:

    awwwww…it seemed like a good idea…the baby looks so sweet…a bit awkward…but … sweet

  40. Cate says:

    at least the pacifier is close at hand

  41. ValC says:

    This is only slightly awkward. Really sweet, actually.

  42. Rhonda says:

    SO cute!! This is a baby who is probably still getting used to “tummy time”. Love it!

  43. klh says:

    I think that is the cutest picture I’ve seen in a long time!

  44. Kristen says:

    How can you not laugh at this??!!

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