Baby’s Day Out

May 3rd, 2011

Baby’s Day Out - Babies

You should have seen his high chair.

(submitted by Nina who tell us this is aerialist-acrobats Frankie Vincent, wife Rose & son Nikki in 1951)

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  1. Laura says:

    Also, this reminds me of the “Crocodile Hunter,” placing his baby right near a crocidile, as if the baby is going to get a lesson in animals, when it can’t reason that this animal could kill you in 5 seconds flat. Sometimes parents become crazy! I saw that video of the “Crocodile Hunter,” and thought: what would he have done to the croc if it chomped the baby? Made it into a belt, shoes and a purse???

  2. Nina says:

    Yes… this is a ladder. This is called a “sway pole” and was 120′ high. At the top is a pegged pole where Dad would press into a handstand. The cross bar for the trapeze and still rings was about 110′ high. Yes… my right shoulder dislocates still. I still have nightmares from these performances – I can’t speak for my brothers, although they both have no problems with height, stunts, skydiving, etc. I can’t stand on a step-stool.

  3. Andy says:

    This is one of a few images on this site where a lot of the comments are more awkward than the image. Fast forward 60 years from today and who knows what actions we take for granted today will be classed as heineous child abuse. Maybe they will be saying “Ooooh for the love of god!!! Look at how they wrapped their children in cotton wool and made them scared of the world back in 2012, how could they do that? It’s child abuse!”

  4. GoodFairy says:

    I wasn’t thinking scared as much as dislocated shoulder.

  5. rob ingrao says:

    “…eventually the Flying Graysons would be brutally murdered, and young Dick would soon meet Bruce Wayne, and fulfill his destiny as the Boy Wonder…

  6. Doyle says:

    What y’all fail to realize is this – you’re judin’ by today’s politically-correct, namby-pamby, whimpy, oh-that-child-might-get-a-boo-boo rules. No wonder Spongebob is so popular. Back then, and even as late as the ’70’s, we played outside; ran around with sticks in our hands playing War, threw ourselves around as if caught in explosions; and we survived it all. Now what do we do? “Here kiddie, play this video game. It’s too dangerous outside.” And then we wonder why the kids are obese and have short-attention spans.

    • Whitney says:

      I agree completely. Most of the kids nowadays don’t even go outside anymore. This is the 50’s… and for a circus act, pretty normal. THERE WERE NETS INVOLVED. They probably started so early so that the child could get over the fear of heights and then proceed to be in the acts moving forward.
      …kinda like how my uncle taught me to swim by throwing me in the lake.

      “SWIM OR DROWN!”

      • AmazonRQ says:

        Doyle I agree with you completely. Yes Whitney, kids don’t play outside much anymore. My 5 were raised in he country, making forts, digging fox holes, fishing, riding horses and dirt bikes, sans a helmet. Today they are grown adults that are still active and in decent shape. I feel sorry for the children of today.

  7. david says:

    Why is everyone freaking out I’m sure there is a net…

  8. olayiwola says:

    dis is realy awkward

  9. Sami says:

    I don’t think he is scared at all. I think he is squinting from the sun. My 8 week old son does that every time we go outside

  10. Melissa says:

    Poor baby. I don’t think anyone thinks they can go back and “fix” this. But I do think we can consider our own response. Is it really a good thing to find the discomfort of others funny? To find the pain, or discomfort in this case, of others funny deadens our sensitivity to the people around us. As my mama would have said: laugh *with* people but never *at* them.

  11. Alicia says:

    Everyone’s getting worked up about this as if their complaints are gonna teleport them back in time to reprimand the parents. Get over it, this was in the 1950’s, not yesterday!

  12. Clover says:

    Babies this young actually don’t have the concept of ‘height’ or ‘falling’, so saying it looks upset because it’s so high up is invalid ^_^

  13. sXenerdX says:

    Chill out peopLe! It happened years ago. Taking down the picture doesn’t make it go away. This was actually common for circus performers. CHILL OUT!! Freaking out doesn’t do anything but make you look like an a**. It’s a great picture.

  14. Kerrys says:

    This is horrible. The baby looks terrified. I don’t care if it was 70 years ago. It’s hard to look at.

  15. Xochitl says:

    Is complaining or getting disturbed going to suddenly change history? No, so stop. Why dont you guys get disturbed about real world issues not some 1951 circus act (which by the way this was common amongst performing families of the day) people used to pay to see this.

  16. jim says:

    This is why “Take your kids to work day” should be banned!

  17. DM says:

    What really disturbs me is how so many of you are getting the math wrong, it’s 60 years ago people, not 70! >.<

    • Robyn says:

      I was just about to say the same thing! Ha ha.

    • Toni says:

      I’ve read all of the comments thus far and some of the earliest comments came from people who could do math just fine. The later folks were the ones who got a little confused and thought that 1951 + 70 = 2012 (with estimation, 2011 works fine).

  18. Dave says:

    It’s a good reminder of how things used to be, I bet the baby grew up same way his father did. I’m glad this was posted, it’s shocking and it would not (likely) be done in the western culture today, but it is good to know our history and how things were. You all demanding that this picture should be taken off have the same kind of mentality as the idiotic Texas school board who are deciding to change history themselves because the truth is offensive.

  19. Penny Diamond says:

    Now we know where Michael Jackson got the idea for doing a similar stunt with his baby.

  20. Hannah says:

    oh chill out people,this picture was taken like 70 years ago,times were diffrent not saying dangiling a baby from high feets is right but there is nothing to do to change the photograph.this photo shouldnt have to be tooken down i personaly find it quite funny how stupid the parents if you dont like it look at diffrent photos

  21. Brandon says:

    For those claiming that the baby ‘looks terrified,’ or is ‘scared to death,’ I suggest you take a photo of your child when you leave the room, or when he/she is hungry or when they drop their toy of the moment. Your child will ‘look terrified,” or scared to death. “

  22. cuppy says:

    Hah! you should have seen how the kid got down!

  23. Ash says:

    the funniest thing about this picture is the amount of people who are stressed out because of it. especially Michelle L.
    and i love Tomek’s reply to Vicky Kelly. haha
    so clever.

  24. steve says:


    Get the hell over it. It’s hilarious, and… wait for it… adds perspective to what’s acceptable today.

    CHRIST on a crotch, write your congressperson about it, Complainy McComplainersons.

  25. Sarah says:

    I have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy awkwardness like anyone else, but this is not right. wow. Shame on you AFP.

  26. Megan says:

    Circus people are experts at relocation

  27. Kate says:

    Calm down the pic is clearly doctored!

  28. Kristie says:

    I think this needs to be taken down. Not awkward, not funny. It’s clear that the child is terrified and the chances of there being joint damage is pretty good considering they are dangling that baby by it’s little hand. Poor thing.

  29. Kristi says:

    This is not awkward, it’s disturbing.

  30. glynnis says:

    This picture should’nt be here, it is not at all funny, it is scary, and distressing.

  31. Michelle L says:

    this picture is giving me a panic attack. So not awkward….it’s terrifying.

  32. Vicky Kelly says:

    is the kid still alive? omg, disturbing!

  33. Dragonflye says:

    Thank god this would not happen today. Poor little guy…

  34. Maren says:

    I have a baby about that age– I think I’m going to cry.

  35. Lindsay says:

    This needs to be taken down, NOW. This is NOT funny, it’s just wrong.

  36. Rae says:

    After the trapeze act, she gave birth to a diapered baby, which the guy caught. Now that is talent.

  37. Hanna says:

    clearly there weren’t child labor laws in those days…

  38. ohsnap says:

    I hate to be a downer but the look on that baby’s face…it is scared to death. This is not awkward…it’s just wrong.

  39. That poor baby is now living out its senior years in a mental hospital somewhere.

  40. Christy says:

    Wow! What was the plan when they got him to the top? Toss him between them?

  41. j says:

    child services on line 1

  42. mcgrimus says:

    I hate when I can’t get a sitter too!

  43. Skullkrusher says:

    Baby I think I am FALLING for you….

    The new family HANG out…

    Thats one way to dry out a diaper…

  44. scooter says:

    Michael Jackson saw this…remember the balcony??…hawhaw

  45. Mason Leskowitz says:

    I laugh at everything AFP puts out – this just made me sick.

  46. Bobby says:

    How is this not child abuse? omg wow.

  47. tuesy says:

    Knowing how incredibly squirmy my kids were at that age, this is really not okay with me.

  48. Golly Gee says:

    …and during family dinners, the entire family hung from the chandeliers…

  49. Kristi says:

    I was told that my parents put me a in box in the backseat of the car to sleep on long trips. Year? 1962. It’s just what was done. Especially for those in a career of tighrope walking or arial acts.

    However, I just wonder how that elbow is staying intact. I pulled my daughter from the floor when she was pulling a “I’m not going with you today” act and completely dislocated her elbow. “Nurse-maid’s Elbow” they call it. Had to rush her in and have them relocate it whilst I was wringing my hands, feeling like I was no better than the folks who throw kids against walls.

    The elbow was my first thought, since I am now paranoid about pulling any child’s hand under the age of about 5.

    • Putts says:

      I know this photo made me cringe!! Our son had a trip to the ER with “Nurse-maid’s Elbow”. My husband felt so bad. They were just playing, it can happen so easily.

    • justme says:

      Yeah, I don’t especially like the picture, I mean I’m not for getting on my soap box about it but it makes me nervous. Can’t help it. I get that times have changed so it’s ok…..I clearly remember standing up on the front seat of my mom’s car, hugging her and singing “you are so boootiful to meeee” while careening down the highway…..but I too wonder if there was joint damage…..those little elbows and shoulders come out very easily. Anyhoo…..that’s my 2 cents.

    • Katie says:

      Try not to feel bad <3 Nursemaid's elbow is VERY common, especially in toddler girls for some reason (and I want to say it's most common in the right arm). My 3 year has had it a couple of times, from going dead-weight on me when I was trying to pick her up by the hands. We pick her up under her armpits now!

      • Liz says:

        My mother-in-law did that to my son. I’d never heard of it before, so naturally I thought she was a monster. I’m so glad it wasn’t serious. This pic however…..maybe a little serious.

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